How To Get More Traffic through Trending Hashtags?

April 21, 2020
Trending Hashtags

Trending hashtags are the key element of social media marketing in the current era. As per the reports by Oberlo, there are over 3.5 billion social media users on this planet.

It means you can quickly connect with 45% of the global population if you make the right use of trending hashtags.

Advertisers nowadays stick to hashtags for highlighting their brands among media channels. It is necessary to learn hashtag marketing if you want to get more traffic in quick time.

A #hashtag is essential for helping people discover your content. It will help marketers in reaching the target audience.

With the advancing social media marketing trends every day, you require hashtags for increasing your social shares.

Majorly, trending hashtags operate as a search tool for popular media channels. Your posts on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest get popular by utilizing a #hashtag.

Get More Traffic by Trending Hashtags

Get More Traffic by Trending Hashtags

It is evident that a larger audience is attracted to your brand by using popular hashtags in your posts. Get more traffic by planning brand awareness on the basis of trending hashtags.

Research Relevant Hashtags Only

Before you switch to hashtag marketing, you must learn about the right ones. Searching a #hashtag is dependent on your reason behind using it. Remember, it is crucial to use relevant hashtags only. For example, if you own an affiliate brand, use hashtags related to the best discount codes.

You must be able to find relevancy between the hashtags and your content to get more traffic. Use similar ones that can focus on your idea. Also, you must know about the hashtags that are popular among your followers.

Highlighting your products is possible if you know more people in your list search the #hashtag you are using. Either you search for trending ones or common hashtags, make sure to keep them simple and easy to remember.

One of the smartest ways to find relevant hashtags is by analyzing influencers’ accounts. Focus on the phrases they are using to attract your shared audience and get more traffic.

Use Permanent Daily Hashtags

Trending hashtags have a popular category of daily hashtags on social media. You can find particular hashtags for seven days of the week. Individuals use these with pictures following the day they are posting.

Here is a list of the popular ones that you can use throughout the week.

  • For Monday, use – #MondayMotivation, #MondayMorning, and #MondayVibes
  • For Tuesday, use – #TravelTuesday, #TuesdayTip, and #TuesdayTreat
  • For Wednesday, use – #WednesdayWorkout, and #WednesdayWisdom
  • For Thursday, use – #ThrowbackThursday, #TBT, and #ThursdayMorning
  • For Friday, use – #FridayBlessings, #FridayNight, #FridayFeeling, and #FridayFun
  • For Saturday, use – #SaturdayNight, #SaturdayMorning, and #SaturdaySelfie
  • For Sunday, use – #SundayMood, #SundayFunday, and #SundayMorning

Avoid Overuse of Hashtags

Avoid Overuse of Hashtags

One of the authentic ways to get more traffic is by using the right amount of trending hashtags. If you are going to overuse hashtags in your posts on social media platforms, you will not be able to avail any advantage.

The methodology for using phrases and keywords with a hash depends on the type of media channel. Each of the five popular platforms has different rules for hashtag marketing. You must focus on your hashtags accordingly.

For Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest; you must not use more than three trending hashtags in your posts. There is no rule available of thumb for using two or three phrases but, overflow of hashtags on these platforms is not beneficial.

In the case of LinkedIn, an estimated amount of five trending hashtags is effective. It is an official channel for attracting professionals. Therefore, select the most relevant ones in your posts and use them.

Nonetheless, Instagram is the only social media channel, which encourages the utilization of nearly thirty trending hashtags. For this platform, you must choose every #hashtag after analyzing it. Hashtag marketing on Instagram is dissimilar to all other types of social media marketing.

Create a Brand Community

Increase your brand engagement and get more traffic by using the trending hashtags. You must know how a #hashtag is responsible for creating a vast community of followers. For this reason, marketers must always be precise and unique about their brand hashtag.

Make sure to market your brand name in an appropriate manner. Overusing or misusing brand hashtag can have adverse effects on your social media marketing strategies. You must get your followers familiar with your products. Once users are attracted to your brand, they will indulge in your brand hashtag.

Drive maximum viewers to your posts through the right phrases. Remember, it is vital to avoid any hashtags in remote places. Adopt a habit of communicating with your audience on media channels. However, avoid using the brand hashtag during a conversation or a repost.

Placing keywords will not boost customer engagement. You must use short and precise ones as trending hashtags in your posts.

Use Niche or Category Hashtags

Among the trending hashtags, always prefer niche hashtags for being particular. It is one of the most technical ways to get more traffic on social media platforms. You can specify your phrases and extract an irrelevant audience through niche hashtags.

These are keywords depending on the type of business. Use such words to focus on your products and reach to a targeted amount of followers only. For example, if you are using #WomenJewelry; switch to #WomenDiamondJewelry. It will reduce the number of viewers and connect you with interested public only.

Category hashtags also help you in following the chain of people retailing the same products and services as you. It is an excellent way to compete with opposition parties and attract their audience towards your brand.

Use the category hashtags they are using and make yours unique by adding an attractive phrase as an additional #hashtag. Get more traffic from different brands by playing with trending hashtags wisely.

Be Consistent About Hashtags

Be Consistent About Hashtags

It is necessary to use trending hashtags consistently if you want to get more traffic in less time. If you are using hashtag marketing as your digital marketing plan, then adopt a habit of using it.

Create a trend of your #hashtag and stick to it. Do not confuse people by using it whenever you like. You can introduce a signature by adopting a hashtag style. Make sure to own a hashtag that will help you get more traffic quickly. However, make sure you use a trending hashtag as your signature for staying popular among people.

Final Thoughts

In the futuristic era of Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, CryptoCurrency, Augmented Reality, and the Internet of Things; you must be trendy. Social media is the main stage for connecting with half of the people on this planet.

Any digital marketing strategy will get success if you master the art of using trending hashtags. Search the right ones and get more traffic by making the most of this strategy. A #hashtag is not just a phrase with a hash (#) behind it, but it is much more.

The digital world of today focuses on all possible ways through which you can market successfully. With every passing day, the eCommerce market is getting more competitive. Therefore, you must stick to the latest trends if you want to highlight your name and fulfil your future goals!

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