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Free Proofreading Tools Online

free online proofreading tools

Today in this post, I will tell you about the best free proofreading tools online, with which you can fix the grammatical errors of your article.

Students at the college or university level have to submit multiple assignments each week. With all those assignments, they have to make sure that writing and presentation are of impeccable quality. Otherwise, their grades can suffer immensely.

This is where proofreading software can be of great help for them. Whether you are looking for essay writing help or proofreading assistance, you can find various platforms online. Proofreading services are handy tools that deliver great help for writers of all kinds. Some of the best proofreading software provides indispensable value, as they can help you eradicate mistakes from your documents fast.

There are countless services marketed as great proofreading tools, but very few deserve the tag of greatness in reality. Our experts have compiled a list of some of the best free proofreading tools online available on the internet.

Free Proofreading Tools Online 2021

  1. Grammarly
  2. Google Docs
  3. Polish My Writing
  4. Ginger
  5. Wordrake
  6. Hemingway

Let’s dive into detail.


Grammarly might be the most famous proofreading service available online today. It is an American brand of proofreading and editing worth over 1 billion dollars, thus becoming a unicorn brand. Grammarly has achieved this status and adulation due to its brilliant services, some of the most top-notch among the proofreading brands.

Grammarly uses brilliant artificial intelligence and a language processing interface. The service has a rich learning algorithm that enables it to function at the capacity it does. You might be looking for help regarding specific areas like spelling, sentencing, or the overall structuring of the writing piece. Grammarly can do it all for you.

Its brilliant proofreading tool also checks the tonality, flow, engagement level, and delivery of your sentences. Since different forms of writing require different overall styles, Grammarly will ensure to help you develop that style. If you are looking for a service that can comprehensively assist you with all your editing and proofreading needs, Grammarly is the right choice.

The service comes with two main packages: the free one and the other is the premium version. The free version can help you with all the basic proofreading work, while the premium version is far more specialized and in-depth in its service.

Google Docs – Absolutely Free Online Proofreading Tool

Google Docs does not appear to be a proofreading software initially since it is not mainly focused on that kind of service. It is a word processor offered by Google and has more in common with MS Word than any proofreading software. However, it provides one of the best proofreading services for writers worldwide. Google Docs is the best editing service if you are looking to edit on the go.

Most of us do not require an intricate proofreading service. Most people need a quick and simple proofreading tool that can scan their documents for grammatical mistakes. Google Docs does just that. Since it is Google’s service, therefore it has excellent flexibility of usage. You can add dictionary and thesaurus add-ons to it if you are looking for more in-depth proofreading help.

The best part is that all Google Docs services are free. For free, this software delivers great proofread help and deserves a special mention.

Polish My Writing

Polish My Writing is a brilliantly simple and free proofreading online tool that can take care of all your basic proofreading needs. If you check their website, it is deliberately designed in a low-key manner and goes with the brand’s overall personality.

Polish my writing offers a brilliant interface, and it delivers fast spelling and grammar check service. The tool is highly efficient and well designed. This shows in its ability to eradicate errors from the document as fast as possible flawlessly. Their artificial intelligence system detects grammatical errors effectively and provides the most appropriate suggestions for improvement.

Polish my writing also offers a plugin that you can add to your WordPress page called – After the Deadline. The plugin also provides the same efficiency as the polish my writing service. This is a simple software to use, which offers hassle-free proofreading help. This is why it makes it onto our best free proofreading tools online list.


Like Grammarly, Ginger has a highly refined proofreading system that offers writers of all nature exactly what they are looking for. Ginger started as a service predominantly targeted at people with dyslexia. Since people with dyslexia have problems differentiating between words, Ginger offered an efficient system to help them write conveniently.

Today, this service is targeted at everyone. Ginger is one of the best free proofreading tools online service on the internet. It is comprehensive in its approach and caters to all types of problems that writers might face with English writing. Whether it is spelling, sentence structuring, or much more complex issues like the tone and feel of the text, Ginger can help you out with all of that.

This service comes with two versions for usage. One is the free version, and the other is the premium one. The free version offers basic grammar help that will cover the proofreading needs of most writers, and then there is the premium version that offers more in-depth service.

Wordrake Free Proofreading Tool Online

Over 7000 law firms, agencies, public institutions, and offices use wordrake as their primary text editing service. Why is that? Wordrake is a competent editing and proofreading tool that provides your writing with the professional gravitas it requires.

The service’s primary focus is to provide brevity and clarity to all the writing pieces. Whether you are looking to edit some legal document, reports, emails, or academic paper, Wordrake can help you out. Wordrake proofreading service can be tested on a trial period for a month, but one has to pay to access it after that.

Wordrake is not very cheap software, and there is a reason why famous business firms are investing in their services. Wordrake has a brilliantly designed system that will put the majority of its competitors to shame.


Named after the legendary American writer Ernest Hemingway, this is the perfect proofreading service to end the list. Hemingway is simple, concise, and easy to use. There is no hoopla about its presentation. It is designed to deliver outstanding results, and you can test it out to see how good its service is. When you open its website, you will come across a page with a text box to paste your writing work.

The service will immediately check the material for errors and will highlight them for you. It uses different colors to highly different types of mistakes which makes it easy to distinguish among them. Hemingway is an excellent option if you want a free proofreading tools online service that is also really good.


These free online proofreading tools are designed to make your writing job more manageable. If you have to write more than a thousand words a day, you need a reliable proofreading tool whatsoever. You can find some excellent services on the internet, whether for essay writing or proofreading, or editing.

Ensure that you are using a good proofreading service because it is not a facility but a necessity. You cannot afford to submit a document riddled with grammatical errors to your institution. Therefore, check out these above-mentioned free proofreading tools online services for great help.

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