25 Types Of Blogs That Make Money

Types Of Blogs That Make Money

Types Of Blogs That Make Money is today’s subject and I am going to tell you about it in detail, so let’s start.

Blogging is a passion and your passion can be converted to make money.

There are certain types of blogs that make money or better to say that help you to make money online.

Today bloggers and article writers can earn a big amount of money just by writing articles and blogs that provide relevant information to the visitor of those sites.

There are several forms of writing patterns that can help you to earn more from this platform. Therefore let’s find out different ways using which you can easily make money by writing blogs online.

Types of Blogs That Make the Most Money

  • 1 • List-post
  • 2. Link Post
  • 3. How To Post
  • 4. News post
  • 5. Definition Types Of Blogs
  • 6. Case Study Post
  • 7. Comparison Post
  • 8. Controversial Post
  • 9. Story Telling
  • 10. Profile Post
  • 11. Checklist post
  • 12. Review Types Of Blogs
  • 13. Interview Post
  • 14. Survey Post
  • 15. Infographic Post
  • 16. Twitter post
  • 17. Contest or Draw
  • 18. Presentation Post
  • 19. Brand Focused Post
  • 20. Product Focused Blogs
  • 21. Personal Experience Post
  • 22. Photo or Image Post
  • 23. Event Post
  • 24. Invite
  • 25. Cluster Post

Let me now tell you about these types of blogs in detail.

1 • List-post

To earn money online List post content is one of the best alternatives that you can look for. This is the most promising method of blogging that can help you to earn money easily.

List content serves the purpose of providing quality information to the search engines as well as to the readers. Certain important factors make the list a post-effective way to make money.

These are also the types of blogs that make money at a rapid pace.

For generating the revenue list post are the best option as they are search engine friendly like Google and Yahoo.

a) In a promising manner, the List post can provide important information to the visitors.
b) It is capable of attracting the attention of human beings as they are highly scannable.
c) List posts have a very high value as they are social media-friendly.

2. Link Post Types Blogs Makes Money

These are those types of content that helps you to divert the traffic from one container to another. These links are very helpful for your blog in various ways like :

a) When you update your content on the site in a frequent manner.
b) These links can prove to be very useful if you want to get backlinks from authority sites like Wikipedia and Britannica.
c) The page visits and the page visitors can be increased easily using the linked post if you do it systematically.
d) By giving the link to the advertisers you can also earn money from the link posts.

3. How To Post

These types of blog posts are very popular among bloggers all across the globe. Bloggers can easily earn a huge amount of money from these types of posts. This is a subset of the linked post.

This type of post is capable of generating 55% of the revenue and views for the users. These types of blogs make money and can drive a high amount of traffic to your website.

4. News post Types Blogs Makes Money

The news about the recent activity is the main form of content in the case of News posts. This is another type of blog that can make money for your business.

These have the power to multiply the revenue at a very fast pace by performing well in social or in any popular activities.

These types of posts become viral at a rapid pace on the internet as they tell about the current events and news in a detailed and elaborative manner.

News post Types Blogs Makes Money

5. Definition Types Of Blogs Generate Huge Income

These types of posts we often see in Wikipedia. These types of posts contain definitions or relevant topics in very high authority sites like Wikipedia and Britannica.

They can help you to earn big by providing relevant information to your visitor. Now, if you are planning to earn money through this type of post then you are on the right track.

These types of blogs can help you to earn big. Just you need to take care of one thing that your blog post must be unique. Better to say the definition must be unique.

6. Case Study Post

These are the problem-solving post as they are based on real-life events. This is why they provide a detailed narrative of the real-life event in a step by step as well as in a systematic manner.

These are those types of blogs that can make money to a great extent.

It must contain a climax narrating the entire event and providing the solutions to the problems that have been stated in the content. These types of blogs make money.

7. Comparison Post Types Of Blogs Makes Money

Comparison posts can be utilized in any field wherever you need to compare between the two fields. These types of blogs are in huge demand currently.

The reason is customers or your target audience always want to get the best alternative and these blogs the right set of comparisons to all the visitors to make the right choice. They are also known as the problem handling post.

8. Controversial Post

The controversial post in the blogs attracts the attention of most of your visitors. People love to read such controversial posts these will help you to multiply your website traffic at a very fast pace.

Just you need to pick up a very sharp point and share it on social media. Your post will get public and traffic in a very small period and you can earn more money in a short period with a minimum effort.

9. Story Telling Types Of Blogs Makes Money

Stores excite the imagination and the attention of the viewers in big time. These types of blogs make money at a very fast pace. Most of us love to hear or want to read a good story and if the story is good then we remember it for a longer duration.

