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Best Internet Marketing Tools For Starting a Business

Online Marketing Tools

Today in this post I will show you the best online marketing tools, so let’s start.

How do choose the best promotion methods if new online marketing tools appear every day? Which of them will immediately attract customers, and which will work for the future? You will find the answers in this article. 

We have prepared a large and detailed guide to modern online marketing tools. It will help you create a promotion plan when starting a business and expand your arsenal of methods if you are already working and want more clients. 

Best Internet Marketing Tools 2021

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Website 
  3. Landing page
  4. Blog
  5. Webinars
  6. Link biting
  7. Email marketing
  8. A/B testing
  9. Lead Magnets
  10. SEO
  11. Link building
  12. Advertising
  13. Display advertising
  14. Analytics
  15. Call Tracking 
  16. SMM
  17. YouTube
  18. Company Page in Social Networks 

let’s dive into detail.

1. Content Marketing 

In this section, we will talk about the creation and promotion of content on the Internet. What is the content? These are informational materials – website, landing page, blog articles, presentations, infographics, webinars, podcasts, and more. 

The principle of content marketing is as follows :

Potential customers see, read, use your content, thanks to this, their trust in the company increases, and these people become buyers in the future. 

An important component of content marketing is content promotion. For a customer to rate an article or infographic, they must first see it.

For promotion, they use announcements in social networks, forums, targeted advertising, email newsletters, push notifications in the browser. 

There are many content marketing tools, below we will talk about the main ones. 

2. WebSite 

3. Landing Page Online Marketing Tool

The peculiarity of the landing page is that it is created for a specific request. Therefore, the landing page usually contains one proposal. 

Most often, visitors are brought to a landing page using contextual and targeted advertising. Or using email campaigns when you already have your own subscriber base. 

Offer impulse-demand products – use a landing page to sell. If customers make a purchase decision for a long time, it will not work to sell head-on.

In this case, the task of the landing page is to collect contact information, leads, with which sales managers and marketers will then work. 

Landing page features: 

4. Blog 

This is the channel of communication between the company and the audience. It helps to shape the image and attract search traffic by responding to users’ information requests.  The blog can be posted on the website and on external sites. 

How To Use a Blog as An Online Marketing Tool?

In order for a visitor to read the article, buy a product or register for a trial period, you need to work with it. To do this, they place an order form on the blog, offer to subscribe to an email newsletter, and, using letters, lead to a purchase, use remarketing, and other tools. 

Once again, the results of blogging are not immediately visible. This also applies to SEO traffic and building the image of an expert company. 

5. Webinar – One of the Best Online Marketing Tool

You can conduct presentations, training courses, conferences, surveys online. And broadcast webinars both live and recorded. 

How to use webinars to solve content marketing challenges?

This online marketing tool allows you to get backlinks to your site thanks to content that readers will want to share themselves. 

Examples of materials that are most willingly shared: 

Distinguish between white and black link biting. The purpose of black link biting is to get links. It does not create value for readers and often takes someone else’s content as a basis. The goal of white link biting is to get links, as well as provide value to visitors and draw attention to a product. 

7. Email Marketing

With the help of email marketing, products and services are promoted through newsletters. Its main tasks: convert visitors into buyers, stimulate repeat purchases, keep in touch with customers. Below we will talk about its main tools. 

Segmentation :

This is the division of the subscriber base into groups. They mainly use the following criteria: 


Sending letters by a mailing service at a specific time and in accordance with a given condition is called automation. The simplest example of a condition: if a customer added an item to the cart and did not pay for it, send him a reminder to complete the purchase within 24 hours. 

Automation helps solve several problems: 

Automatic mailings save time, but they still need to be monitored so that the client does not receive too many emails and the trigger conditions are triggered correctly. 

At first glance, automation can seem daunting. But such mailings are rarely implemented all at once. Starting with a welcome series, for example, you can go through the settings and then implement more complex scripts. 

8. A/B testing 

It helps you measure the effectiveness of email marketing by testing two options. In practice, A/B testing works like this: the marketer prepares two letters and sends them to small groups from the database. The email that worked best for the small group is sent to the remaining subscribers. 

