5 Influencer Tools Every TikTok Creator Needs To Know [100% Free]

February 6, 2021
Influencer Tools

Today in this post, I will show you five 100% free Influencer Tools, so without wasting time let’s start.

You can be a true adventurer, an avid photographer, a talented dancer, and a fun-loving creator on TikTok. But if you don’t know these influencer tools, you are on your own. Of course, you can hire an agency, partner up with other creators, and spend a ton of money creating and editing your content. But, more, you would not spend nearly as much time doing it all alone.

Hiring a professional could be a good idea if you want to focus only on one thing – the content, while your team takes the rest. The service fees, however, can be as high as hundreds of dollars per month. Surely, not the money every teen can afford.

We have put five must-use influencer tools to ease your worries for those who struggle to build their following despite interesting videos and daily uploads. Some of these tools get you statistical insights, some enable scheduled uploads and advanced editing, and others show you how much your account is worth.
With no minutes wasted, let’s dive right in!

Free Influencer Tools 2021

  1. TikTok Money Calculator
  2. Trending Videos Search Tool
  3. Beecut Video Editor
  4. TikTok Hashtags
  5. TikTok Analytics

Now let’s know these 5 Influencer Tools in detail.

TikTok Money Calculator – Free Influencers Tool To Know Rates Per Sponsored Post

TikTok Money Calculator - Free Influencers Tool To Know Rates Per Sponsored Posts

Everyone on TikTok wants to get on the For You page, gain a million views, and reserve a spot in the Fame alley, right? But very few think of turning cringy TikToks into a full-time career. You may already be a popular creator with thousands of followers and views, but work your regular shifts while others make money on TikTok.

That said, if you are serious about cashing in on brand sponsorships, the TikTok money calculator is one of the best influencer tools to calculate engagement and earning potential. Or perhaps, you’ve found a creator with videos like yours. So how much is the charging per sponsored post? Today, even Hollywood celebrities like The Rock and Will Smith are joining hilarious challenges and trends of TikTok.

And for a good reason. All-time favorite brands like Crocs, MAC Cosmetics, and Chipotle are talking to fans through TikTok. Brands often approach influencers to get their names out. That’s time to set the rates for sponsored videos accordingly. 

When you enter a username, the TikTok calculator picks your profile, calculates post and profile engagement rate, and brings up the estimates. Using it, you can also compare how much money other influencers in your niche make. Or, if you are a business that looks for sponsored posts but does not know how much you should pay, the TikTok money calculator will also help.

Sometimes the best thing to start with is to get insights analyzing what is trending. Naturally, your feed on For You page is already built up from trending videos. Yet sometimes, you want to know what videos are trending not in your region but in another location.

It is easier to have a VPN on your smartphone; you switch to another location, and voila! Your feed is now full of different sorts of videos. But when you don’t have VPN and don’t want to bother installing it on your device, finding trending videos can be challenging.

That’s a time when the Trending videos tool helps you save time and nerves. One of the best influencer tools loads up to 12 videos filtered by location. Then, a tap on a video screen will open it on TikTok. Simple but fun and handy to have.

Unfortunately, it only fetches a limited number of trending videos from 3 countries: the USA, Germany, and France. If you are not into filtering trending videos country-by-country, you could search the hashtag #trending, which brings a mishmash of what is trending worldwide. 

Beecut Video Editor – FREE Tool to Edit Videos From Mobile

Beecut Video Editor - FREE Tool to Edit Videos From Mobile

There are dozens of free video editors, including the TikTok app itself. While we are listing the Beecut editor here for some reasons, we suggest you find the one which is the best fit for you. Many creators prefer to use nothing but TikTok to edit videos they create, thanks to lots of filters, effects, and features.

But a few wish to have an editing app to experiment with text, overlays, colors, and effects before uploading a video to TikTok. If you are one of those few, Beecut can be a good pick for its easy-to-use mobile application, multiple aspect ratios, transitions, filters, etc.

You can make your video editing as basic and fast or as complex and thoughtful as you want them to be. This flexibility puts Beecut on this best influencer tools list. Unlike Instagram users who fly for good looks, TikTok users favor characters. But this does not mean you cannot add an editing flavor to your work. 

TikTok Hashtags Tool

There is much speculation whether hashtags on TikTok could help you get famous, land on the For You page, or get more views and likes. Unfortunately, you might have seen quite a few videos without any hashtags killing it on TikTok and as many creators filling out space with totally unrelated hashtags.

Both videos get their share of views, however different they are. This could be for their content, editing skills, or raw talent (of course, they have), but carefully chosen hashtags increase the chances of being discovered. 

Saying carefully chosen we mean adding hashtags that are both relevant and are trending in your niche. You could go by intuition and imagine that you are looking for magical tricks and illusions. What words would you type into the search? Another way is to use the TikTok hashtags tool, which surfs through the most popular videos on TikTok and pulls up to 20 trending hashtags relevant to your search.

The only minus is that it does not allow multiple words, i. e. You must enter “illusion” and “magic” as separate keywords using the hashtag tool twice. Anyway, one of the best influencer tools worth trying. 

FREE TikTok Analytics

We are not talking about any specific third-party tool you have to install on your smartphone or use online. TikTok Analytics is right inside your app. Much like YouTube Studio, and Instagram Analytics, it is provided by the platform itself. 

Before you head over to your TikTok account to check your video stats, we want to remind you that Analytics is only available for business accounts. If your account is personal, you won’t see this feature inside your dashboard. Don’t worry, though, no matter your number of followers, views, or likes, and you can switch from a personal to a business account at any point. The best business account with detailed Analytics is free.

It allows you to see stats for profile and video views, followers count, trending videos you have, and stats for LIVE videos. For example, you could see data for the last seven days or switch to 28 days. This data could tell you when your viewers are most active, what videos they like most, how they interact with your profile, live broadcasts, etc. Your number one influencer tool is right there in your account.

If you are ready to switch from a personal to a business account or set up a new one, here are some instructions from TikTok


This is all for this list of the best influencer tools you must use to save time, money, and effort while becoming a star on TikTok. Now, let’s turn to you. Have you tried any of the tools we listed here? What was your experience? Share in the comments below.

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