How To Scan Malware In WordPress Theme and Plugins

How To Scan Malware In WordPress Website Theme

in this post you will learn how to scan malware in WordPress website, themes and plugins in detail, So let’s start.

If you are using WordPress, you should also understand that there is a risk of getting infected with Malware. The risk factor increases when you get a nulled theme. A considerable percentage of the nulled themes that you can find out there on the internet are linked with this risk factor.

Most of the WordPress website owners don’t pay attention to this risk, and they end up with adverse effects in the long run. To make sure that you don’t end up with any such consequences, you need to go ahead and learn how to scan malware in WordPress website, Theme and plugin.

What Is Nulled Theme?

What Is Nulled Theme?

When you want to get a WordPress theme, you will need to make a payment out of your pocket. However, you are not in a position to do it at all times. Therefore, you will tend to go ahead and download a nulled theme.

You need to be careful while you are doing it because most of the nulled themes come along with backdoor, malware, trojan, virus or payload. After you install the theme, the hackers will be able to gain access to your website. This is a huge risk that you have to face in terms of security.

How To Scan WordPress Site For Malware

Now you know how Malware can get into your WordPress website. With that in mind, you should also have a clear understanding of how to scan & detect malware in WordPress website, theme and plugin. If you have installed a nulled theme on your website, you should do this immediately.

It can provide you with the chance to keep the peace of mind because you know that there is no possibility for a hacking attempt to take place on your website.

To do that, you should have a clear understanding of the locations that the hackers use to place malicious code on the WordPress themes. Then you will be able to take a look at those locations and mitigate the risk factor.

According to cybersecurity experts, hackers use two different locations in WordPress theme to place malicious code. They include the style.css file and footer.php file.

Apart from these common locations, you can also think about going through all the other files that are available with the WordPress theme. You will have to do the checks manually. That’s because you never know what the hackers have done to the nulled theme that you install on the WordPress website.

How To Detect Malware on WordPress Site?

Now let’s come to the most prominent part of the answer to the question, how to scan & detect malware In WordPress website, theme. In here, we will be assisting you in scanning and detecting Malware found in the WordPress theme.

You are encouraged to scan the WordPress theme before you proceed with the installation. To do that, you are provided with two different options available to consider. They include:

Asking Google

• Asking Google You can ask Google and understand whether the theme that you are installing on your WordPress website has a malicious theme or your site has infected with any malware. You can install the theme, and then enter your website URL, followed by

Asking Google

Then you will be able to hit enter, and you will be provided with a notification if malicious code is found in the WordPress Website or theme. Otherwise, you don’t need to worry about anything, and you can keep the theme as it is.

• Do a manual search on the files

Do a manual search on the files Doing a manual search on the WordPress theme files can also help you with detecting malicious code. In here, you need to look for the files that have the extension eval. In case if you find any of these file formats,

you need to understand that a malicious code has been placed. The hackers use this tag to hide content within the WordPress theme. Doing this kind of manual search is the best option available for you to overcome the risk factor.

Virus Total

• Use scanners and tools

A large number of scanners and tools are also available for the people who want to detect Malware placed inside the WordPress website or themes. You are encouraged to think about getting your hands on those tools as well.

Malcare can be considered as a perfect example of such a tool. You will be able to use this tool to detect malicious codes found in your WordPress theme. Besides, it can also be used to monitor suspicious activities.

Then you can use, which is another popular method available to address security issues of the website, themes, and plugins.

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