What to test in emails: 

9. Lead Magnets

A gift that motivates you to sign up for a newsletter is called a lead magnet.  What do companies offer to potential subscribers? Discount on your first purchase, product-related mini-books, checklists, or a trial lesson. 

The lead magnet helps to solve several problems: 

10. SEO is Main Online Marketing Tool

This is one of the main tools for promoting internet marketing, which helps to promote the site in the search engine results. SEO includes internal website optimization and getting links from other resources. 

Internal SEO optimization:

The goal of internal optimization is to make the site meet the requirements of search engines. This will help it to rank correctly for search queries and move to the top of the search results. 

What needs to be optimized on the site: 

This type of SEO optimization deals with getting inbound links to a website. With the change in Google algorithms, the introduction of the Penguin algorithm, the influence of links on the ranking of sites has decreased. But inbound links are one of the main sources of traffic to the site. Therefore, the growth of inbound links remains an effective tool for online marketing. 

Link building methods: 

12. Advertising

One of the main online marketing tools is paid to advertise. It allows you to immediately get traffic to the site, landing page, page in social networks. Advertising works for goods and services for which there is a generated demand: clothing, cosmetics, books, appliances, and more. Below we will tell you about the main types of paid advertising. 

Contextual advertising :

These are ads that are displayed in response to user queries in search engines. They use Google Ads to launch ads. 

With the help of contextual advertising, the following tasks are solved: 

Remember, working with any online marketing tool that requires an investment of money must be approached with intelligence and care. To work with contextual advertising too. 

Display Advertising :

It includes paid placement of text ads, banners, videos on third-party resources. To launch advertising, they use the Google display network, advertising on Internet portals. 

Display advertising helps: 

Placement on trading platforms and price aggregators :

Online stores that sell products can receive most of their traffic from price aggregators and marketplaces – Amazon, E-Bay, Etsy, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Craigslist, Zibbet, Jet, eBid, Bonanza, Rakuten. 

The difference between aggregators and platforms is that the price aggregator transfers the visitor to the online store, and information about the store’s products is posted on the trading platform, and you can buy them here. 

Placing an online store on marketplaces and price aggregators makes it possible to: 

13. Analytics

Analytics is a tool without which effective work on the Internet is impossible. Analytics helps to evaluate the effectiveness of the site, contextual and display advertising, free online marketing tools. In this section, we’ll cover three tools that every online store needs. These are Google Analytics and call tracking. 

Google Analytics can be considered as an online marketing tool

Google Analytics service helps analyze user behavior on the website and in mobile applications. Even the best online marketing tools will be ineffective if you don’t know how they work for your audience and website. Therefore, analytics is an indispensable tool for internet marketers. 

In Google Analytics, you can: 

14. Call Tracking Online Marketing Tool

Not all customers decide to buy a product after seeing an advertisement or reading the information on the site.

Many purchases, especially in online stores, are made after a call and conversation with the manager. To track and analyze calls on the site, call tracking services are used. 

Call tracking helps to get answers to questions: 

By analyzing call sources, you can choose more effective advertising channels. An audio recording of conversations helps you understand what can be improved in the salesperson’s work – responsiveness, product knowledge, or perhaps the ability to deal with customer objections. 

15. SMM – Promotion in Social Networks 

The video hosting platform Youtube also belongs to the SMM tools. 

16. YouTube – Online Video Marketing Tool

A company’s Youtube channel can be not only a repository of corporate videos but also a tool for attracting customers. 

There are several strategies for promoting a company on Youtube: 

For paid advertising, it is enough to create a short and bright video, publish it, and launch an advertisement. Community building is long-term work. It takes a lot of effort and investment in video creation and promotion. 

17. Company Page in Social Networks 

The page is the company’s official communication channel in social networks. It is created on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. 

What tasks the page on social networks helps to solve: 

Groups in social networks:

Essentially, groups and communities are the company’s social media blog.  Why does a business need groups on social networks: 


In this post, we tried to tell you how online marketing tools work. Now you know that some of them, for example, contextual advertising, have a quick effect. But most of the promotion work, for example, SEO, promotion of pages and groups in social networks, a channel on Youtube, is work for the future. 

There is a third type of tool – email marketing belongs to them. It increases the return on other promotion methods, namely: it helps to convert more traffic, drive website visitors to buy, and increase repeat sales.

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