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19 Top Most Ways To Promote Your Blog

How To Promote Your Blog

Are you a Blogger? If you are looking for different ways to promote your blog, then here we have 19 ways to promote your blog in order to get maximum traffic and revenue.

Blogging is very easy nowadays with simple set up and process but being successful in Blogging is very difficult. A lot of people fail in blogging just because they are not aware of how to promote a blog. It’s like you have everything but you don’t know how to use them. So, if you have an established blog then here we have 19 ways to promote your blog.

Blogging is simply writing but it is not limited to it. It’s like expressing your emotions through words. But, if your words are not reaching the targetted people then it’s useless. So, your focus should be on driving traffic to your blog.

Google search is one of the primary ways of driving traffic to your blog but it’s very difficult. There are plenty of other ways to promote your blog which should give you enough traffic.

Blogging is an art and that does not end by showcasing it. Because it’s important that your art reaches to the people too. So, you should have more focus on promoting your blog than actually writing. Yes, the marketing of the blog is very crucial and requires a lot of effort.

So, here are 19 ways to promote your blog.

1. Guest Posting To Promote Your Blog

Guest Posting is the simple and most effective way of getting traffic to your blog. It takes nothing but an extra post and it does all the magical work. As the name suggests, it is posting as a guest. You write a post and publish it one some other website not owned by you. And, you can create a referral link to your blog.

This referral link gives you additional traffic and builds your authority in the eyes of search engines. It is very effective not because you are getting traffic. But, the reason being that first they read your content and then they decide if they want to read more of it or not.

Let’s understand it from a reader’s point of view who gets attracted to your content and feels a need for more of such content. This leads him to visit your blog.

So, you can imagine how crucial it is to put up your best content as it becomes a representative for your whole blog. They judge you by your content and if they like it you will be benefitted. The most important thing is that you are not doing anything extra.

You are just writing a post that you usually do. But, you will have to approach other bloggers first who will allow you to publish your post on their blog. Show them your content and offer your writings for free. And, who will deny if you are giving them good quality content for free?

2. Factual Posts

Talking facts is not that easy as you have to remember all the data. But, if you are doing that then you should get the results too. It’s like posting about some analytics and reports that you will have to create yourself.

A lot of data is readily available on the Internet but how you use that data to your benefit is up to you. So, if you have the ability to convert the data into useful reports then start doing it immediately.

When you quote something with a reference then you are linking out to some sort of website. And, when you are linking out to someone you are just promoting their blog. It will help you have a better ranking in the search results as it shows your connection with other blogs. You create a network with other blogs that helps you rank better in search results. It can give you a lot of traffic.

But, one more thing that you can do is ask those bloggers to give you a referral link. And, there are chances that they will give you a link because it will enhance their network and credibility and in turn will give you some additional traffic. It’s very helpful because you are just getting some additional traffic plus you are building your credibility in the minds of readers too.

3. Use Infographics To Promote Your Blog

Let’s say you are writing about a particular topic but do you know that there are millions of articles already there about the same topic. Now, you think why would anyone tune in to your blog instead of going to others. You have to do something different and new, right? But, before you do anything start analyzing your competitor’s blogs first.

One way that you can differentiate your blog is by adding infographics. They are displaying some information in the form of pictures. There is a saying in Chinese that one picture says more than what a thousand words could speak. So, why not use such pictures that would add value to your blog and attract more visitors on a regular basis.

It will also help you promote your blog socially with a different approach. You can advertise it like you are providing with something different than others in the competition. And, people always like to see something new. If you are giving them something new with the knowledge then you are absolutely going to be on the top.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a very popular platform for sharing ideas in the form of pictures. Everyone likes to see new designs in their interested field. And, all they do is search it on Pinterest. And, if you are providing them with what they are looking for why won’t they visit your blog. Yes, you heard it right its completely free and one of the best ways to promote your blog.

What you can do is create an infographic or a few infographics about your blog and start sharing them on Pinterest. You need to put a bold title and an attractive description that would attract people. And, below that, you can insert a link to your blog post.