You can easily write stories regarding the past, present, or future events to make your blog interesting. Just you need to play with the imagination of your target audience.

Story Telling Types Of Blogs Makes Money

10. Profile Post

These types of posts related to the profiles of the person. The profile post is regarding their work, their personality, and their habits.

Sometimes these posts contain the motivational aspects of any individual or on their respective lifestyle.

Most people love to read the biographies of great personalities of the world and about their lifestyles. And, hence you will have the chance to earn more from these types of write-ups.

11. Checklist post

Checklist posts are being used for checking the right symbols in the content. Once completed, you can share these posts on social media to get the maximum traffic for your website.

Certain formats are using which you can use these posts to record the response of the viewers of the post.

12. Review Types Of Blogs Makes Money

Reviews and post blogs are in very high demand nowadays. The affiliate marketers can earn a lot from these blogs in most cases. They can earn big in a small amount of time.

Reviews play a very vital role in the case of the buying decision of the consumer.

This is why the review post is in huge need nowadays. Just you need to focus that the tight set of reviews and explanations must be provided by the writers.

13. Interview Post

These posts are in high demand now. Interviews can be of expert professionals, celebrities, and of any individual about their success stories.

You can just record their opinions and present their thought process to your viewers and then see the amount of traffic that you can easily generate from your blog.

A professional blogger can easily earn good money and traffic using these types of content.

14. Survey Post

These types of posts are also known as poll posts. Here the opinion seeking the prime objective of your target audience. These types of blogs make money very easily.

Different types of questions are being asked in the survey post. On different types of topics, questions are being asked to the audience and they need to answer those.

Survey Post

15. Infographic Post

These types of posts have a high range of visual impact in the mind of the viewers. They narrate the entire content creatively. Thus attracts the attention of the target audience to a great extent.

The scope for earning from these types of posts is very high and you can earn as much as you can from these types of posts.

16. Twitter post

These types of posts come in handy when you need blogs to spread your awareness through social platforms. Just you need to have a Twitter account research on the trending topics.

Especially on those types of topics where the keywords and hashtags are more make comparative research and write on it, you will get a good amount of traffic.

17. Contest or Draw Blogs Makes Money

These types of posts are old fashioned but still very effective. These types of posts arouse the interest of the viewers to win the contest.

Thus the traffic automatically creeps up. Just you need to make a conscious effort to keep your traffic engaged in your blog for a longer duration.

18. Presentation Post

These types of posts are in demand for corporate offices, schools, colleges, and other institutions. You can upload your slide share and presentation to get the maximum revenue from the organized sector. The scope of earning is huge here.

19. Brand Focused Post

The brand focused post can be of great demand. You just need to tell you about the brand products, services, and working styles to attract the attention of the audience.

These types of posts are in huge demand currently. These types of blogs can make money easily.

20. Product Focused Blogs Makes Money

The entire product description of a brand, its features, price, and the method of manufacturing is being mentioned in these types of posts.

Products design, concepts everything is being mentioned in this type of blog and you can also earn a good amount of money online from this type of post.

Product Focused Blogs Makes Money

21. Personal Experience Post

The things that you have experienced you can share through these posts. You may share the experience of your traveling, the product, or the services of any brand that you have used. It can engage and connect the people with your experience in the long run.

22.Photo or Image Post

Certain blog posts showcase and narrate the events through photos and images as photos can easily connect with your visual need very easily.

Hence, can engage more target audience towards your brands or the events that you are hosting. Generally, most of the Website uses this type of pattern to bring more traffic to their website. These types of blogs make money in a very small period.

23. Event Post

ou can create even and make others know about this event. Invite them to join your event and in this way you are inviting more traffic to your website. Hence the chances of earning can be very high from these types of blogs.

24. Invite The Guest Blogger Post

You can invite the other bloggers to write content on your website. In this way, your traffic will increase and you can earn easily from these types of posts.

You can also build a very strong link with your co-bloggers from your niche. And hence the chances for generating the revenue will be more.

25. Cluster Post

The presentation of the older posts and on the trending topics creatively and appealingly is a cluster post. You can easily sort out the topics that are trending currently.

These types of blogs that creatively make money can help you to build a strong set of target audiences.

Hence, the above-mentioned types of blogs can make money very easily. Just you need to select the type that suits you the best or better to say that you are very comfortable with.

Choose the one that helps you to satisfy your passion for earning money through blogging in your career.

All the mentioned types of blogs that make money can help you to earn money online very easily. Just you need to make your choice that suits your passion.

Most importantly the scope for bloggers is increasing at a very fast pace recently.

Just try to make the blogs that are appealing to your target audience. Now select any of these blog types and start your blogging journey.

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