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How To Start A Podcast And Where To Start?

Do, you want to start a podcast? And, if you want to start podcasting then you should do it right now. Here is how to start a podcast?

If you are thinking that Video or text content does not have a bright future, you are right then because nowadays Audio content is getting more popular. Yes, Audio content is very easy and simple to consume because all you have to do is listen instead of watching or reading it. And, people realize the importance of podcasting that is why this industry is growing very rapidly.

If you are someone who has good communication skills then you should immediately start a podcast and attract people to listen to you. You can start sharing your knowledge about lifestyle, education, travel or anything you want to. It is not necessary that you should do it in English.

It can be started even in your regional language as more and more people are turning to listen to podcasts. There are a lot of people who just listen to a podcast before they go to sleep and it’s a good habit. Here is how to start a podcast but before let us understand the meaning of podcast and podcasting.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is something that you can download and listen to in the form of series. It could be about anything like sharing a piece of information, spreading some knowledge, teaching lifestyle or anything, etc. In simple words, if you want to create a podcast you need to have some idea in your mind and start talking about it. It is like sharing a word about something you know.

People love to listen to their favourite podcasts on the go when they are travelling, working or maybe trying to sleep. It may be an episodic series that has some sort of continuation so that people can keep a track of it. Some people even entertain others on a regular basis with their sense of humour.

So, all in all, a podcast is nothing but an audio file that can be listened to and downloaded. It is better than listen to some repeated music again and again. If you are listening to a podcast you are enhancing your knowledge because podcasting is mostly referred to as knowledge sharing. Nowadays, news podcasts are also getting very popular.

You can build an audience base with your podcasts and then you can use that audience to endorse anything. And, the best thing is that you don’t even have to show your face as the only thing they know is your voice. It’s like listening to a Radio channel but you can choose the content you want to consume.

Now, you know what a podcast is and here is how to start a podcast?

How to Start a Podcast?

#1. Choose a Niche/Topic

A niche is the core topic of your content. Before you start doing anything you should know what exactly are you doing and that is what choosing a niche. You should know the topic about which you are going to talk on your podcast. It could be anything like wrestling, lifestyle, Hollywood, tv-series, politics, comedy, etc. You can choose your favourite niche something that you would love to talk about.

Let’s suppose you choose wrestling as your niche then you are going to talk about what is going on in wrestling. It shall include wrestling news, reviews, predictions, etc. And, now since you are about to talk about the world of wrestling you will have to acquire some knowledge too but what if you choose a niche of which you already know. This will make your job easy as you already know about the topic.

One thing that is obvious with the niche is that you should be continuously putting content on it. A lot of people end up leaving their niche just because they have imitated others. You should do proper research and make sure that you are passionate about your niche. Because this is what will make you successful in your podcast.

#2. Write a few Headlines

After choosing a niche a lot of people struggle in finding some topics relevant to their niche and here we are to help you how to start a podcast that will be successful. To make a podcast successful you should make proper research and plans well in advance. So, before you think of starting a podcast make sure that you have a few ideas in your mind.

Let’s say you have chosen a niche now comes the important part of selecting the topics. So, first, you have in mind a few topics and write down their titles or headings. Write about 15-20 headings so that you don’t have to struggle later about the topics and you have a free mind of working. And, this will make you focus more on the work rather than finding a topic to talk about.

While writing headings you should consider a few things which will make your title appealing. You should take the help of some popular magazines to write the titles. It should be such that listeners get attracted and listen to the whole podcast. It doesn’t matter how exciting your podcast is if you don’t have an interesting title. Because people don’t know about your podcast until they see the title and open it.

#3. Make Bullet points

Now, you have your niche and you also have a few topics on your mind but the problem is how to start talking about it. There is a topic in your mind and you just started with it. But, when you are there in from of the mic, you are totally blank. You don’t know what to talk about and this is a genuine problem. It doesn’t matter if you have done proper research and made everything very clear in your mind. But, when it comes to the live audience a lot of people just tend to forget their topics.

