7 Best Freelancing Websites For Work Seekers

Best Freelancing Websites

In this post we are going to talk about the 7 Best Freelancing Websites For Work Seekers, so let’s start. Millions of people in this world are making use of their skillset in a very effective and not-bed-ridden way. Freelancing is what I am talking about! It is just a myth that freelancers are not earning enough money and their future is haywire. It is not, period! With skills and perseverance, any freelancer can earn tons of money and work any time he wants.

Freelancing has this benefit over regular 9-t0-5 jobs – do your work anytime or anywhere you want and earn. But, where can you get freelancing work? How can you find work for you online? Here are some of the best freelancing websites from where you can get the work:

1. Upwork – Most Popular Freelancing Website

Upwork - Most Popular Freelancing Website

Okay now, it is one of the busiest and most popular and best freelancing websites/platforms. You just have to get your profile verified by Upwork and then you are good to go. The most difficult part here is to set up the profile and get the verification done by Upwork.

Then, you can select the relevant projects for you and bid for it. If the client likes your profile, he/she will contact you and you can set your terms and agreements or whatever that is to seal the deal and start working.

2. Freelancer


According to Indiashoppers freelancer is another popular and best freelancing website you can choose. It is very simple to get work here and there is no “profile verification” thing here. Just login and create a profile – enter relevant skills – and you are good to go for bidding.

You will get items/projects related to your skills and you can bid on them. You can also chat with the project owner to get more details of the work they want and seal the deal. Also, it is the oldest player among all present in the list and if you are a newbie in freelancing, start with this one.

3. Toptal- Freelancing Website

Toptal Freelancing Website

Toptal has risen exponentially fast and is relatively very new in the freelancing world. It is great for experienced professionals and the screening process of Toptal is severe. They only select the top 3% of developers and it is not easy to make through that list.

If you are one of the top 3%, then you will like the setup as the service pays really well and you can easily find skillset in your specific niche with ease. If you are looking for a highly-qualified developer for a startup, then this is the platform to look for.

4. Fiverr


Known as the largest marketplace for small services, Fiverr is for newbies and beginners. The gigs can be created as low as 5 bucks and even if you are not into coding and designing stuff, you can earn heck loads of money. Just keep an eye on the gigs people are creating and grab them if you think you can do that.

Just think, if people are willing to pay $5 for just small works, what will they pay you on larger projects. Long put short, you can make a significant amount of money here if you are skilled.

5. PeoplePerHour


PeoplePerHour acts like other freelancing website but it is the one where clients want the work to get done on the go. The site brings job seekers and works offerers together and you can easily get work related to writing, web development, designing, and social media marketing easily.

This UK-based company follows a smooth system and is much like any other freelancing website. You can get both online and on-site gigs offering hourly and fixed prices to complete the task.

6. iFreelance

iFreelance is a great place to start your freelancing career. Whether you are offering services in accounting, marketing, designing, coding or content writing, you can join iFreelance to get the freelancers. You just have to create your profile and advertise. If you are a job seeker, you can bid on the projects which are related to your skillset.

But, there is a big catch here! iFreelance is not free and you have to purchase its paid membership plans. But, you can compensate for that money by earning enough easily. It is a great place for all the category workers – beginners to professionals and let you earn loads of money. You can get detail of Off-Campus Jobs online from fresh hiring.

7. 99Designs Best Freelancing Website

99Designs Freelancing Website

99Designs is one of the most popular & best freelancing websites which only includes designing gigs in forms of contests. It is very simple as a client will put forward the requirements and freelancers have to work on that. If the design is approved by the client, you get to earn the prize money.

The site offers tons of opportunities for designers and even if you don’t win any contest, the designs will enhance your profile. From logo designing to book design, there is a plethora of work for designers at 99Designs.

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