RankMath V/S Yoast SEO – Which Plugin is The Best For You?

RankMath V/S Yoast

When it comes to RankMath v/s Yoast, which SEO plugin would you choose?. One is an experienced and trustworthy plugin, while the other is a new and innovative one. Both come with lucrative features.

Whether you’re a small business owner or someone with a large enterprise, having a website is another way to expand your business by bringing attention to it if you want to make some money.

That’s where SEO enters the scene. Search engines like Google and Bing have their search algorithms through which they find and rank the most relevant websites. The top-ranking website usually takes away 70% of the traffic.

Now it is obvious that you too would want your website to rank at the top of SERP (Search Engines Result Page). For that, you need SEO plugins that help you in optimizing your content in the best possible way.

RankMath and Yoast SEO are SEO plugins which work for the same. We are comparing both of these plugins for you to decide which plugin works the best according to your needs. But first, let’s learn about these two plugins a bit.


Yoast SEO is an already established and quite popular plugin in the market. It can be seen by its vast customer base of more than 5 million active installations. It hires an expert team of developers, SEO experts, testers, etc. who work to provide their clients with the best experience.

From beginners to experienced business owners, everybody likes Yoast. It comes with core and premium (or paid) features.

The core features include In Yoast Seo Plugin:

· The SEO analysis

· Readability Analysis

· Snippet preview for Desktop and Mobile

· Advanced XML Sitemaps functionality

· Full control over site’s breadcrumbs

· Canonical URL to avoid duplicate content

The premium features include in Yoast:

· Social previews

· Insights tool for focused keywords/keyphrases

· Article optimization for synonyms and related keyphrases

· Automatic internal linking suggestions


RankMath is a comparatively new plugin in the market and has already started gaining positive reviews from their clients. It also comes with great SEO features, like:

· Easy installation

· Easy to follow the setup wizard

· Organized and Aesthetic User Interface

· Modular Framework

· No additional fees

· Code optimized for speed (Lightweight)

· 24/7 active and reliable support team

· Bulk Edit Titles & Descriptions of All Your Content

That being said, let’s compare Rank Math features against Yoast SEO features and find out which works best in each of these so that you can make your decision about which plugin works best for you.

We have listed down 13 features in detail.

1. RankMath V/S Yoast – Set Up Configuration

RankMath v/s Yoast – Set Up Configuration

Setting up of any software marks the first impression on the user and RankMath takes a green signal for that. It is easy and hassle-free to set up and an installation wizard helps you at every step.

It works in 5 steps. You have to create your account, then enter your site details.


you have to search your console details. Then RankMath would ask about your sitemap configuration and about advanced optimizations.

Then lastly, you have to confirm the settings. Once you are done with the installation, you can access more advanced settings.

Yoast SEO setup is similar and easy but works in 8 steps. You just need to do basic settings like site type, search engine visibility, environment, etc.

However, Yoast also has a video guide to help you during the installation and setup process.

2. RankMath v/s Yoast – User Interface

Next up is the user interface which is crucial in attracting or repelling the users for any software. If it is messy or too confusing, it’s a huge turn-off for the users.

However, Yoast SEO is quite clean and organized with its dashboard and UI. It offers functional and well-defined options which are also sorted into clear categories.

But it doesn’t believe in the aesthetic aspect of the dashboard much, and that’s where it loses points.

RankMath comes with a clean dashboard and easy settings. The features are described in details and can be easily turned on and off.

It scores a point over Yoast as the dashboard seems attractive and inspiring and enhances the user experience.

3. RankMath V/S Yoast— Keyword Assigning

Being an essential part of SEO tools, this feature is important to maintain to optimize your content.

Through this feature, you can populate keywords and set the focus keywords, write title and meta-description for your content, and set the permalinks to it.

As we have told you, the core version of the Yoast plugin comes with many features, including keyword assigning. However, it allows you to assign only one keyword to your content.

For multiple keywords, there is a premium version of Yoast which also analyzes different word forms of your keyphrases.

Yoast gives a colour signal to represent the optimization level of content. It also lets you analyze the SEO and readability scores of your website along with Google page previews for both versions- desktop and mobile.

However, if you want to look for some keyword ideas, Yoast won’t be able to help and you will need to use a third-party online tool.

Rank Math does better and lets you assign 5 keywords maximum for optimization on signing up for free. Rest features being the same as Yoast, the difference rests at the representation of the optimization level via scores from 0-100.

Also, it gives you keyword suggestions automatically as you start typing in the textbox.

4. RankMath v/s Yoast– Google Search Console Integration

With RankMath, you can integrate the Google Search Console easily. You just need to feed and verify your Gmail account to let it fetch the associated Search Console data on your dashboard.

Yoast SEO also gives the same features except that there is no such way to see your search console records on your dashboard.

5. RankMath v/s Yoast– XML Sitemap Integration

A sitemap file is important for indexing and without it, Google crawler won’t be able to fetch your website. Both these SEO plugins can custom sitemap once respective post types are available on your website.