So, the better way is to write down everything on a piece of paper while doing the research. And, to keep it in front of you when you are recording a podcast. Not only, this will give you a clear flow of information but also remind you of your research work. So, why not follow this simple rule and make your life very easy instead of pausing your recording again and again and finding information.

These bullet points will keep you up to the date with everything you have recorded and everything you are about to record. Sometimes people talk about the same thing again and again which becomes boring for the listeners. So, why not make it short, informative and to the point. It matters when you are sharing knowledge and taking too much time to explain a simple concept.

#4. Get yourself a Mic to Record your Podcast

Now you have everything done and here comes the action part. You have a niche and you also have a topic to discuss with bullet points on your hand but to make it into an actual podcast you will have to record. And, to record your podcast you need a microphone. So, you will have to get yourself a decent mic using which you can record your podcasts.

There are plenty of microphones available in the market but you will have to check your budget first. And, even if you don’t have a budget you can start recording podcasts using your smartphone only. And, if you have an earphone with mic that is well and good.

But, if you can spend a few bucks then you can grab some collar microphones for very cheap which will enhance the audio quality tremendously. There are cheaper lavalier mics too but you should get decent from brands like Boya or Ahuja which will give you a better output.

But, if you are ready to spend some money on your microphone then you should get a USB Mic that will give you the ideal output for the podcast. The Blue Yeti is a very popular Mic used by most of the podcasters and if you don’t have that much budget then Blue Snowball another popular microphone. The whole point is that you should have a decent audio quality because that is what your product is.

#5 Record and Edit the Audio or Video

So, if you have a mic or you decided to record with your phone only, now comes the actual recording part. Until now, everything was just a part of the pre-production part but here is the actual production now. Before you start recording you will need software to record and edit the audio. But, even before that, you should take care of a few points.

Nobody wants to listen to some noisy audio, so you will have to take care of the noise in the audio. We are not asking you to hire a studio for the recording purpose but you should get a quiet place where you can easily record your podcast. It is advised to record inside a room because if you record outside you will have some disturbances.

And, make sure that you have switched off any fan and closed all the windows and doors before starting the recording. Have a comfortable sitting too so that you can sit for a long time and record the whole podcast in just one take.

And, to record anything you need software too which will give you a digital output to edit and upload. If you are doing it on your phone then you can use the inbuilt audio recorder or there is the Parrot Audio Recorder which gives fantastic output. And, for the computers, Audacity is the best that you will get to record and edit and that’s too for free.

#6 Create some Infographics

So, now you have your audio file ready and you just want to upload it but nothing works without the infographics. So, you will have to create some infographics first so that your podcast performs well on the Internet. Infographics are the Graphic designs that have information about your podcast and are easy to grasp. It is said that a picture says more than what a thousand words would speak.

Even if you haven’t recorded your first podcast yet but you will need to create some infographics to let people know about your podcast. You will have to create a logo and banner of your podcast first. And, if you have a social media page then there has to be some information about your podcast there too. And, for the podcast, you will have to create a thumbnail and social infographics which will bring traffic to your podcast.

There are plenty of Softwares that you can use to create infographics and Adobe Photoshop is the best but if you have no knowledge of graphic designing then Canva is the best. There are thousands of templates that you can customize as per your needs and create an infographic. So, instead of hiring a graphic designer you can create a graphic with Canva only.

#7. Upload your Podcast

Everything is ready now with the audio file and graphics but the main part is to upload the podcast. And, another question is where to upload the podcast? But if we are telling you how to start a podcast we will also tell you where to start a podcast. And, it is very easy to set up your podcast and start uploading.

First things first, if you are also recording your podcast in the video format then Youtube is the best place to upload. It is completely free and has a large number of users and visibility. But, if you are solely working on the audio then also you can create a visual slideshow and upload it on Youtube. But, Youtube is not for podcasts, right?

So, you have an iTunes, Google Podcast, etc where you can upload your podcasts. And, we would suggest you to start using which uploads your podcasts to all the popular platforms automatically. So, why not use these popular platforms and get the maximum reach?

