Top 9 Secret Passive Income Ideas

Passive Income Ideas

In this post, you will get to know about the top 9 secret passive income ideas so that you can generate good passive income every month online. With no minutes wasted, let’s dive right in!

I have seen that an average millionaire has many different income streams, more than six, I guess. But, many millionaires do not have six other jobs — and in such cases, they have taken the help of passive income to increase their wealth and become successful.

This post will give you a little brief on what precisely passive income is and share a few passive income examples, which need just an initial investment. With this, you will be able to create your passive income without any extra money.

I tried checking out on the internet to get a little insight into how millionaires accelerated their wealth and the techniques they attempted to come on the top. Some millionaires shared their ways of passive income, which has worked out for them, so let’s know what they are and how you can achieve your passive income goals. First, it is essential to understand what precisely passive income is.

There is a misconception among many people that passive income is getting something without doing anything. Because it is all about the ‘get-rich-quick type of appeal… but in the end, it involves work, and you have to give it upfront.

What is a Passive Income?

What’s a Passive Income?

Passive income is a way to earn money without continued work. It may need plenty of work upfront (sometimes investment), but later on, these income streams will build and maintain regularly. In the same way, active income is where you have to earn money actively. One excellent example is doing a typical 9 am to 5 pm job. If you do not work, you are not paid.

My answer will make you understand why I am a fan of Passive Income? I would prefer not to trade my precious time for money when I don’t need to. It also depends on your job and occupation; it will be challenging for you to become rich when you are dependent only on your Active income and just one or two passive income.

You consider different types of passive income that we have gathered in this article list and start from what is possible for you. It is time that you consider different types of passive income that we have gathered in this article list and start from what is possible for you.

Best Examples for Passive Income

Best Examples for Passive Income

Let us list down the different types of passive income that need an initial investment or no investment at all.

Is Earning Passive Income Simple?

Before getting in passive income examples, I think it is essential that you clear up certain misconceptions. Even though it appears like you do not have to do anything or work hard to bring in colossal wealth-income this is not true at all. All types of passive income streams need the following two elements:

  • Upfront monetary investment
  • Upfront time investment

It is impossible to earn any residual income if you cannot provide one of these elements. Let me share with you the list of 9 passive income examples that you may try out irrespective of the category you like. Investing is a simple passive income type and does not need much effort.

If you can save money or already have a tremendous amount of money, then there are many passive-income opportunities you can try out from your home.

  • Invest In the Dividend-Paying Stocks
  • Start Your Blog
  • Create/Sell Online Course
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending
  • Crowdfunded Real Estate
  • Write E-book
  • Build a CD Ladder
  • Start Your Own YouTube Channel
  • Sell Images Online

Let us know about them in detail now.

Invest In the Dividend-Paying Stocks

What exactly are the dividends? Dividends are the cash paid by the company to its shareholders.

If you plan to invest in the dividend-paying stock, you need to buy a company’s share and become a part-owner of the company. So, when that company grows and makes extra money that it does not necessarily wish to re-invest, it will return some extra money to its shareholders in dividends.

Because you have a fraction of the company, you may get a part of the cash! The dividend-paying shares are the best tools to generate good income. however, ensure you do proper research on your shares that you purchase as dividends aren’t guaranteed. If a company is not generating enough cash, it will cut/suspend its dividend.

Start Your Blog

Start Your Blog

Blogging is my personal favorite passive income form, and it is the best business idea. I earn money from people who visit my site from the ads, so I am thankful to you if you are reading this article. Affiliate Marketing is by promoting the product and service on the internet, and if somebody makes any purchase through the referral link you give, you will get the commission.

I often do it on my blog, and it is generally products that I use, so it is perfect to recommend something, which works out and gets paid. Blogging is good because earning potential is quite limitless, and one can start with multiple income streams like affiliate marketing, ads, courses, ebooks, and more.

Create/Sell Online Course For Passive Income

Maybe you are knowledgeable about a specific topic. You may easily create the course online teaching Algebra to Piano, and launch this on the platform such as Udemy and Teachable. The beauty of this most popular strategy is when you do the course’s initial work; you will get paid for every new student that gets enrolled.

So, which is the platform to choose for you?

