Famous Lifestyle Blogs You Should Know (Top 31+)

March 1, 2020
Famous Lifestyle Blogs

Today in this post, I will tell you 31+ Most Famous Lifestyle Blogs and Popular lifestyle blogger names that you must know about, So let’s start without losing time.

What is a Lifestyle Blog?

 A lifestyle blog is different from any other kind of blog out there on the internet. A Lifestyle blogger often shares articles inspired mainly by his/her daily and personal lives. Most topics are related to family, home, travel, beauty, shopping, fashion, makeup, design, etc.

Never combine a Lifestyle blog with a personal blog because a personal blogger writes content based on his/her own experiences, feelings, and thoughts. Or we can write an online diary. Writing is something related to personal blogging.

In contrast, a lifestyle blogger writes content for showing off, for people, and various undercover points on some specific topics. So in this post, you will learn about the most Famous lifestyle blogs and lifestyle blogger names that are currently active on the internet around the world.

Most Famous Lifestyle Blogs

  • A Cup Of Jo
  • Camille Styles
  • Pouted Online Lifestyle Magazine
  • Barefoot blonde
  • Capital Lifestyle
  • Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Menswear Style
  • The King of DIY
  • The blonde Abroad
  • The Skinny Confidential
  • Julie Blanner
  • eat.sleep.wear
  • Katherine Schwarzenegger
  • MyDealBlog
  • Conscious Lifestyle Magazine
  • Vulcan Post
  • Grit Daily
  • Akanksha Redhu
  • Rebecca Judd Loves
  • Katie Did What
  • SuperHit Ideas
  • Zerxza
  • Retroflame
  • Urban Diaries
  • Closet Buddies
  • Quintessence
  • Idyllic Pursuit
  • Primer Magazine
  • Wit & Delight
  • Dear Kitty Kittie Kath
  • Ape to Gentlemen Magazine
  • Sazan
  • Corporate

Let’s talk about these Famous Lifestyle Blogs in detail.


A CUP OF JO  Most Famous Lifestyle Blog

Founder: Joanna Goddard

Joanna Goddard discovered a Cup of Jo in 2007. This award-winning lifestyle blog is specifically for those women who love to learn new things in this world and shopping online. Joanna Goddard & his blog is also known for making a place in the list of “top 10 famous lifestyle blogs for women and the top 10 most influential parenting bloggers.” This blog has a reach of 5 million people per month.

Topics Covered: fashion, beauty, design, food, travel, relationships, motherhood, and lifestyle.

Camille Styles

Founder: Camille Styles

The founder of Camille Styles‘s blog, Camila, says, “My passion is inspiring others to live a happy and healthy life.” So this blog is for everyone who wants to enjoy a good, well-managed, and happy life. Camille provides engaging storytelling and imagery to inspire people and achieve them the best version of their life. And their motto is, “We hope to inspire healthy choices and happy, beautiful lives.”

Topics covered: Food, Travel, Life, Health, Fitness, Fashion.

Pouted Online Lifestyle Magazine 

Founder: Zaza Motha

Pouted Online Lifestyle Magazine covers all new fashion trends, beauty tips, and styles. Besides this, the blog also provides trendy shopping items and valuable information about home decoration and travel. This Magazine has experienced pretty popularly among its viewers and readers.

Topics covered: Online shopping, travel, fashion.

Barefoot Blonde

Founder: Amber Fillerup Clark

Barefoot blonde is a very famous Lifestyle, personal style, and beauty blog, where Amber, founder of Barefoot blonde, shares her thoughts, travel tips, hairstyles, and daily outfits. This blog inspires people to learn something new, express themselves and their thoughts, and celebrate what makes them unique.

Topics covered: Lifestyle, beauty, travel, fashion.

Capital Lifestyle

Capital Lifestyle Blog

Founder: Grace Njeri

Capital Lifestyle is a global lifestyle where you can get digital storytelling, premiering, and exclusive daily content. This famous lifestyle blog provides the latest Kenyan news, a mix of music, lifestyle, technology, sports, and more things.

Topics covered: News, music, lifestyle, sports, and technology.

Goop Lifestyle Blog

Founder: Gwyneth Paltrow

Goop is a bit different from other lifestyle blogs. Since its a wellness and lifestyle company and launched as a Lifestyle brand. American actress Gwyneth Paltrow founded goop in 2008 from her kitchen. She often shares her love of cooking, travel, and fitness on her blog.

Topics covered: Beauty, cooking, fitness, and travel.

ALPHA M – Man’s Famous Lifestyle Blog

Founder: Aaron Marino

ALPHA M Man’s Famous Lifestyle Blog is especially for men to learn about man’s lifestyle, fashion, and personal development. This blogsite offers over 3500 original articles and videos made for men to help and experience them feel better about themselves.

