What Are Google Featured Snippets

February 21, 2019
What Are Google Featured Snippets

Today I am going to tell you what is Google Featured Snippets and what are its benefits, so let’s start

Digital marketers, bloggers, Search Engine Optimization specialists, and every other professional on the digital platform are falling over each other and creating a big hullaballoo trying to optimize their page and be found by users fast and quick.

In this frenzied rush to get there before anyone, it is sad that they have inadvertently overlooked what’s staring them right in the face.

They try every trick up their sleeve to build backlinks to ensure they master the search engines whilst forgetting the basics and those are google snippets. If they could do their basics they could be on the first page of a user’s search but would need to look at google snippets more seriously and attentively.

Google Featured Snippets Example

There has been a difficulty to build referral traffic from Google one would be because of the competition and the other because Google itself has moved into a different dimension. Traffic is not being sufficiently generated from their organic search results because they have gone past their ten blue links.

This should not mean that you should be caught napping but could improvise and move your strategies and bring onboard and use one of Google’s recently changed ‘Featured Snippets”. This would enable you to easily bring onto a user’s page the google snippets in search.

What Are Google Featured Snippets?

A Google featured snippet is what is displayed on the top of the page when a search engine user wants a question answered on Google. The Google feature snippet would be in a box on top of the page which would be the best answer found by Google from its search engine.

The Google featured snippet would show a summary to the question by way of a shortened answer from the particular and relevant web page. The box would also include a link to the relevant page, the title of the page and the URL.

This is comprehensive information that the user could use to delve further into the question asked and find the relevant answers in more detail. The user has only to either click on the page or the link then find the way to the information required.

These featured snippets on google would be brought onto the page and right on top because of effective Search Engine Optimization strategies.

What are featured snippets?
If Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists and all other digital marketing professionals could put their energies where it matters most they could get a ranking on google snippets in search and provide links to their websites when users out there looking for them or products and services they have.

Featured Snippets Could Help

The bread and butter of every website worth it’s salt is to be found and that too on the first page right on top when users ask the questions they would want to be answered. Using the right keywords websites could make use of this versatile platform from Google and feature on the top of a search.

The key to featured snippets is to pick the right keywords and be ranked on the Google search engine to be found easily by users who would pick those identical keywords.

It may sound easy but it is not so, because your website would need to work hard to ensure it is able to bypass all others doing the same to be featured on a Google snippet.

There would be three types of featured google snippets which are paragraph, list, and table. All three could be used effectively to rank on a Google featured snippet and be found fast and on top of a page.

The google featured paragraph snippet would provide the search engine user with a box and a text within or a text in a box with an image too included. This is a very popular featured google snippet and many users who search have easy access to information firsthand. Statistics show that more than 81% of searches end up on paragraph featured google snippets than others.

The google featured list snippets would be bulleted and numbered and when a user searches it will show in a list from top to bottom. The google featured list snippets have very low popularity with just around 10.5% overall. Last comes the Google table featured snippets with lesser popularity at just around 8.5%.

Though Google snippets are gaining in popularity there are some questions when asked from Google you are likely to be given quick answers which would not be presented in the same formats. These would not even denote a link or an URL. These are what Google would present from their search engine.

Chances of Being Ranked on Snippets

If your website would be competing with Wikipedia it is very likely that the latter would beat you to the post as they would always rank on top.

But if you are not, then you have a very good chance of being on the google snippets and to do so it would be imperative to be at least within the first five at all times. In which case one would compete with the other and the good old keyword strategy would come into play.

Continuous ranking would give you good exposure and with the right keywords, your website should be constantly on the featured snippets if you are to be found frequently.