How To Create Carousel Posts on Instagram

December 19, 2019
How To Create Carousel Posts on Instagram

In this article, I am going to tell you how to create Carousel Posts on Instagram, so let’s start.

Have you ever clicked on a tiny arrow on Instagram Posts?

Maybe you do it because your favorite influencer was at the music festival. Or maybe you want to read the new publications by your favorite writers. In these cases, you are using the Instagram carousel feature.

All big brands and even micro-influencer use this feature to engage their followers. Social Captain a famous brand also available for your assistant. In this post, we are going to discuss what carousel posts are and how you can use them for your brand.

What are Carousel Posts on Instagram?

Choosing only one picture to showcase a significant event or a product may seem unfair. It would help if you displayed various moods of experience. Similarly, when we talk about products, you may want to share products of different colors, sizes, and patterns.

That is the reason carousel posts on Instagram are helpful. They allow you to highlight the best feature of your products in full glory. With this feature, you can post multiple photos and videos in a single post. Instagram allows you to post ten photos and videos together. You think it like a slideshow.

In carousel posts, you can edit every single photo or video, or you can use a single filter for all photos. But, because we are talking about single posts, you will have to use a single caption and location. When publishing a carousel post, your viewers will see a set of dots under the image.

In the below screenshot, Sephora has used a carousel feature to showcase its limited edition of fragrances. It enables their audience to take a better look at products and engagements matter.

What are Carousel Posts on Instagram?

How To Create Carousel posts?

Creating carousel posts on Instagram is so much easy. Let’s follow these steps:

1) Open Instagram

Log in to your Instagram account using your app. Options for carousel posts may be different in Android and IOS apps.

2) Create a New Post

For creating a new post, tap on the “+” icon to add photos and videos. When taping on the “+” icon, redirect you to your photos folder of your device, then tap on the “Select Multiple” option as shown below:

How To Create carousel posts

3) Select Photos and Videos

Every selected photo will be displayed on the top of the screen, and there will also be a number to thumbnail. You can select a maximum of 10 photos or ten videos or a mix of 10 photos and videos for a single post.

Once your selection has done, click on the “Next” option:
“Next” option:

4) Edit your Photos

Now, you will be able to scroll all the photos and videos that you have select. If you want to add a single filter on all your posts, tap on the filter you want.

Edit your Photos

You can also edit each of your selected photos and video individually. For doing this, you need to click on the “edit” option displayed on each of your selected photos and video. Once you have done editing all the things, then click on “Next”.
5) Write a Caption, Add Your Location and Tag your Friends

Writing a caption is the final thing before the publishing of the carousel post. You must keep in mind that the same caption is displayed on the photos and videos, so the caption must describe all the selected files. Now, add your location in your post. You can also tag your friends.

You can also share your post on multiple social media platforms by selecting the options on the screen. You can also disable comments on your carousel post by changing in advanced settings.
When you have done all these, click on “Share.”
click on “Share”

Best Ways To Use Them For Business?

When we talk about carousel posts, innovation is the name of the game. Take a look at these examples,

1) Do an Event Recap

You can share the atmosphere and the vibe of an event in your single post using the carousel post feature. It is one of the best ways to give your followers the essence of an event without seeming too pushy. In adding on thing more, you can tag few peoples in your post who attended your event. It would be best to thank them and tell the world how much fun they have there.

In the below screenshot, you can see McDonald’s showcase their concert. Their post shared photos of DJ Oreo, Juice WRLD, and Serayah from the concert.
Best Ways to Use them for Business

2) Share Behind the Scenes Stories

You can give your audience a preview behind the stage to get them engaged. This strategy works if a lot of A-Listers attend your event. For example, celebrities bonding over a coffee or singers playing some funny pranks on each other are good content for your carousel posts.

In the below image, Versace gave their followers a sneak peek from their Versace show. You can see, their posts have more than 120,000+ likes.
Share Behind the Scenes Stories

3) Introduce your Employees

When you add a human touch to your marketing campaigns, it will establish a real connection with your followers. Tell your customers about your employees and share their passion. When you share stories of your employees, it will build trust in your Business. It will also show your work culture and values.

You can see an image shared by “Starbucks”,
Introduce your Employees

4) Share User-Generated Content

You know, user-generated content can be an asset for your Business. It can drive brand loyalty and improve your reputation. You can share user-generated photos and videos with carousel posts.

Apple also uses this strategy, and you can see in the image that they share images from their customers on their Instagram page on the #Shotoniphone campaign.
Share User-Generated Content

5) Share your Brand Story

You can also use carousel posts for sharing your brand story on Instagram. The essential thing is to make sure your post will be fit for your overall feed. The better way is to tap storytelling and share your brand’s journey. You can use any of these, like your first product or your first office.

Marriot International shared some interesting clicks in their carousel post. They revealed that they start their journey as “Hot Shoppes”.

Share your Brand Story

6) Showcase Customer Reviews

Most of the brands showcase their customer reviews on their websites. But you can do the same on your Instagram as your carousel posts. Having low followers and Likes on Instagram may affect your performance. We also have a solution to this, and you can Visit for More Info.

It is not only a great way to boost your brand reputation but beneficial for increasing trust. Look below at Kylie Cosmetics post on Instagram,

Showcase Customer Reviews


Carousel posts on Instagram are too versatile activity. You can use them for sharing product info, events recap, and much more. If you derived all the things right, these could boost your engagement, loyalty, and even sales. So, it’s an excellent time to make your carousel post, and don’t wait for anything.

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