Topics covered: Men’s style, fitness, grooming, and personal development.

The King of DIY

Founder: Joey Mullen

The king of DIY isn’t a blog; but instead, it’s a vlog. Joey Mollen is the author of this vlog channel on YouTube. Through his videos, he inspires, undercovers, and share knowledge with all fish tank hobbyists.

Topics covered: DIY Fishkeeping.

The blonde Abroad

Founder: Kiersten

If you are a traveling lover, then this blog is only for you. The blonde Abroad is an award-winning solo traveling blog site by Kiersten. She travels around the world to many different countries and lands and shares her photos and personal experiences.

She is an optimistic and world traveler and visited more than 70 countries. Now, if you plan to go somewhere, then read her excellent experience and select the best place for you. Her blog will also guide you in packing and traveling.

Topics covered: Travel tips, packing guides, videos, and photography.

The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Blog

The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Blog

Founder: Lauryn Evarts Bosstick

The skinny Confidential is a pure Lifestyle brand, blog, podcast, and book for girls who want to achieve their best version of their own. The skinny Confidential has been featured in many popular magazines like SHAPE, Women’s Health Magazine, SELF Magazine, The Gary Vee Show, People Magazine, and Who What Wear. And its popularity is still on a buzz.

Topics covered: Beauty, wellness, style, and woman empowerment.

Julie Blanner

Founder: Julie Blanner

Julie Blanner is already pretty famous and well recognized for a better home, garden, and cooking. She has been featured in many magazines and websites. This DIY blog is impressive, inspiring, and effortless. And ultimately provides information on many easy recipes and home interior/exterior designs.

Topics covered: Cooking, home designs, gardens, and entertainment.

eat.sleep.wear Personal Lifestyle Blog

Founder: Kimberly Lapides

eat.sleep.wear is a personal Lifestyle blog of Kimberly Lapides, where she presents new recipes of personal style, photography, and inspiration of fashion every day. She is a fashion designer and loves to share her passion for life, fashion, and style through this blog.

Topics covered: Fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, and shopping.

Katherine Schwarzenegger

Founder: Katherine Schwarzenegger

This famous lifestyle blog is the blog of a famous person Katherine Schwarzenegger, an author of three best-selling books. On this blog, Katherine writes content on beauty, health, home, and style from her perspective and an expert’s perspective. This blog is also devoted to animals as she loves animals and works for animal rescue programs.

Topics covered: Beauty, health, home, and style.


Founder: Julia Engel

Julia Engel, found by Julia Engel in 2010, was a fun project. This blog is a source of motivation that covers all the topics in fashion, style, and beauty. Julia captures & shares her inspiration from everyday experiences, which means a lot to her.

Topics covered: Style, beauty, and travel.

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine 

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine 

Co-Founder: Justin Faerman & Meghan McDonald

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine is a fantastic blog indeed. Its goal is to provide powerful practical tools, techniques, and wisdom to spread happiness to help humans overcoming humanity’s most significant challenge of blaming each other in this new era of consciousness, awareness, compassion, and prosperity for all life.

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine is the platform where many optimists, world-leading conscious thinkers, and philosophers share their knowledge with hungry people to create a better future for their own, for their children, for humanity.

Topics covered: inspiration, research, creative lifestyle.

Vulcan Post

Co-Founder: Jacker Yap

Vulcan Post is an online publication focusing on the internet’s Lifestyle news. This blog is being run by a team of curious people, mostly from Malaysia and Singapore. On this site, you can find posts that are very informative and knowledgeable.

Topics covered: Travel, social network, dating, technology, digital & lifestyle.

Grit Daily

Founder: Jordan French

Grit Daily is live journalism that covers events like brands, women, LGBTQ, and minorities. Its team includes many of the stars and media veterans from many other news companies, which is the most remarkable thing about this blog.

Topics covered: Fashion, tech, influencers, entrepreneurship, and life.

Akanksha Redhu – Indian Famous Lifestyle Blog

Founder: Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha Redhu is an Indian Lifestyle blogger. She started this blog in 2010 and to express her ideas, projects, inspirations, and daydreams. She often shares unique Indian fashion weeks, outfits and products, jewelry and accessories, and other fashion trends on this blog.

Topics covered: Fashion, beauty, travel, fitness, social media, and luxury.

Rebecca Judd Loves

Founder: Rebecca Judd

Rebecca is a pretty famous model in Australia. And this is the place where Rebecca Judd shares all the great things she finds in daily life out there. On this blog, you can especially find posts related to trending in fashion and home designs.

