Which is better, WordPress or HTML?

December 27, 2019
WordPress or HTML? Which is better

Today I am going to tell you which is better, WordPress or HTML? I’ll tell you about the differences, advantages, and disadvantages, so let’s start.

Should I Use WordPress or HTML?

First of all, it is extremely difficult to update the site using only HTML and CSS. Because you have to make it yourself from scratch.

On the other hand, WordPress has a homepage design template (theme) from the beginning.

Also, adding new functions to the home page can be easily implemented with a tool called a plugin, so even beginners can easily create stylish and functional sites.

Getting started with WordPress is actually very easy. Specifically, follow the steps below.

Sign a rental server

1. Obtain a domain from a domain provider

2. Add the acquired domain to the rental server

3. Install WordPress from the rental server

4. Site operation started!

Therefore, even a 15 years old child can easily install WordPress on the acquired domain and run the homepage immediately.

So what is HTML from here? What is WordPress? , The advantages and disadvantages of WordPress, how to operate the site with WordPress, and more.

What is HTML? How Can Beginners Study HTML?

What is HTML? How can beginners study HTML?

First, HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. Most of the websites we usually look at are made of HTML and CSS. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. This CSS specifies the style of the website.

In other words, the skeleton of the website (paragraphs, headings, etc.) is created in HTML, and the detailed style (text size, color, etc.) is specified in CSS.

For example, the site you are looking at is created based on HTML.

What Is The Difference Between HTML and WordPress?

WordPress is just a “content management” system (CMS) and is not in conflict with HTML. First, there are several ways to build a site or blog.

When coding with solid HTML (write 1 page 1 HTML code) When using CMS such as WordPress.

For example:

Can be replaced with the meaning of “Which is easier to operate, HTML solid site or WordPress site?”

From the conclusion here, “Site operation with WordPress” is the easiest, but also the advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress.

Benefits of Using WordPress to Create a Homepage

benefits of using WordPress

1: Easy operation

First of all, WordPress is overwhelmingly easy to operate.

For the extreme story, blog posts, you don’t need to learn to programme. Uploading images is easy, and it’s easy to create a stylish design.

WordPress’s default function automatically manages the database and so on.

2: SEO measures are easy Next, WordPress is very easy to do SEO measures

SEO measures are measures to make the site appear in the top search. In the case of WordPress, it’s almost always done at first, rather than easy to do.

So, just using WordPress, you can start running the site with some SEO measures taken from the beginning. After that, it will be a form that adds content and articles to the site steadily.

3: Default is fairly clean

Finally, WordPress has a lot of design themes from scratch.

Therefore, beautiful designs can be created without any knowledge of design.

In addition, since there is a tool called plugin that extends the function, it is easy to add a new function to the site additionally.

Disadvantages of Using WordPress for Homepage creation

disadvantages of using WordPress

1: Difficult to Stick To Customization
WordPress, on the other hand, looks simple in the posting function, but the process behind it is quite involved. Therefore, when an error or bug occurs, it may take time to respond.

However, basically, questions about WordPress are often solved by searching. This is because there are overwhelming users and various WordPress information is already online.

2: Errors may occur due to updates The next disadvantage is that errors can occur with updates.

In WordPress, the main body, the theme, and the plugin may be independently developed by others, so a version error may occur due to the cooperation between the three.

If you search here as well, you can usually deal with it, but it may take some time to resolve the latest error because no one has solved it.

However, since important issues are troublesome for everyone, basically, solutions are usually posted on the Internet, and information will be provided on this site.

Is learning HTML meaningless?

Hypertext Markup Language

As mentioned above, it is easy to operate the site with WordPress, but even if you operate WordPress, I think that the good markup language to study is HTML.

However, even if you are a beginner and want to study HTML immediately, you may not be able to think “How do I study”, “I do not know how to study …” Hmm.

Here are the recommended steps:

1. Study HTML tags:

First, HTML allows you to change the structure, text size, and colour of a document using tags. For example, write:
<p> I am studying programming. </ p>

Surround the part you want to specify using <element name>, </ element name> as above. Remember frequently used tags.

For example, <br>: line feed, <p>: paragraph, <h1>: heading, etc.

2. Create a web site:

However, remembering just the tags does not make a website.

After learning the meaning and usage of tags to some extent, let’s create them as if they were real websites. You can check the source code by right-clicking on the site and pressing the “verify button”.

By imitating it once and trying to make it yourself, it is clear what you are not good at or what you lack.

3. Create one website by yourself:

Finally, use the knowledge gained in Step 1 and Step 2 to build your own website from scratch using WordPress.

It’s OK to check each part that doesn’t work, so it’s OK. First of all, try installing WordPress for the first time, and you will get used to it as you go.

Summary of differences between WordPress and HTML and site operation:

As you create your own website, you will naturally come across a variety of websites.

By doing so, there will be more things you want to create more such sites. Trying to launch your own site can be difficult for beginners.

However, it is easier to get started if you aim to be able to create it just like a real website. It is recommended that you do not be impatient and increase what you can do one by one.

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