#8. Spread a Word about your Podcast

So, let’s say everything is just perfect but still, you don’t have listeners to your podcast. And, it happens with everyone. This is because you haven’t done any marketing yet and you will have to market your podcast in order to get any results. Marketing is the main aspect of your podcast here or of any digital product.

We are not asking you to spend huge money on advertising but you can spend a few bucks on social media campaigns. And, we are not even asking you to do that because there is so much potential in social media without even spending a single penny.

In the beginning, you just need to promote it on your social media pages, ask your friends and family to listen to your podcast. And, if anybody shares it on their page it will multiply the growth of your podcast.

And, it works so tremendously that you will get all your traffic from social media itself. But, you will have to let everyone know first. Use e-mail marketing to notify people about any new podcast being published. It will definitely give you positive results.
Now, you know how to start a podcast but where to start a podcast?

Where to Start a Podcast?

Here are some popular podcasting platforms used by podcasters and listers. But, you will have to use a podcast hosting which will automatically let everyone know about the podcast. One more way to start a podcast is by uploading it on Youtube and you should definitely adopt it.

But if you want to cover every audio platform then you will have to purchase a hosting and host your podcasts. All you need is a domain name for your podcast and use any of the following hosting sites:


This is a very popular podcast hosting site that a lot of people use and it has a free plan too. the free plan gives you up to hours of content and hosts it for 90 days. And, if you choose to get a premium plan which starts from just $12/month you will get unlimited hosting with a 250GB of bandwidth. It will give you about 40,000 episode plays per month which is just fantastic.
They will embed an audio player o your website and give you an easy analytics too. So, this is just the best podcast hosting site for beginners.

2. Podbean

It is another podcasting site very popular among podcasters as it gives you a large number of options. They promote your podcast on Spotify, Google Podcast, iTunes, Alexa, etc. And, their free plan lets you upload up to 5 hours of content with about 100GB bandwidth per month. If you decide to go to their premium plan then it starts from just $9/month.

There is also a feature that lets you upload the podcast on your Youtube channel automatically once you sync it with your channel. And, there is also a mobile app which gives you reports and analytics.

3. Transistor

This is the most popular and best hosting service preferred by most of the podcasters. A lot of professional p[odcasters use it just because of the quality of service and amazing feedback. Their plans start from $19 and go up to $99 per month. And, if you choose a premium plan you will get unlimited features.

They promote your podcast the way you need and give you almost every tool to make your podcast successful. All the famous podcasts are hosted on this site and they all are satisfied.

4. Simplecast

Simplecast is a very popular industry-leading hosting site. Most of the brands like Nike, Facebook, HBO host their podcasts on Simplecast. There is a one-click publishing tool that makes it very easy for bigger brands to start their podcasts. If you are into professional services and don’t want to indulge in huge process then it is just the absolute best.
And, a lot of people want a very simple layout which does their job. And, for such a simple layout it just costs $15/month.

5. Spreaker

It is the best broadcasting and monetization hosting just costing $16.50/month for the broadcaster plan. And, it is just amazing giving you a lot of premium features for such a low cost. They give you a one-month free trial and their basic plans start from just $5/month and go up to $41/month.

The best thing about Spreaker is that they give you access from desktop and mobile devices too. This makes it very different from others allowing you to publish your podcasts from anywhere and monetize them.


Until now, we have mentioned a lot of podcasting platforms but they all need some sort of expenditure from your side. But, if you are looking for a free olution then is just amazing. You can create and manage your entire podcast just using this website.

It will automatically publish your podcasts to most of the platforms like Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcast, etc. And, the best thing is a completely free solution for all your needs. You don’t have to buy a domain or a hosting but simple start uploading your podcasts.

7. Smart Podcast Player

It does not have the word Smart in its name but is also smart. The main highlight of this is the e-mail capture option which makes it totally different from others. And, one more highlighting point is that this is created by the famous podcaster Pat Flynn who has years of experience in podcasting.

So, you can only imagine the functionality of this podcasting platform which is created by a podcaster himself. You just have to install their WordPress plugin and you will get the Smart Podcast Player.
All in all, if you are looking for a solution through WordPress then this plugin would be definitely useful.

