Content Marketing Career -7 Simple Ways To Start

Content Marketing Career

I am going to show you how to start a Content Marketing Career, so let’s start without delay.

Content marketing is one of the important facts in the majority of companies. This could be the reason why many brands fail in the market, especially the new brands. When you start a new business, content marketing must be the priority for your business strategies. 

When you market your business online, content marketing is essential, because the Internet is all about content. The search engine always ranks the site in the name of content, and bad content may not index your website.  This article discusses the importance of content marketing and 7 Simple Ways To Kickstart Your Content Marketing Career.

Importance of Content Marketing

The first thing that happens in content marketing is that content marketing increases customer trust in the brand. In today’s world, people believe in content more than visuals, because the content is more informative than the images of the product. 

For example, in an online store, the product description that is content explains the characteristics and specifications. Besides, more people would believe in the brand if the content on the website and social profiles were of high quality, and the brand’s reputation would increase amazingly.  Great content keeps the user in the game and attracts the attention of influencers.

For example, if you run a blog and post high-quality content, more people would get involved and the popular authors would ask you for a guest post. Bloggers also sell the guest post to the authors who are willing.  It is a desire for every blogger to be at the forefront of the search engine, but to achieve this requires a lot of effort in search engine optimization.

If you want to optimize your website, then great content is required in addition to optimization. If the optimization of your website is well organized, then you can rank first on the results page of the search engine. Below, we’ve listed some of the ways to boost your content marketing

  1. Searching Before Writing 
  2. Create an Outline 
  3. Use Keywords
  4. Post Unique Content by Rephrasing it 
  5. Eliminate all Errors
  6. Include Great Visuals
  7. Make Your Content Shareable

1. Searching Before Writing

When you plan a new blog post, think about the audience you’re writing for. If you plan the design according to your audience, the content becomes more engaging and interesting, because the relevant content always wins, because customers are more interested in reading the content they like or that is informative to them. 

You can use various tools to get the help of knowing the type of audience that is reading your articles. Not only that, but you should also plan which part of your writing is more engaged and gets a better response. Once you know the effective category for your audience, you should focus more on writing about that category. 

2. Create an Outline 

Once you know what you need to write and who to write for, the next step is to create a draft for the final writing. In this step, you need to create a rough sketch that explains everything about your article, from the topic to the results.  You can either create the outlines manually, or you can use the online tools that are helpful for this task. For example, several Android applications can help you make notes instantly. 

Silhouettes are very important, because the writer usually does not get the words when he writes, and for that, he can get the ideas from his silhouettes. Moreover, writers can write down ideas whenever they come. 

3. Use Keywords

Use Keywords

Content marketing strategies are designed to place your site in the search engine, but on what word your article would appear in the search engine. Keywords are the words for which your article would appear. 

For example, if you rank by the keyword “Top SEO Tips for New Websites,” people will find your site whenever they type that keyword. The site needs to rank because without keywords you can’t rank the relevant audience and queries. The selection of keywords is also important because there are different rules to apply when selecting keywords.

Here are some important factors: 

  • The keyword must be relevant and suitable for your target group and website 
  • The keyword must have a high volume to get more traffic if you rank 
  • The keyword you choose must have a high CPC to earn better revenue 
  • The keyword should have little difficulty to place easily 
  • Due to the high difficulty, use Long Tail Keywords to get more ranking keywords 

4. Post Unique Content By Rephrasing it 

The article you write must be informative and unique, and if the content is not unique, you can never get a ranking, because Google penalizes the pages with duplicate content and they usually ruin the site’s ranking. Google not only assigns the ranking to the original content but also high-quality content. This means that even low-quality content would have difficulty ranking at the top of the search engine.

To write unique and high-quality content, the online paraphrasing tool could help you, because it changes most words with the appropriate synonyms, and in this way, the simple word turns into the effective one. Not only that, but the Paraphrasing Tool would also remove the plagiarism, if at all. 

5. Eliminate all errors 

When writing, none of the people are perfect, and in this respect, they may have errors, including grammar, spelling, structure, clarity, and some other spelling errors. If you do not correct all of these errors, you would not consider Google to be of high quality. To do this, you should review or proofread your article several times. 

Various tools on the Internet can help make your content error-free. Grammar, for example, can allow you to solve all errors, including grammar errors, spelling, and many others.  If you opt for manual proofreading, it would take more time, but still, it would not be perfect. However, online tools are more efficient as it only takes seconds. 

6. Include Great Visuals

Include Great Visuals in Content Marketing Strategy

Content with only the writing wouldn’t be interesting for the readers instead it would become boring for the audience. In this regard, you should add some visuals into your writing which would help to increase the customer’s interest as well as engagement. 

Here are the types of visuals that can be added: 

  1. Infographics
  2. Images 
  3. Videos 

1. Infographics 

Infographics are a powerful visual type that can help you make your blog awesome. Infographics not only increase the authenticity of your blog but also increases your traffic. The infographics include different types of graphs, charts, and other statistics images that contain information relevant to your content.  If you don’t want to make your infographics then go for using the free image resources that are available on different websites. 

2. Images 

The images are also an essential inclusion to your article because it would help the readers to believe more in your article. The best way to engage your audience is to use relevant images that can be entertaining, informative, or referencing the image. 

If you are sourcing or writing a fact about your topic then you need to add some links or references to authenticate. If you are adding an example or research then link your writing or add an image about the source. This will help the user to believe more in your writing. 

3. Videos 

The videos are amazing to explain your factor services. For example, if you are running an online store then the video would help you to make an explanation about the features of your product. Many brands use the videos of review, feature explanation, or for other purposes. 

7. Make Your Content Shareable 

The content that you write must be interesting and in return, you would get more shares. Sharing the content would be helpful because it would generate more traffic and leads for you and your business.  The content that you write should be convincing in the sense that it looks attractive and it brings traffic to you.

Moreover, you should add some buttons under your writing for fact that the reader can easily share the article on social media websites or any other platform.  For example, almost all the popular blogs feature that sharing button for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as they give the option for sharing the content over WhatsApp through copying the link and sending it. 


Whether you own your site or you are a marketer, a content marketing career needs to have the above facts compulsory. Content marketing might be the fact of ranking on search engines while it too is the reason for ruining your ranking.  Remember, it would be beneficial if you publish content that is lengthier of about 3,000 to 10,000 words. The lengthier your writing is the more chances of ranking.

This is because Google loves to have content that is informative and enough to explain your topic. Images are important because it increases the reference, sourcing, and authenticating for your writing. The writing must be attached to the emotions because it would gain the interest of the user.

When you are making a title, try to make it look like a “How-to” article, a listing article, or an infographic article because most of the time, these types of articles get more ranked.

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