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Top 5 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Today in this post, I will show you the best recurring affiliate programs, so let’s start. The idea behind affiliate marketing is very simple. You market a product/service for a brand or a service, and on every sale you make, you make a particular profit from the overall revenue.

Affiliate marketing is not a new concept and has been around for over a decade. With the Internet and social media marketing boom, many bloggers emerged who created review websites for products that countless individuals preferred to read.

Whether it was a headphone, a cloud service, a streaming subscription, or just about anything, there emerged websites on the Internet that presented their personal views and complete reviews on how the service or product works.

It helped the targeted audiences to decide whether purchasing the product or service the right option or not. I am giving you the list of best recurring affiliate marketing programs below, but you need to know some things about affiliate marketing before that.

Many individual brands observed this and came up with an idea of profit-sharing with these bloggers. They realized that the significant audience preferred to read reviews before purchasing a service, so they reached out to these individual bloggers and asked them to add their services on their websites.

As a result, they agreed upon sharing a certain percentage on every sale people make from their platforms. This gave rise to a whole new marketing field for all those searching “how to make money online.”

Are you planning to start a review website of your own, or do you already have a pre-established one? If you want to learn which businesses are offering the best recurring affiliate Program results, here are a few to consider.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs 2021

  1. SEMRush
  2. ConvertKit
  3. Get Response
  4. Ninja Outreach
  5. InstaPage

Let’s dive into detail.


Who doesn’t know about SEMRush, right? It’s one of the best SEO tools to perform SEO research right now. And if you’re using SEMRush, then you might want to check out their recurring affiliate program too. SEMRush offers a recurring 40% affiliate profit return for every sale you make through their program.

The tool is remarkably incredible and offers effective keyword research, advertising research, competitor analysis, and website SEO auditing. Whether you want to find the keywords or provide effective content marketing, SEMRush can quickly sell a tool for just about everyone.

It is an excellent source for making passive income.


If you want more leads and wish to drive a significant number of sales, ConvertKit is your best option. It generates more leads for your business through effective email marketing. ConvertKit is an easy-to-use email platform that gives you the maximum liberty to send emails to your target audiences.

The platform is impressive to help you categorize and subdivide your subscribers. You get the chance to create some exciting emails, and it only takes just a handful of clicks. Email marketing is something that everyone wants to add to their toolkit, and ConvertKit is one of the best email marketing tools available in the market.

Once you add this tool to your website, you get a 30% recurring lifetime affiliate marketing profit.

Get Response

Want to start a marketing campaign that is custom-tailored to your requirements? Nothing serves the purpose as incredibly as the Get Response marketing tool. Here’s a complete marketing tool that adds various elements that you can use to market your services. It enables you to design creative landing pages, sales pages, and new marketing campaigns that are easy to click.

You also get other traffic-generating tools and a terrific email marketing tool to go along as well. For every sale you make, you can either choose to get a bounty of $100 or apply for their Recurring Affiliate Marketing Program, allowing you to make a recurring profit worth 33% on every sale.

Ninja Outreach

Having good graphics and perfect email marketing aren’t the only ways to increase your website traffic. If you want more users to come to your business, you’ve to make it appear on top of Google SERP. Ninja Outreach is a tool to boost engagements & increase lead conversion on your site. The platform enables users to create potential leads and reach out to social media influencers easily.

The recurring percentile of 20% for affiliate marketing programs on Ninja Outreach may be soundless, but here’s a tool that is a complete set offering email marketing with outreach programs as well. It’s one reason why this tool can sell affiliates in a much faster way than the rest of them. I love Ninja Outreach, one of the best Recurring Affiliate Programs, and I have made a lot of money through it.

InstaPage Recurring Affiliate Program

Last but certainly not least on our list for the day is Instapage. As a marketing specialist on a tight budget, Instapage eradicates the need to hire an individual developer to help you out. Instapage allows you to design attractive landing pages with a simple, easy-to-drag and drop method.

As far as the platform’s recurring affiliate marketing program is concerned, you get a 50% return on the first sale you make, and then you get a recurring 30% on every sale that goes beyond that and more. So here are my best recurring affiliate programs that I believe everyone should invest their budget.

If you happen to run an affiliate website or you’re planning to create one, make sure to consider some of these options.


Friends, these are the top 5 best recurring affiliate programs to make money online. If you are an affiliate marketer or are considering starting affiliate marketing, SEMRush’s recurring affiliate program is the best for you because its conversion rate is excellent. SEMRush is a tool that every blogger needs, so promoting it will be beneficial for you. According to me, SEMRush is the best recurring affiliate program, so you should go with it.

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