Weird Ways To Make Money On Instagram

How To Make Money On Instagram

Are you here to learn how to make money on Instagram? You are at the right place. Today in this post, I am going to teach you how to do things right and get the most engagement on your Instagram account.

All of this translates to better opportunities for you to make money with the platform. So without much ado, here’s the first step.

Sell Stuff To Make Money On Instagram

This is the first on the list because this is one of the best ways to make money. It has the additional benefit of not alienating your audience online. One good example of an account that has been successfully selling products to make a pretty dime online is Theresa Nguyen. She shares videos of homemade slime on her account. Each video generates thousands of views.

The account by itself is no less colorful.

Sell stuff To Make Money On Instagram

There are only 490 live posts with which she has gathered a following of 905,000 people. And there’s wherein the author bio do we see the link to her site where she sells her homemade slime.

For anyone skeptical let me tell you that her little account clocks 3k per month easily. And why would people online be crazy enough to pay her that much?

According to a report on the Money magazine, homemade slime is way different from regular putty. It’s colorful and glittery using which one can mold it to all sorts of textures.

The account’s inspiration was other people posting their own homemade slime. So on the next trip to Walmart, she started by picking a few bottles of glue to start experimenting.

And inspired by what she created she started selling them online through Instagram. Her popularity exploded soon after she started her account.

There are many more sellers like her who make and sell stuff from the comfort of their own homes. They build a lovely account with thousands of followers and sell them a product they’re deeply interested in.

Instagram has a big audience which affords every interest a platform to market itself.

Don’t be fooled by the follower numbers. I have seen micro-influencers with only a small following getting a lot of interest on the platform without hundreds of thousands of followers.

This warrants that no half-measures will succeed. If you want people to buy stuff your account should have real engagement.

That could mean developing your brand voice around something that’s specific. Too many niches are crowded. It helps to be specific.

How to sell something with your Instagram account?

How to sell something with your Instagram account?

The problem with this approach is you have to be extremely niche-specific.

If you created an account around Rorschach masks don’t let it fool you because the group of people who like these masks are very passionate about their choices and won’t let anyone dictate anything else to them.

It’s important to keep this in mind when marketing.

Post Sponsored Content To Make Money On Instagram

Sponsored posts may be the only thing that comes to your mind when you hear of Instagram and making money. Trust me, there’s more. But no single post on Instagram marketing is complete without sponsored posts.

To post sponsored content the most basic requirement is a decent follower count with an engagement rate. The method is for you if you can make people trust you and buy from the suggestions you make online. That’s it.

The strategy is appealing because you can market without getting yourself wound around the hassles involved around creating, selling, and fulfilling the orders of your own product.

You just have to find someone who does and post the content for them. For this to work your branding should be spot-on. Use these logo ideas to get started with the right kind of branding.

There’s every chance for you to succeed with sponsored content. But it comes at a cost. It’s difficult to balance integrity and the chance to make a decent income with sponsored posts.

People value authenticity. And with sponsored content, you tend to lose a bit of that every time you dangle a post from a brand.

You need to test every brand and see if the brand voice matches that of your own.

Choose a Niche

Your personal brand is your ideal space where you create something people love and like. Potential partners are comparing your clout with that of other influencers.

There are micro-influencers who are considered to have more authentic and real people compared to regular people. Micro-influencers post only about a certain core topic.

Promote Affiliate Programs To Make Money On Instagram

Promote Affiliate Programs To Make Money On Instagram

We saw about selling your products and posting sponsored content. A third way is to be an affiliate of a product and make sales.

There’s a downside that you make money only if someone clicks through and purchase the product you’re promoting. Otherwise, you make zilch.

As an affiliate marketer, you have no worries about producing a product or about going around fulfilling orders. You have a proven product ready before you sell.

Affiliate marketing is also used to promote scammy MMO products that don’t help anyone. So please beware. It’s easy to lose trust and gain a bad reputation. You don’t want that to happen.

Find products that are in tune with the kind of content you post on your account and be an affiliate for them. Simple. I would not do justice to this post if I ended it without explaining how to grow your following.

I have grown a few accounts myself and all it takes is posting content every now and then. Look for an app called regram. It finds quality content that you can repost to your own account in a quick manner and drive relevant traffic and leads for your own business.

Conclusion – 

So this is your mini-guide to successfully make some money from Instagram as quick and easily away as possible. You only have to grow your following.

And I have explained how to do that. Follow similar accounts that post content similar to what you create and post.

Use the Instagram stories feature to present a live real and authentic you to your followers. All said and done you have a thriving account you can post content to and drive more and more leads.

Now you look at the methods mentioned and start making money on Instagram as soon as possible

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