If people like the image that they see, they are definitely going to click on the link. So, your efforts should be on attracting people via Pinterest by sharing attractive images that display some information.

This way you will get some genuine traffic that is going to be loyal to you. Because they are the people who are actually interested in the topic and they are surely going to visit multiple pages on your blog. So, if you want to promote your blog in the right way then Pinterest is surely something to look for.

5. Linkedin

Linkedin is very popular to search for jobs but it is also a platform to share your thoughts and ideas. Most people just use it to find jobs but those who use it on a regular basis get a lot of knowledge from Linkedin. And, you as a blogger can use it as a platform to share your knowledge.

You can start sharing words about your blog and niche on Linkedin on a regular basis. Use some proper hashtags and in a very short span of time, you will get a lot of people following you on Linkedin. And, they are not only going to be visitors to your blog but will stick with your content in the long run.

If you use it in a proper way then you are going to drive some absolute crazy traffic to your blog that will stay with you in the long run. So, why not use this amazing platform to get such traffic that will stay with you?

6. Quora

Quora is really a great platform for all your answers. You can answer all your questions about anything and also you can ask your questions if the answer is not there. But, one more thing that you can do on Quora is getting some amazing traffic to your blog. Yes, it’s possible and a lot of people utilizing it fo promo0te their blog.

One way to get traffic is by asking a question that is not already there. Make sure that these questions match your content and you can put a link as a source to your question. Now if anyone sees that question, they are surely going to click on the link, amazing isn’t it? And, then there is one more way to get some amazing traffic by answering questions on Quora.

Whenever you publish a new post start searching for questions on Quora related to your content. There you will find a lot of unanswered questions which you can answer. And, after the actual answer, you can also leave a link to your blog which will drive some insane traffic to your blog. But, make sure that you are not using it much as you may get banned too.

But, all in all, it is just an amazing way to get a lot of genuine traffic for free. A lot of people used to use it this way but now Quora is getting very strict. So, you will have to be careful while using this platform to promote your blog.

7. Facebook Groups To Promote Your Blog Content

Facebook is very popular and has the most number of users than any other social platform. And, where there are a lot of people you can drive some to yours. But, the problem is of finding the right audience that suits your niche. And, Facebook groups are just an amazing way to find the right of people interested in your blog.

You can join a few groups on Facebook that match your content and start helping people with their problems. This way you can get a lot of people in the group who are really curious to know about you. And, when you will share a link to your blog with them, they are surely going to follow it. But, do not forget to help them with your content.

And, like this, you can join a lot of groups which will give you a lot of people following you and your blog. So, why not use such a popular platform for your own advantage and get the best out of it.

8. Start Commenting

Do, you know that getting some referral traffic by way of comments is much easier than any of the other methods. Whenever you visit a blog you should leave a useful comment. It shows your ability to convey knowledge about a topic and that becomes a good representation of your whole blog.

Yes, ist a good practice to read other blogs and from now onwards make it a habit to comment too. You should not keep promoting your blog all the time but put some knowledge. If you are pointing out to some problems in the blog or adding something to the existing content the blogger is surely going to approve your content. And, even people like such type of comments. And, you don’t have to promote your blog but it will be promoted automatically.

So, if you keep leaving some useful comments and helping others they are surely going to visit your blog, And, all it takes is just a few minutes which also enhances your knowledge. So, why not make it a practice and promote your blog for free ina very positive manner.

9. Email Marketing

A lot of people say that Email Marketing is dead but a lot of people still make more than $100 a day by just using Email Marketing in the right way. Those who say its dead just don’t know how to use it. But if you use it in the correct manner you are going to dive in a lot of traffic to your blog.

So, if you published an article about a particular topic and then you send an email to someone who is looking for a similar topic. Why wouldn’t he click on the link? All you have to do is find the right person who is looking for your content and let them know that you have something for them.

One way to get email subscriptions is by putting a newsletter on your website. So, if anyone visits your website for the first time he can subscribe to the newsletter.