There are a few more popular podcasting platforms or hostings that you can use but the real question is of monetizing your podcast. So, here is how to make money with the podcast?

How to Make Money with a Podcast?

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online and podcasting is no exception to it. It’s like you just make money for a sale as a referral. And, any time there is a sale via you, you will earn a commission. But, how will you make money with your podcast?

All you have to do is let people inform about a product and ask them to purchase using your links. It will give you a commission and it applies to every category. Let’s say you have a podcast on wrestling, now you can ask your listeners to buy some wrestling merchandise via Amazon and give them affiliate links through which you can make money.

And, this is a hundred percent true that millions of people make money online through affiliate marketing. There are plenty of affiliate programs that give you a very high commission.

2. Consulting

Consulting is something that can pay you as high as you can’t imagine. It is the money you are charging for your time. So, it totally depends upon you how valuable you find it. Once you start sharing some knowledge with people they will start asking you more about it and here comes the consulting part. They will pay you as much as you charge them.

There are people who charge for seconds. So, if you can build a good reputation and have a good amount of listeners then the world is yours to conquer. Have some patience and you will be minting money very soon. People make a lot of money in the field of fitness, finance, education, etc.

3. Online Courses

Do, you know this fact that people tend to learn more digitally than going to a physical institute. And, it is very cheap and convenient to learn online too. And, this is another opportunity for people like you who can make an online course once and make money for the rest of their life. Yes, online courses are just a passive way of minting money.

Once you have built an audience base then you can sell them everything. Create a course related to your niche and endorse them for a reasonable price. You should ask such a price which should be affordable to all your listers and start making money online. You can make a course in the form of audio/video lectures or just a simple e-book.

4. Donations

Donations and Crowdfunding are getting very popular nowadays as people prefer to donate a few bucks online rather than giving it to beggars. Whenever there is a calamity a lot of people make donations to help the victims. And, a lot of money can be raised this way.

We are not suggesting you to start making money by asking others but you can help others with the help of your audience. And, let’s say you need some money to make a certain changes to your set up and you don’t have that much money. Then you can ask your listeners for crowdfunding to buy a new microphone or a new studio. And, this way you will get enough money.

5. Premium Content

If you are putting up some amazing content for your listers and they also enjoy it the way you are pushing it then there is a great option for you to make your content premium. Yes, it’s possible, you can charge your listers for some premium podcasts and give them early access or something of that sort.

And, if they like your content they are surely going to pay you for that. You can make a subscription option through which they can support you and your podcast. So, why not take advantage of this opportunity? Who knows in the long run how successful you become! You might be competing with Netflix and Amazon in the future.

6. Sponsorships

Wherever there is digital content you can always get a sponsorship from popular brands and they will happily pay you for that. Yes, once you have a decent audience base you can approach the brand to pay you. There are people who are making money just with the sponsorships and do not use any other source of revenue.

What happens is when you as an influencer endorse a particular product your audience is more keen to buy that product or service. And, as a brand, they have a better conversion rate than spending on advertisements. And, these sponsorships will pay you before you upload your podcast and make it publically available.


So, the whole point of a podcast is to make people aware of something and build an audience base that is ready to listen to you. There was a time when radio channels used to be very popular but now podcasts are taking that place. And, if you want to take advantage of this opprtunity then the time is yours.

If you want to start a podcast right now without spending a single penny the best way is to go with Youtube. Not only you are putting audio content but also there are visuals that build more authority than only audio. And, another popular platform for podcasts is Why are you wasting your time on thinking than start publishing your podcasts?

And, if you want to do it professionally then you should get a domain and connect it with a podcast hosting and start publishing your podcasts. All this starts from choosing a niche then deciding the content of your podcast, building a few infographics including the logo and banner of your podcast then ultimately recording and editing the audio file and finally uploading it. If you are ready to do all this, you will have a successful podcast in the long run.

There are a few obstacles too but if you are keen on your content then nothing can stop you. You can even start with just a smartphone and make money in the long run with a successful podcast. So, stop thinking and start acting on your ideas and be a successful podcaster.

What are your thoughts about starting a podcast in 2019?

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