What is NVMe SSD Hosting And Advantages?

What is NVMe SSD Hosting And Advantages?

What is NVMe SSD Hosting and what are the benefits of NVMe SSD Hosting is today’s topic, so let’s start.

Do you know what is the best type of hosting for you? Well, NVMe SSD Hosting is the one that you might consider. So, here is everything you need to know about NVMe Hosting.

Probably, you must be aware of what is hosting and why you need it. But, if you don’t then here we are to explain everything. So, it’s pretty clear that you need a website to operate in this digital era.

And, to be there on the Internet your servers need to be connected to the Internet all the time which you can do by yourself or rent a server for you which is much easier than setting up your own server.

And, these servers that you rent are from hosting companies. There are different types of hosting services and service providers in this world. We have Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS hosting, Linux Hosting, and many more.

But, nowadays there is a new concept called NVMe SSD hosting. So, what does it mean, and exactly do we need it?

But, before that, we need to understand the meaning and basic concept of Hosting.

What is Hosting?

What is Hosting?

So, on the Internet, your data is to be there all the time in order to be accessed by anyone anytime from anywhere in the world. To make it possible you rent server space from the Internet.

There are thousands of companies providing hosting services in different forms such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, etc.

From all these hosting companies and hosting plans you can buy the one that suits you depending upon the content that you are going to host, the number of people going to visit your site, etc.

You may start with cheaper hosting plans but eventually, you will need something that can handle huge amounts of audience and data.

In simple words, hosting is the server space that you rent to host your website online. Speed of hosting determines the speed of your website. And, there comes the NVMe SSD Hosting but what is NVMe hosting exactly?

What is NVMe?

What is NVMe?

So, before we talk about the NVMe SSD Hosting and the advantages of NVMe SSD Hosting let’s try to understand the meaning of NVMe itself. This is not so complex, just understand each concept step by step.

NVMe stands for Non-Volatile Memory Express which is a protocol for new storage drives to get the maximum speed and highest response time.

It’s new storage access and transparent protocol for flash and the next generation SSDs for all types of enterprises.

The NVMe protocol accesses the flash SSD Storage through the PCIe bus which makes it quite faster than your traditional hard drives.

It supports tens of thousands of parallel command queues instead of a single command queue in the case of Hard Drives. It takes advantage of all kinds of non-volatile memory for almost every computing need.

And, the biggest advantage is that NVMe is ready to work with future memory devices that are not even yet invented.

The basic requirement for NVMe is the growing data and speed requirement. We all are aware of the amount of data that we consume and that is because of the growing size of applications that we have. And, NVMe is the best solution that we have.

So in simple terms, NVMe is nothing but Sold State Drives communicating with each other through PCIe bus for better bandwidth and performance.

What is NVMe Hosting?

We know that NVMe is the SSDs connected through PCI Express to extend its capabilities. Initially, each manufacturer has to design its own drivers for these SSDs to dominate the NVMe but now we have a standard NVMe protocol that works perfectly fine.

Instead of SATA and SAS, we have PCI Express now that enhances the capabilities of these SSDs. It allows SSDs to make use of a high-speed PCIe bus in a computer.

The basic idea behind NVM Express is to utilize the low latency and parallelism features of PCI Express. it is much better than the SCSI-based standards performing a multitude of i/o operations simultaneously.

The NVMe based SSDs can select up to 64000 blocks instead of one block in the SCSI based SSDs. in short, the dedicated servers based on NVMe architecture perform six times faster than the SATA/SAS based SSDs.

And, there comes the NVme SSD Hosting. Now we know about the NVMe architecture and its performance mechanism and at the same time, we also know about the Hosting services.

Hosting is nothing but a part of a computer connected to the server that you rent. You get a part of a computer-based on the space you rent. And, these servers/computers connected to the main hosting server might be traditional SATA/SAS based or NVMe based.

And, those based on NVMe architecture using NVMe SSD are called NVMe SSD hosting.

In short, NVme SSD hosting is a better, faster, futureproof solution than your traditional SSD hosting.

What Are the Advantages of NVMe SSD Hosting?