It’s a great way to promote your blog with the help of email marketing. You can use automated software that will collect all the emails and send them newsletters whenever you publish a new post. And, it will do nothing but let others know about your blog all the time.

10. Social Media Campaigns To Promote Blog

Social Media is just great as people spend most of their time using social media on the Internet. And, you can absolutely use such a platform where there are a lot of people. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter are growing very rapidly so why not utilize them?

There are a lot of people who are using Instagram to run ad campaigns. And, it’s an opportunity to invest for your audience and once you dive in the actual audience which is actually interested in your content its totally worth it. Take it like this that your audience is not for today or tomorrow but going to be with you for a very long time.

And, such ad campaigns are very easy to run and are cost-effective. You can choose your own target audience and the ads will be shown to only those who are interested in the topic. So, just start using social media platforms to run ad campaigns and consider it as the cost of acquisition of readers.

11. Google Adwords

Any time you want to know anything about any topic what do you do? Like everyone, you must be trying to search it online via Google. And, we all do the same thing. But, before we get our actual search results, there are some ads being shown to us at the top. And, these ads are run by someone in the back. Why can’t you do the same?

Yes, you can also advertise on Google’s search results using Google Adwords. So, you can choose those keywords for which you want to rank for. And, whenever someone makes a search for your selected keywords, your blog will be shown on top. And, this does not cost a lot. They do not charge you until and unless someone clicks on the ad.

So, why not use such an amazing platform for advertising your blog? It costs very less and gives you the exact traffic that you are looking for. Now, it’s up to you how long do you sustain that traffic? If you are successful in sustaining that traffic for long your investment is totally worth it.

12. Take Care of Timing

One thing that a lot of people mess about is the timing of publishing the blog. Yes, if publish your blog at the wrong time you are absolutely going to lose a lot of potential traffic. Yes, it matters a lot. Imagine if you are publishing your post very early in the morning who is going to read it?

Some people just don’t care about the time of publishing and keep on publishing at any time. It’s like you are publishing when you are done the writing. But, if you are publishing very late or early morning nobody is going to click on the notification.

The ideal time is to publish your blogs in the evening when most of the people are free from their jobs or in the mornings around 9 when they are travelling for their jobs. They will read it when they are free not when you are free.

And, if you are worried about your availability at such timings then you can also schedule your posts for a particular time. Yes, it’s possible, WordPress gives you the flexibility to schedule your posts for the future too. So, make sure that you are perfect in publishing the blogs and take the best out of the notifications sent.

13. Collaborations

Do you know that collaborations give you additional coverage and publicity? If you collaborate with the right person you are going to get some extra traffic from them to your website. And, it will also build your network and credibility.

One way to do collaborations is by conducting interviews and web seminars. It will help you enhance your knowledge and gain some extra experience from the other person. And, nobody denies for an interview. You can also discuss a particular topic with someone who has experience in that field. And, his popularity will help you get more popular.

So, doing collaborations with the right people is a great way to promote your blog. And, such promotions will make you and your blog very popular among the right audience.

14. Podcasting To Promote Blog

A podcast is something that you can download and listen to in the form of series. It could be about anything like sharing a piece of information, spreading some knowledge, teaching lifestyle or anything, etc. In simple words, if you want to create a podcast you need to have some idea in your mind and start talking about it. It is like sharing a word about something you know.

So, if you start doing podcasts about your blog or anything related to your blog it will make your blog even more popular. And, you can always link your blog with the podcast itself. This way it will give you some extra traffic. And, podcasting doesn’t take anything extra as you already have information in your blog and now you just have to talk about it.

So, starting a podcast is not a bad idea because it will generate you some extra revenue too. All you have to do is start talking about things that you already know and link it with your blog. So, start doing it right away.

15. YouTube

YouTube is great and a lot of people love to see instead of reading. Video platforms like Youtube and Tiktok are getting very popular just because people have a lot of Internet data with them. So, to spend that data they watch videos online.

