How To Speed up Your WordPress Site to Load 3x Faster

January 1, 2020
How To Speed up Your WordPress Site

Today I will show you how to speed up your WordPress site to Load 3x Faster than Before, so let’s start.

So you are a WordPress user and you are running a website in this CMS, and you might face some loading speed issues on your site. You are in the perfect place.

Today I am going to talk about the WordPress Speed issues. I will cover some important side to this. I am sure you will learn a lot from this ultimate guide.

Maybe you will find these types of tips on lots of online schools, but we have tried our best to share the personal experiences that we have faced and solved.

How to Speed up Your WordPress Site To Load fast

1. Find the reason, why your site is slow

The most important thing is to find the reason. If you don’t know why your site is performing badly, then you can’t fix it. There might be several problems.

Maybe you are using really low-quality web hosting and now trying to speedup with compressing your photos. It won’t work. You need to work on where it needs to be.

So first of all, review your website again and again to find the proper reason for a slow loading site.

There are some obvious reasons like hosting, too many files in a directory, large images, too much JavaScript, and no cache plugin.

The use of the Cache plugin is the best solution to Speed up Your WordPress Site To Load faster than before.

2. Hosting is a big factor while we’re talking about Speed up Your WordPress Site

Web hosting is the biggest factor when you want to Speed up Your WordPress Site. If you are not using a good server, then you should find a good one and switch on that.

Finding good web hosting is not that simple. The entire process is a bit complex. But you will find lots of honest and good reviews on the internet.

These can help you to buy web hosting as per your needs. Don’t buy too much space or don’t buy too little. Calculate your visitors and bandwidth and buy according to these data.

NB: If you are targeting the US audience to come to your blog, then you must have a US server. As like this, if you are targeting Indian, then get an Indian server.

A good web hosting can give you an amazing speed experience in the blog and speed up your WordPress site.

3. Install a WordPress Caching Plugin to speed up your WordPress site

Install a WordPress Caching Plugin to speed up your WordPress site

A cache plugin is highly important in the WP blog. Caching is highly important on a WP site because it helps to reduce the load on a web hosting server and let your site run faster.

If visitors get a fast loading site with good experience then they intend to spend more time on your page and click on the website. And that increases session duration and reduce bounce rates.

 I hope you know that the session duration and bounce rate are highly important ranking factors. When someone spends a lot of time on your page, it gives Google a signal that this is a better page to bring on Ranking.

4. Optimize and Compress Images

I have seen lots of sites are using images of large size that can kill your WordPress site speed. Then what you can do?

The best option to speed up your WordPress site is to resize and reduce the image resolution before uploading it. You can use Photoshop to do that.

Even your ‘Paint’ app in windows can help you to do that.

What should you do for already uploaded images?

You can use a Plugin named ‘WP Smush’ to compress your pre-uploaded images. This is a completely free plugin to use.

5. Remove Unused Plugins to speed up your WordPress site

When you start a WordPress site, you will find a few plugins are installed there. You must need to remove them.

And then I have seen lots of people are using plugins without proper reason. I suggest everyone reduce using a plugin.

It is proved that too much plugins can hamper your WordPress site speed. You might experience a low loading site for extra plugins.

So you better install the most important plugins that you must need to use and remove others.

6. Don’t Upload Audio Video in the WP Directory/Embed Them in Site

Though I have not seen many people doing that but still if you are doing that then you shouldn’t. if you need to add a video on your site, you can upload that on Vimeo or YouTube, and then easily embed that on your blog.

It has so many good sides: it saves space on your directory and speed up your WordPress site and give users a good experience.

If you have got audio to use, then you can upload that on SoundCloud first and embed it on your blog later. This is very simple.

7. Use CDN to speed up your WordPress site

Use CDN To improve wordpress site speed

You can use a Content Delivery Network if you are having a really high amount of traffic. It is suggested for big business websites. It provides a really good user experience for the visitors to your site.

8. Use a Better Optimized Theme

There are thousands of WP themes for free and paid for both. You should find one with a really low amount of elements if you want a fast-loading experience.

I suggest buying a paid theme for that. It is really easy to customize in WordPress Paid Theme. The theme owners provide full access to the users and it’s safe too.

Where can you get such themes?

Let me mention some good WordPress those shops: ThemeForest, ElegantThemes, Athemes, Colorlib, Themeisle, etc.

9. Optimize Your Homepage 

The homepage is really important. Most people want to rank their homepage, so you need to speed up your WordPress site homepage.


Overall these are the tips for speed up your WordPress site. I think if you can follow these tips properly then you can get better speed on your WP site.

Better speed can improve your ranking and better ranking means better earning.

So site speed is highly important for WordPress sites. Don’t forget to share this if you liked the tips.

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