What Are The Advantages of NVMe SSD Hosting?

Here are the advantages of NVMe SSD Hosting:

  • Faster Speed
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Non-Volatile in nature
  • FutureProof
  • The Rapid Growth

Let’s dive into detail.

Faster Speed :

NVMe communicates with the CPU through PCI Express instead of the traditional SATA bus which makes it significantly faster. Your hosting if based on NVMe protocol shall be significantly faster than regular hosting.

The speed that it offers has a huge difference just because of the exploitation of the features of its hardware. You are not using any dedicated VPS Server but you will be getting the speed like that.

Cost-Effectiveness :

It’s cost-effective than the traditional hosting giving much better performance. You can get a piece of NVMe SSD drive for a small investment and the speed difference that you will find is amazing.

Yes, it’s costlier than the normally shared hosting plans but the service is really amazing. Let’s just understand that it’s way cheaper than the VPS Servers but offers a kind of similar performance.

Non-Volatile in nature :

And since it is Non-volatile in nature, it doesn’t lose any data even if there is a power cut. It retains the data in the disk. This is nothing new but yes we cannot ignore it.

It stores the data in state drives but still offers amazing speed. The RAM of your computer is also very fast but it’s Volatile in nature which loses all its data when the power goes off.

Future proof :

The best thing about the NVMe protocol is that it is futureproofed. It’s ready for the storage options that are yet to be invented in the future. It makes NVMe SSD even more exciting because there is nothing to fear.

Previously we had Hard Drives which were replaced by Solid State Drives and now everybody is using SSDs. But, since NVMe is future-proof, it makes NVMe ready for new inventions in the field of storage.

The Rapid Growth :

NVMe SSD hosting is already here but the NVMe drives are yet to be explored by the masses. So, we are going to get the massive difference in speed in the foreseeable future but the NVMe SSD hosting is already out there and you can experience it now.

And, NVMe is on the verge of rapid growth. It is experiencing a drastic growth in the market of the storage world.

Comparison with Traditional Hosting

There is no comparison of the site speed when you use NVMe SSD hosting. There are only a few hosting providers like A2 Hosting that give you NVMe SSD hosting. You shall experience at least 10 times faster speed in NVMe SSD hosting.

A2 hosting claims to be 20x faster than others but let’s be real and understand what is real. So, 10x is what you will get no matter which company you choose when it comes to NVMe SSD.

NVMe SSD Hosting FAQ

NVMe SSD Hosting FAQ
Why NVMe SSD Hosting is So Fast?

In NVMe SSD, the flash SSD communicates with the CPU through PCIe, not with the SATA bus. There are low latency and simultaneousness of i/o which makes it really fast.

The SCSI-based SSDs can select only one block while NVMe can select up to 64000 blocks at a time. The main reason behind NVMe being faster is that it can handle tens of thousands of queues at a time.

Is it Cost-effective to use NVMe hosting?

Yes, of course, it is. If you have a significant number of people visiting your website then NVMe SSD shall serve your business at a very low cost. It’s cheaper than the dedicated servers and off

What is the Future of NVMe SSD?

NVMe uses SSD Drives connected through PCIe but it is future-proof and ready for any inventions. So, if we have any faster storage options, it’s going to be even faster.


So, this is what you need to know about the NVMe SSD hosting. First of all, understand what is NVMe SSD hosting, and then you shall understand the advantages of NVMe SSD hosting.

NVMe SSD is the new future-proof technology that’s out there and to be experienced by the whole world in a short span of time. The basic thing is that it uses PCI Express bus to connect SSDs and exploits the features of PCIe.

The NVMe SSD hosting is the hosting feature using the same NVMe architecture and giving a drastic difference in speed.

If you are the one who needs a high-speed hosting and doesn’t want to spend much on VPS or dedicated servers then NVMe SSD hosting is the best to consider.

On average, you will get NVMe SSD hosting for about $15-20 and exploit the Internet. Most of the hosting providers are ready to provide the NVMe SSD hosting in competitive pricing.

That’s all about the NVMe SSD hosting and the advantages of NVMe hosting. Let us know what you think about the same.

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