How To Start a Travel Blog And Make Money

November 29, 2019
how to start a travel blog and make money

Today, in this post I will show you how to start a travel blog and make money, So let’s start.

Are you passionate about traveling? In 2021, you can expect your travel business to grow without a blog, do you? Blogs can help you not only in earning but in learning too. You help countless people and make their way towards ease.

In this article, we will be talking about how to start a travel blog and make money? There are a ton of articles all over the internet explaining how a travel blog works or how you can start earning today. However, we are going to present to you the best tips and tricks to start a travel blog while earning at the same time.

How To Start a Travel Blog To Make Money Online

How to start a travel blog To Make Money Online

  • Step 1: Starting it
  • Step 2: Domain and Hosting
  • Step 3: Using a Blogging Platform
  • Step 4: Developing Your Travel Blog
  • Step 5: Getting Starting in blogging
  • Step 6: How To Make Money From Travel Blog

Let’s dive into detail.

Step 1: Starting it

Ideas pave your way towards success. You just need to have an idea if you want to have success. That is why starting off is the first step towards success. This includes everything from gathering your ideas and implementing them for your brand.

a. Finding a name

Name is the face of your brand and it’s most likely to become challenging too. Finding a suitable name for your blog is really difficult. However, you should take hours to think about it. You will definitely find an awesome name for it.

b. Stand out from the crowd

Probably the most effective way to gain success is to have a unique brand in your arsenal. This is also related to names. Choose names, ideas, aesthetics that no one has ever done. Uniqueness is something that makes you stand out from the rest.

Thus, you should make sure to keep this standing-out feature in mind.

c. The Vision

A long-term vision is important to keep in view while working for anything. Your blog should last long. Longer than anyone. Choose a vision or aim. Make your goals straight. And win it like a king. That’s the way to run a blog.

Step 2: Domain and Hosting

Choosing a domain and hosting is one of the most important parts of running a successful travel blog. A domain name is like the name and link of what’s your website is going to be. And hosting is where all of your data will reside.

There are countless hosting services available to everyone. However, there are some things to make sure of and take care of. They are:

  • Always choose a good reputation hosting service
  • While choosing a hosting, SSD storage is recommended
  • Have hosting according to the usage of your website

Step 3: Using a Blogging Platform For Your Travel Blog

Blogging Platforms

Now, you know that a blog is a must for you. But what platform would you exactly use to have your blog started? That is why we will tell you about some of the most widely known blogging platforms out there and what we recommend.

a. WordPress

Without even blinking an eye, WordPress is a great way to start your travel blog. WordPress is by far the best platform for creating a blog or even a fully working website. There are a ton of features that you can enjoy with WordPress.

Customization is just uncanny, and you will find yourself overwhelmed using WordPress. Hence, taking things step by step always works well with WordPress. There are also some strong SEO benefits using WordPress, and everything is nice and clean too.

b. Blogger

Blogger is developed by Google itself. It’s one of the simplest tools to make blogs right now. The best aspect of using blogger is that it is free. You don’t need to buy hosting and stuff. Ideal for newbies, the blogger is also a pretty powerful tool. If you’re new to blogging, we suggest using blogger at the beginner level. Just take some online tutorials, and you’ll be good to go.

c. WIX

Another well-known platform on our list is WIX. WIX is all about that simplicity and ease level. With zero codings, you can attain the maximum level of visuals and results. For a travel blog or website, it’s really important to have excellent visual aesthetics. WIX is great for simplicity, but WordPress still takes the cake if we talk about the flexibility and SEO benefits.

Step 4: Developing Your Travel Blog

Developing Your Travel Blog

There is a lot more when it comes to developing a blog. You need to find a suitable theme. You can find themes from all over the internet. One thing to keep in mind is that you should always make your blog simple. Simple is more. Less is more too.

Sticking to a simple theme will enable you towards success. WordPress, Blogger, WIX have all sorts of websites waiting all over the net just to be implemented. Moreover, some themes are specifically designed for speed. These themes are SEO enabled, and we highly recommend you using themes like that.

Step 5: Getting Starting in blogging

a. About Us

How to start a travel blog and make money? Well, here’s the answer to that. To succeed, you should create an about page on your blog that will include information about your blog. It can include anything from your aims to basic information about the blog.

b. Contact Us

A contact us page is also vital in the ranking of your blog. Contact us page should contain a contact form so that the users can contact you at any time. Therefore, having a more reachable business is important to succeed in the game of blogging.

c. Writing your first blog post

Content is the heart of a blog. Without content, a blog cannot exist. More specifically, what’s the use of a blog if there is no content in it? To write content, articles are written on the website. Thus, you should write various posts regularly.

Start with a simple introduction to the website to tell your aims and goals to the whole world—your introduction matters. After making the first blog post, you should share it on various social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. That’s an excellent way of making your articles viral.

d. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is pretty much the essential part of writing a blog post. Using keywords to have your website ranked can generate a lot of revenue for the website. And this is precisely how you will be earning using the blog. Installing tools like Google Analytics will help you get through this process.

SEO is an excellent method to earn nowadays. Without proper SEO, you cannot expect your business to grow. SEO contains all the methods to have your page ranked up. Therefore, when it’s ranked up, you will be earning at the same time.

Step 6: How To Make Money From Travel Blog

There’s a weird image in blogging that you should wait until you have a big audience to start monetizing the website. However, that’s pretty much unnecessary. There are a lot of other ways to earn using the power of your blog.

Some of them are mentioned below:

a. AdSense

Probably the most common and easiest way to earn money is with the use of AdSense. Just sign up for the account, and you’re good to go. You can make a lot of revenue just with the help of ads. Placing ads on your website enables a user to generate money for you.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Many bloggers were able to reach a large audience in less than a year. Hence. AdSense is an excellent way of earning money.

b. Affiliate Marketing

Joining affiliate programs can bring you a whole ton of money too. Stuffing every single paragraph with some affiliate links will help you generate a lot of revenue on your website. Websites like Amazon will help you in that regard.

You can earn a lot of money just by affiliate marketing alone. You can use that link in your post, and when the reader buys a specific product from that particular link, you’ll get a commission on that product that you just sold.

Imagine having a whole affiliate system and your article being ranked on the first page of Google. You will get a lot of money generated from affiliate links. That is why it’s such a great way of earning easy money for you using your blog. Whether your service is about flight booking or random Q&A, you can have a travel website and earn a lot of money.


Many people get stuck up in a situation where they don’t know what they should do. With enough motivation and hard work dedicated, we can do anything we want. It’s the same with this travel blog. If you want to earn money, don’t be a coward; move forward and think.

Thinking is probably an essential part of our guide. Ideas change into a life-changing source of income. If you want to have a successful blog started, I suggest you read our article and think about it. Make a rough sketch in your mind and start working on it.

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