How To Do Competitor Analysis to Increase on Page Optimization Success Rate

December 7, 2020
Competitor Analysis to Increase on Page Optimization Success Rate

In this post today we will talk about how to do Competitor Analysis to Increase on Page Optimization Success Rate? So let’s start.

What is competitor analysis?

To get a good rank in your market it is necessary to understand the strategy of the market and your competitors. It is categorizing your market competitors under their weakness and strengths.

Assessment of potential competitors is very important to understand the efforts you are going to put.

It will help you in bestowing the opportunities and identifying the threats. Building a good business requires the exceptional efforts you put in front of your customers and your product should stand out from the competition.

How to conduct competitor analysis?

How to conduct competitor analysis?

Competitor analysis can be done in many ways, one way is the normal way in which we do other things. But you can also use tools nowadays. It can likewise be utilized to recognize your site’s qualities and shortcomings and your rivals’ 

destinations for everything from SEO to look through component wins. Using this data, you can find the zones you are powerless that you can enhance them, just as distinguishing the regions where your rivals are feeble, and afterward gain by their shortcomings for your site and search execution.

SEO is the best process that helps your customers connect with your business. There are many different SEO marketing services that help you to do competitor analysis, increase the traffic, and ranking of your site.

  • Identify your customers
  • Gather information about your main competitors
  • Learn about the brand and reputation they have in the market
  • Analyzing the weakness and strength
  • Talk to them directly
  • Try to take advantage
  • Keyword research
  • Identifying the competitors
  • Simplify your landing page
  • Try contrasting color
  • Use the scarcity techniques
  • Add contact info
  • Being consistent
  • Different application form length
  • Exit popup

Now know about them in detail.

Identify your customers

The person who sells the same product in the same market is your competitor. Some businesses serve multinationals and some sell products to local businesses and That’s how they target different customers.

There are three types of competitors. The one who sells the same product in the same territory to the same client is considered as direct competitions.

The one who sells different products but territory is different are considered as indirect competition. And the one who sells different products in different territory to different clients is considered a substitute competition. 

Gather information about your main competitors

We always need to know who we are competing with and what the personality of the competitor is.

Once you get to know them you will find every information related to them. First is analyse the product they are selling. How are they better or what quality you like or dislike about them. Just try out the products they have.

Try to learn about the price they are fixing. Is their price different for different customers? About the discount policy and many things. 

Learn about the brand and reputation they have in the market

understand the strategy they are following. Visit their website and follow them on social media and know about the selling proposition. Try to learn about the views and opinions customers and distributors have about the product. 

Analyzing the weakness and strength

Analysis and assessment are very necessary. Just list down every weakness and strength of them. What are they popular for and why? Location, price, staff, clients, or visibility. What makes them more fortunate? 

Talk to them directly

Try to maintain a good relationship with competitors personally. This is quite obvious that if there are two companies then they will have to compete but talking to them can help you to gather information directly. 

Try to take advantage

Identify the weakness of competitors and take advantage of them. Don’t try to copy your competitors but rather do something which will not become an advantage for your competitors.

Make their weakness your strength. You must always keep your tabs on the competitors but you must focus on your work only.

Keyword research

Keyword research

First and foremost thing to do is to identify the keywords that your site targets. For example, if it is a jewellery site you can use keywords related to it and mention some big brands you are working with.

Many SEO Companies also use this approach. The catchphrase rivalry is the degree of trouble 

engaged with positioning for a specific watchword. Generally, it gives you a feeling of the number of site pages you need to beat to guarantee the best position in web index ranking.

Identifying the competitors

Once the keyword part is done, you need to know where do you stand and who all are standing with you in the fight. As it is said knowing the opponents is the best strategy ever. Include more keywords and make your page more attractive.

Identifying the competitors

If you are not analyzing explicit zones that could be overwhelmed by lesser-known contenders, you could be passing up a lot of traffic and transformations.

Simplify your landing page

For a person with a vision simple things attract them more instead of the fancy things and pages. Try to make your page as simple as you can but at the same time more and more informative. Choose a simple colour combo that feels good on looking.

Try contrasting colour

The best pages out there have made great use of contrast but also keeping in mind the clarity of the page. This attracts a lot more people and helps in optimization of your page. 

Use the scarcity techniques

There are some phrases that attract the interests of many customers. These include phrases like “limited time”, “limited quantity” or “offer ends soon”.

These phrases will increase the chance of the customer to get your product. This is useful because good customers never want to miss out a deal.

Add contact info

Providing the contact information on your website is really helpful for the customers. You can provide the info using many different ways that includes putting your phone number or email address on the page or any other thing by which they could get in touch with you. Help center is also a way to get in touch with customers.

Being consistent

Being consistent

Whatever work you do whether it is daily work or some work for your business, what is the most important is consistency. Brand and page all the things matter more than ever but visual consistency can make huge differences in conversation rates and optimizing your page success rate.

The different application form length

Many marketers believe that short form works well with the people while sign up process, like just asking about email and name. But that is not always true, it depends on your site, what the work you do.

Like sometimes asking the budget can save a lot of time. If a customer is looking for a cheap service, they won’t have to waste their time where your minimum package is higher than their budget.

Exit popup

An exit popup is a question for the customer when they try to leave a page, like “do you really wanna leave the page”. It creates a new opportunity to create a conversion with the customer, the customer might or might not be 

staying on the page, but it leaves an impact. Also they are less intrusive than the popups that usually appear as soon as the visitor arrives.


So these were the important steps and procedures every businessman needs to keep in mind to enhance their business and get more success.

If you are better than your competitors then you will get more leads and more prospects. And these steps will definitely guide you to your destination.

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