Research shows that more and more people are tuning into watching videos. And, you can also take advantage of this trend by making videos for your content. You may have noticed it that almost every blogger is making videos on Youtube. So, why aren’t you doing it?

It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of it. But, we are here to talk about ways to promote your blog. Imagine how popular your blog is going to be if millions of people are watching your videos.

You can link your blog in the description of those Youtube videos. And, those who are interested in your videos are surely interested in your blog too. They are going to visit your blog again and again and be with you in the long run.

16. Outreach other Bloggers To Promote Your Blog

If you know a few things about on-page optimization then internal and external linking is something that you already know about. We all do internal linking very perfectly but when it comes to external linking we just link to some popular brands only. But what if you start linking out to other bloggers who are competing in the same niche.

We are not asking you to stop competing with your competitors but you can take help with them too. Lets ee you just wrote an article about a particular topic. And, then you will link to all your other articles internally. But, when you are done with all your articles start linking to others too. This way you will mention other bloggers in your blog and help them have better credibility without being asked by them.

But, after this, you can approach them and tell them that you have linked them. And, ask them to share a word about it with their audience. Nobody denies publicity. This way you are not building a better circle but promoting your blog too. So, why not use this best practice and get some additional traffic to your blog by linking to others only.

17. Keep Your Content Fresh

One thing that most of us fail is in updating the content. Nobody likes to know about something that is updated and we tend to forget about something that we published a year ago. So, instead of uploading new content every day, start updating your old content so that you can get more visitors to your earlier content itself.

What people do is always try to put some new content every year. Let’s suppose you have a post about the best smartphones in 2019 and now 2020 is on the verge and you will start publishing about the best smartphones in 2020 freshly. But, what you can do is update your old article itself and get the most out of it.

This way you are not only reducing your efforts but also getting maximum from the search engines. Google doesn’t want to fill its pages with duplicate content. So, updating the content is better than duplicating it. And, whenever you update it, you can send a notification to all the users immediately.

18. Online Communities

There are plenty of online communities for every category. And, there are people looking for fresh content about each and every category. You can find such communities on social media and different forums. All you have to do is feed them your content and they will stay with you forever.

We are not suggesting you build a new community which you can of course do. But, joining an established community and sharing your thoughts with them is also not a bad idea. And, people in such communities are very active and always ready to support you.

So, instead of wasting your time on social media look for online communities on your niche. Start interacting with them and let them know about your blog slowly. If they like your content they are going to spread a word about it in other communities too.

19. Organic Traffic from Search Results

No matter what you say about promoting your blog but traffic from Google search results is always better than any kind of promotion. You should put your maximum efforts in getting your content ranked on Google. Everyone wants to search for everything on Google and trusts on the content that automatically comes to them through search results.

Your focus should be on optimizing your website for the search engines in the best possible manner. There has to be on-page and off-page optimization and some additional links too. You should keep an eye on the competition too and write about something which has less competition. This way you will be easily able to rank on the first page of Google.

If you are good at SEO then you can do yourself but if you don’t know how things work then you can hire someone to do the job for you. But, your ultimate aim should be to rank on the first page of Google itself because nobody goes to the second page.


Congrats! now you know 19 new ways to promote your blog. But you know it better than knowing is not everything because you also have to execute it. So, put your efforts into implementing these tactics that will help you get more traffic to your blog. And, start doing things that you should have already been doing.

Blogging is not only blogging it also includes promoting it. So, you can use Social Media and Google Adwords as one of the best ways to promote your blog. But, you should not forget that they are paid tools. So, you can join a few online communities, link out to some other bloggers and ask for promotion on social media. You should also take care of the timing when you publish a new article.

Take advantage of popular platforms like Quora, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit and get the most out of them. Quora is definitely a very popular platform to get some additional traffic. And, then there are a lot of ways like keeping your content fresh, using some factual information in the blog, using infographics, etc. which make your blog different from others.

All in all, you have to be distinct and use some new ways to promote your blog to be in the absolute top.

What are the ways to promote your blog that you use?

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