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Emerging Social Media Platforms That Can Help Your Business Prosper

Social Media Platforms

This post is about Emerging Social Media Platforms That Can Help Your Business, Prosper, So let’s start.

Our digital era of 5G and Artificial Intelligence has a massive amount of eCommerce websites.

The Internet has taken over the world in many ways that conclude social media usage as one of the most popular activities online.

Almost 3.6 billion people in the world are using popular social media platforms and marketing their business ventures.

The online market of today knows the mantra of buying, selling, and consuming at fingertips.

While people are finding online coupon codes for almost every single product in the virtual industry, it the core responsibility of marketers to update their strategies.

With over fifteen media channels on the internet, entrepreneurs may find these as the topmost networks for a successful promotion.

With the starting of this leap year, individuals can compare to the top 2021 trends of popular social media platforms and revise their approach for connecting to the target audience.

Social Media Marketing Strategy In 2021

Understanding the importance of media channels in this does not involve any rocket science.

While the leading eCommerce ventures are already optimizing these and growing successfully, do not stay back and stick to these top platforms.

1. Facebook

According to Statista, Facebook is the market leader among all the popular social media platforms in the world. It has an estimated amount of 1 billion registered accounts, with an average of 2.41 million monthly active users.

This network is an easy approach for connecting to billions of people at a glance.

You can quickly target both genders here and find almost 73% of females and 64% of males from overall internet users on this planet. It is a targeted digital marketing place for eCommerce advertisers.

Applying social media marketing strategy on this platform is comfortable with the Facebook messenger and ad content at peak.

You can easily find your audience according to age, location, behavior, gender, and interests on this channel.

2. YouTube Social Media Platform

An estimated amount of 2 million active users can be found on YouTube. It is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google, which makes it one of the most popular social media platforms for marketing.

With the billion hours of videos on the channel, it is an excellent place to reach customers. Most of the visitors opt if for knowing facts behind the scenes and finding tutorials.

Therefore, brands can benefit from it with unlimited hours of video hosting.

The network helps in Search Engine Optimization and serves as the right place for applying a marketing strategy in 2021.

Assure your video content on the channel and enable optimization for search engines while you promote your business here.

3. Instagram Social Media Platform

Being the sixth-ranked app for photo-sharing, Instagram operates with a successful amount of 1 million active monthly users.

By applying the proper formatting of Instagram captions and bios, advertisers can reach its 300 million worldwide users quickly.

The most significant feature of your social media marketing strategy on this channel is the sharing of stories.

Among the top 2021 trends, many sites have predicted storytelling to rule between marketers; therefore, you can use images as well as videos for reaching out audience.

With the direct messaging feature of this platform, brands can quickly solve the queries of customers.

Most importantly, it is one of the most opted channels for online shopping; therefore, you can use it as the right place to advertise products and receive a positive response.

4. Twitter

All over the world, Twitter has a total of 330 million active monthly users that you can connect with an effective social media marketing strategy in 2021.

It ranks among the top ten websites in the United States of America and has every latest trend for attracting people.

After the implementation of the Twitter Inactive Accounts Policy, the platform has 24% of male and 21% female users any brand can connect to.

Hashtags are the right approach for reaching out to maximum people at once on this network.

This Social Media Platform allows for easy promotion of tweets and has remarkable customer service.

Brands can easily start conversations on Twitter and promote a trend among followers. 77% of its accounts lie outside the USA and make it easy to connect to the rest of the world.

5. LinkedIn Social Media Platform

A successful amount of 310 million actively monthly users are found on LinkedIn. It is one of the most professional social media platforms for applying a marketing strategy in 2021.

While Microsoft acquires it in 2016 as a place for talented people, you can find most of its content related to job opportunities. Boosting up your eCommerce business in 2021 on LinkedIn is easy.

Advertisers can come across business-minded users for this network which makes digital advertising effective for brands. Promotion of this platform quickens up by joining various groups.

People connect here for finding industries, job experiences, and career opportunities. Due to these reasons, marketers can immediately target a specific audience and generate positive results.


Launched in March 2010, Pinterest has a calculated amount of 300 million active monthly users currently. It is one of the best image sharing platforms and assists brands that promote majorly through pictures.

It has a unique feature for creating business accounts that bring professional benefits to every individual user. Around 70% of the users on this channel are females which makes it easy for women targeting brands to optimize it.

The network comes up with a Pinterest buy button through which selling a product is easier than ever for any retailer.

By adding trending pins on this network, brands can revise their marketing strategy for 2021 and boost up the growth of their venture.

Most Popular Social Media Platforms In 2021

Many people consider Snapchat to be one of the most important media channels for advertising as well.

It has around 314 million active monthly users; therefore, people can think of using it,


giving priority to the channels mentioned above will surely let you plan the best social media marketing strategy to apply in 2021.

The benefits of social media cannot limit to some networks; therefore, you can keep digging more in-depth for better growth.

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