Teachable & Udemy are the two most popular and highly prevalent ones, and they are both user-friendly and intuitive. With Teachable, you get complete control over the course’s pricing and feel; however, you do not get a built-in audience. But you need to do all marketing yourself.

Peer-To-Peer Lending

Peer-to-Peer Lending

First, you must know what peer-to-peer lending is all about; Peer-to-Peer Lending means loan money to people. This type of loan is intended for people who do not qualify for traditional financing.

Many companies provide returns in the range of 4 to 10% higher than the typical saving account. Also, you can choose the best investment for you, as per your risk-taking strategy. Ensure you do proper research since there will always be the risk of losing money.

Crowdfunded Real Estate – One Of The Best Passive Income Ideas

Real estate investing is very good, but it needs plenty of upfront capital, and you need to love the tenants! Crowdfunded investing will give you the right way of investing in the real estate market and without any need to put in plenty of money upfront. It is a passive investment than to have your own flat or house!

When you invest in the crowdfunded real estate, you are typically funding loans to purchase and improve the real properties and get paid for them. With the Crowdfunded estate investment, you will get returns in a range of 7 to 10%, just like P2P lending, but you also have an actual house that will back up your investment.

Please remember that it is a new market, and they’re a few risks of investing. Ensure that you do your research before you dive in!

Write E-book For Passive Income

Suppose you like an idea of writing, and you think you can do a good job but would not like to deal with any technical headache that will come with blogging. Just think of self-publishing your ebook. The ebooks are shorter than the usual books that significantly burden you for producing the masterpiece.

Most successful and profitable ebooks are generally non-fiction. Just look at how-to guides or other explanatory items on a particular topic, such as fitness and graphic design, and get the proper idea.

One such platform is Amazon Kindle Publishing, and it is the most straightforward platform you can get started. Publishing takes some minutes, and most of your books come on the Kindle stores all over the world within 1 to 2 days.

In Amazon KDP, you may earn over 70% royalties on every sale to the customers in many countries, and one can set their rates and make necessary changes to the books at any time.

Build A CD Ladder

The CD ladder is the best way to maximize interest rates that you earn on all your savings without even tying money for a long time frame. It can be accomplished by staggering many different CDs, and so they mature at other times.

The CD ladder’s primary purpose is keeping your money liquid (available for withdrawal) like with the savings account when earning higher rates of interest that generally come with the CDs.

To create the CD ladder, the first step will be selecting the bank with the high rates of interest on CDs. You can choose to purchase one of each. And after every six months, the first CD matures & you decide to renew it again. You buy an 18 month CD with money.

When the 12month CD matures after six months, you purchase another 18 month CD. It creates the CD ladder and where you will get access to funds every six months. It means that every six months, you can decide if to open the new CD or to withdraw money and the interest that you have earned from it.

Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Starting your YouTube channel will earn you passive income on the internet. So, rules on earning money with the YouTube channel changed, but it is still one best option for many people. You will have to adjust your strategy a bit.

YouTube channels were one of the best platforms to monetize money for everyone. It means you allow the advertisers to place their videos (ads) at the start of the content. Whenever you get some number of views, then you will earn cash.

Many people make an entire living while doing this. Some people earn by filming makeup tutorials, unboxing videos, travel guides, and anything you may think. YouTube is one popular platform; many eyeballs will attract a massive audience to the obscure niche.

Sell Images Online

Man & woman selling their stock photos online. Have you ever thought about how to get paid by taking pictures? Like it turns out, it is effortless. The best website to earn money with photos is Shutterstock.

From its inception, Shutterstock has paid more than $500 million to its contributors. Because of the popularity & low barriers to entry, the site will work as the best passive income source irrespective of your experience level. You need to set up your account, upload images, and make money whenever any customer downloads the photos.

The amount you will earn every download depends on the type of customer who buys the image. Suppose the customer with monthly subscription downloads the image, and you will earn less than the customer who pays for your picture. The more you earn with time, the more you will make for every image.


I have provided 9 top passive income examples, only hoping that there will be something on the list for everybody. Do you want to discover the proven formula that can generate $1182 per day in Commissions Over and Over Again? If yes, then click the link given below.

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