Topics covered: Lifestyle, fashion, travel, parenting, and beauty.

Katie Did What – Family Lifestyle Blog

Katie Did What - Family Lifestyle Blog

Founder: Katie Michelle

Katie Did What is a family Lifestyle blog where you can find posts on caring and family life. On this blog, you can also find articles on how to start a lifestyle blog. So if you are interested in family lifestyle blogs and want to start your blog, it would be the right choice.

Topics covered: Lifestyle, faith, fitness, marriage, and kids.

Superhit Ideas

Founder: Jignesh

As it is clear from this blog’s name, you can get superhit, creative, and crazy ideas on many topics. So if you love to do art and crafts, then this blog is for you.

Topics covered: Interior design, travel, Hairstyle, tattoos.

Zerxza women’s lifestyle magazine

Zerxza is an online women’s lifestyle magazine. On this blog, one can find articles related to health and wellbeing. Besides this, you can also find some helpful articles on home and safety.

Topics covered: Fashion, lifestyle, home, food, fitness.


Founder: Erika Fox

Retroflame is a fashion & lifestyle website where we can find excellent articles written by United States’s one of the United States’ most popular women, Erika Fox. Also, you can shop for outfits that shoot you.

Urban Diaries 

Founder: Tanya Dhar

Urban Diaries is a cross-culture platform that aims to inspire people with a distinct combination of different cultures and trends. Here you can also find an article weekly on fitness, home designs, a healthy, mindful lifestyle, and much more.

Topics covered: Lifestyle, inspiration, fitness home design.

Closet Buddies

Founder: Juhi Bansal

Unlike other sites and famous lifestyle blogs, Closet Buddies is a bit different. Because here, you can find product reviews. This blog is run by Juhi, an Indian lifestyle and Product Reviews blogger. With this all, you can also find typical lifestyle articles on fitness, motherhood, and travel.

Topics covered: Lifestyle & fashion, beauty, makeup, travel, motherhood, and brand.


Founder: Stacey Bewkes

Quintessence is an online guide to special people, places, and products. This blog is very reputable and has become a trusted source for valuable articles and research.

Topics covered: Lifestyle, interiors, arts, fashion, design, and jewelry.

Idyllic Pursuit

Idyllic Pursuit is famous lifestyle blog

Founder: Kathy Haan

Idyllic Pursuit blog was started in 2012 by Kathy Haan. On this blog, you can find articles related to living a good life. Like you can find money-making strategies, different recipes, self-care, parenting, and travel.

Topics covered: Travel, inspiration, and lifestyle.

Primer Magazine

Founder: Andrew

Primer Magazine is a famous lifestyle magazine for men. Primer Magazine is an award-winning site where men can learn many things for personal, skill, and self-development. And to get the best version of yourself or to achieve manhood.

Topics covered: Man’s Lifestyle, inspiration, self-development.

Wit & Delight – One Of The Famous Lifestyle Blogs

Founder: Kate Arends

Wit & Delight is a lifestyle and design blog that is well recognized among its readers for providing valuable content on living a good life with different life expectancies.

Topics covered: Lifestyle, motherhood, home designs.

Dear Kitty Kittie Kath

Founder: Kath Rivera

Kath Rivera is a very famous blogger of the Philippines, and she often shares articles on different beauty product reviews. Except for this, many articles on health, motherhood, health, and technology are also present on this site.

Topics covered: Lifestyle, motherhood, beauty, fashion, health, and technology.

Ape to Gentlemen Magazine

Founder: Chris Beastall

Like the unusual name, Ape to Gentlemen Magazine also has impressive content on modern man’s timeless fashion and lifestyle with creative living ideas and values.

Topics covered: Style, intelligent living, and value.

Sazan Luxury LifeStyle Blog

Founder: Sazan Hendrix

Sazan Hendrix, in 2011, started the Sazan luxury lifestyle blog. Shazan shares her work on fitness, following the latest trends, relationships, and much more. The blog is the best place to upgrade your lifestyle standards.

Topics covered: Lifestyle, beauty, fitness, fashion, and travel.

Corporate – Fashion Related Famous Lifestyle Blog

Founder: Kat Griffin

Corporate, the blog was started in 2008 by Kat Griffin. It is a fashion and famous lifestyle blog, especially for women. On this blog, kat shares articles related to fashion ideas for those who have to wear professional clothes but want to look fashionable.

Topics covered: Fashion, lifestyle, and career.


So these were the Most Famous Lifestyle Blogs that you should know about. Every lifestyle blog has its importance, and not any lifestyle blog can be considered better or better than any other lifestyle blog. Apart from this, if you know about any other lifestyle blogs, then definitely tell in the comment section.

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