However, the URL would be different for both but it won’t impact the site.

6. RankMath v/s Yoast SEO – Schema.org Integration

Schema.org integration makes your content-rich and enhances its rate of clicks. Through this, you can enable rich snippets and star ratings directly on the SERP.

RankMath offers full schema support for your entire website’s content. But with Yoast SEO you’ll have to install another plugin on your website to get schema.org integration, and this makes RankMath stand above to Yoast.

RankMath v/s Yoast SEO – External Link Manager

When you’re creating content for your website, it is common that you add internal or external links to it.

For external links, most people add “no follow” or “dofollow” tags to ensure that the web crawlers don’t associate your site’s SEO score with those links.

Wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to set these links individually?

RankMath has got you covered even if coding isn’t your cup of tea. Now through the dedicated External Link Manager in the setup wizard, you can directly assign every single outbound link as “nofollow”.

But with Yoast SEO, this is not possible and you will have to do this manually.

8. RankMath v/s Yoast SEO – Image & Video SEO

A pretty common trick of channeling organic traffic to your website is by adding relevant meta descriptions and alt tags to your media. Both RankMath and Yoast offer this for image files.

However, for video SEO, you get good options to add Video Rich Snippets in your content with RankMath. While Yoast SEO gives many more advanced functionalities but only with its premium version.

9. RankMath v/s Yoast SEO – Content Analysis

What’s common with both plugins is that content analysis in both is done directly from the WordPress post editor. They also assist you to improve your SEO scores by suggesting you some changes.

Yoast SEO does that very nicely, in that it tells the quality of your content and that if the optimization is good or bad.

RankMath is again a step ahead, in which it rates your content from 1 to 100 to give you a detailed idea about your content optimization. It also suggests the changes in a detailed way so that you get a clear idea of what you have to do.

10. RankMath v/s Yoast SEO – Role Manager

This feature is of special use if you own a multi-author website and it allows you to control the roles and levels of permission these authors have on your website.

RankMath comes with this feature to ensure that the authors on your website produce SEO optimized content. However, Yoast SEO skips out this feature.

One thing to note here is that if you have a simple blog or website having only you as its author, then this feature is rudimentary and pretty much useless.

11. RankMath v/s Yoast SEO — 404 Errors And Redirect Manager

When we incorporate internal or external links on our website, they might generate errors like 404 – page not found. This happens if the concerned target that was linked has been removed.

It leaves your website with broken links. It can create a negative impact on your visitors and ultimately can impact your rankings.

Here comes the redirect manager which detects all such broken links and applies 302 temporary redirects on them.

Both RankMath and Yoast come with powerful redirect managers, but where RankMath offers these services for free, Yoast asks you to upgrade to its premium version to enjoy such benefits.

12. RankMath v/s Yoast SEO — WooCommerce SEO

You might already know about this popular WordPress plugin. With WooCommerce installed, you can literally convert your website to an online store and manage every task, from adding products to configuring payment gateways, easily.

Yoast and RankMath, both support WooCommerce integration and work together to incorporate the metadata of products so that they so up in the search engine when anyone searches for them.

But as suspected, Yoast’s WooCommerce SEO functionality comes with a premium version only, but RankMath offers it for free.

13. RankMath v/s Yoast SEO – Support

Yoast SEO is an established company and knows about the queries and concerns their users meet with. Hence, they have set up a huge knowledge base having all FAQs to answer their users.

However, there is a premium level support available but only with its premium plan.

RankMath’s support team is quite responsive, active, and is available 24/7 for their users. However, as the plugin is relatively new in the market, sometimes the users might face bugs or issues which would make them approach the support team.

To see a clearer picture, we have summarized the pros and cons of both plugins for you:




  • Import settings from other SEO plugins
  • Very easy to use with no learning curve
  • Absolutely free
  • Great support
  • Great user interface
  • Many features available


  • Offers much flexibility with content 
  • Set up titles, meta descriptions, and Social Media sharing information
  • Beginner-friendly features


  • The plugin needs serious testing
  • Other plugins do not support import from Rank Math


  • Manually turning on of custom fields
  • Keyword stuffing and not much importance on LSI

Wrapping up

Yoast is quite an old and trustworthy plugin running in the market and having a vast customer base. RankMath, on the other hand, is new in the market.

Both these plugins offer similar features and services, although their prices are incomparable. As you can see, there is no significant difference between both of these plugins. So it might become tough to choose one.

But we suggest that you should weigh the pros and cons of the plugins to determine your best choice. Also, keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to get better SEO rankings.

However, if you already have Yoast SEO premium plan as your plugin, then it won’t be a sensible choice to switch to another one. But, if you’re already using a free version of either one, if it becomes easy and beneficial for you, then you can easily switch.

And it becomes even better when you consider the beginner-friendly user interface of RankMath and its feature that imports your Yoast SEO settings for free.

So friends or was comparison RankMath V / S of Yoast SEO. So now keeping in mind their features and other things, you can choose the best SEO plugin for your website. How did you like this comparison? Please tell in the comment box below

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