Hive Work Review – Hive Micro Legit Or Scam?

Hive Work Review

Today in this post, I am going to give you an honest Hive Work review, which you also know as Hive Micro. So let’s start.

You might have heard of this site called Hive work, which is quite popular, and hence, we are providing a detailed Hive Micro Review here to give you an overview of it. It is a site that can help you make money by assigning micro repetitive tasks—identifying image content, distinguishing real-life videos from animated ones, and drawing some shapes.

Hive Work is quite a platform to make some cash with minimum requirements. The tasks are pretty basic and straightforward. Read till the end to find out if it is legitimately worth your time or not. So let’s start with our Hive work Review.

Hive Work App Review

You might have read other reviews of this app, but this is the updated one available to you. Hive work called Hive Micro offers money in exchange for small and manageable tasks and the freedom to work at your convenience. The thing is, computers are not yet eligible to perform those tasks automatically.

Hence, the Hive work app pays you for doing it manually. One thing that might catch you off guard was that there are only a few FAQs on their website, but we know that you are still curious about whether it can work in your favor. On the other hand, the site has a compelling interface and walks you through the steps to start working and earning now. So let us tell you about how you can get started with it.

How To Get Started With Hive Work?

As we proceed with this Hive work Review, we will teach you how to get started with it and set it up. It is a speedy process with not much difficulty coming your way. All you have to do is sign up at the Hive Micro website ( and add your details. Your details should be as per your Paypal account, which must verify.

One thing that is a big plus about the Hive work website is that it accepts users worldwide. You can check your account info and stats through it. For further queries, use the Contact Us page of the site. Before getting along with the tasks, you need to pass some tests.

These tests will come with some instructions, and you can quickly complete them. You will then have access to the tasks instantly through which you can earn money. Just make sure that you have accuracy in your performance to enjoy a specific job for as long as you want.

Is Hive Work Scam?

One common concern of the users is to find out if it is a scam. In this Hive work Reviewyou can be free of this concern as we did enough analysis. To conclude the research results, we would say that it is not in any way a scam.

A lot of people have posted payment pictures, which makes it quite evident that they honor payments. Even reviews by people suggested that there were no such complaints regarding scams and payments. Few of them that had something negative only highlighted that the pay rates are a bit low.

Hive Work Referral Code

There is a complete referral scheme at Hive work that you can use by referring it to your friends and family. You can share the link on your social media to reach maximum people and get paid if they use that link. Keep in mind that you have to earn a certain amount before you get to refer it to other people. It would be a little hard to make some cash this way as the pay rates are low, but it is worth trying. Also, keep in mind that the tasks are pretty simple.

What Should You Know About Hive Work?

After this precise introductory Hive work Review, we have added details that you must understand before starting this platform. Here is all that you should know:

  1. How can you make money from Hive Micro?
  2. Pass the tutorial test
  3. How much can you earn from Hive work?
  4. How does the Hive work payment work?

Let’s dive into detail.

How Can You Make Money From Hive Micro? 

There are two ways of earning from this platform. One is the micro-tasks that it has for you, and the other is about the referral scheme. The thing about referral earning is that you need to make some amount yourself first before referring it to people. There are referral bonuses as well under some terms and conditions.

To explain the working process, we tried it out to help you take a look at it. Setting up an account is relatively easy. You do not even have to get email verification for it. Just add up your details and start with it. There are a handful of tasks from which you can ask. The first one that had a pleasant pay rate was timestamp.


  1. There is a tutorial that will show you how to timestamp a video at the beginning and end of the broadcast. The pay rate is good enough. 
  2. Another task was the bounding box. It also has tutorials, and you have to pass them before you begin. It pays the second-best after the timestamp task. 
  3. The last type is the category tasks. You will have to categorize images in this one, and it is quite easy. But it does not pay that much. 

Pass The Tutorial Test:

Apart from the categorizing task, other tasks are not that easy to be accurate. At Hive work, you have to pass at least 14/15 tasks to get through it. You cannot go on with a lot of errors. But you can surely retake the tests until you are sure to pass. Almost every job requires you to excel in some tests before you start earning.

So, why not this one? The bounding box one is not even that tricky. You can quickly get it. It would be best if you were accurate at drawing boxes around some objects, and you are good to go. Although timestamp tasks pay higher, they are pretty tricky and challenging to handle. It might even consume a lot of your time to be accurate at it.

How Much Can You Earn From Hive Work?

How much can you earn from Hive work?

To be real honest with you about it, the income is not a lot. The earning on a thousand tasks is between 0.10 cents to 1 USD. Also, it would be best if you spent a lot of time getting yourself to make a dollar. But one thing that you can benefit from is the rarely occurring tasks which sometimes pay quite a lot more than the usual ones. If you have the skills required to do those micro-jobs, then you are good to go. You can even make it to 60 USD for a thousand tasks with those rare, occurring jobs.

How Does The Hive Micro Payment Work?

You need to do some settings before you start with it. In the payroll section, select the payout threshold that you find the most suitable for yourself. Once you reach that threshold, they will pay you. As stated before, you will get paid in your PayPal account, and it pays every Tuesday. PayPal is a trusted payment site, so it is nice that they chose it.


I hope this Hive Work review helped you decide if it’s worth using or not and solved all your queries. It is undoubtedly legit but a little time-consuming.