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Free Keyword Research Tools

Free Keyword Research Tools

In this post I will show you some free keyword research tools with pros and cons, so let’s start. Are you looking for free keyword research tools just because your articles are not ranking search engines? Here we are with the “list of top 9 free tools.”

If you are a blogger or anyone who has a website and looking to get traffic from search engines then keyword research is the absolute part of your work. Blogging is writing but to write you should know the topic that generates traffic. You should know the keywords that attract visitors. But how can you know the keywords that others are searching for?

To find good keywords that attract visitors you need to take advantage of keyword research tools. There are plenty of such tools available in the market. But if you are looking for free keyword research tools then here we have a list of them.

What is A Keyword?

A keyword is the main part of your Title. It is the word on which your article is based. For example, if you are writing about the best smartphones under 200$ then here “best smartphones” is your keyword. It’s a word or phrase upon which your content is based upon and that is what appears in the title description tags and everywhere.

The keyword must appear in the Title and Description of your article. Also, it should be the main URL of your content and should appear at least 4-5 times in the post. It should be there in the first 100 words of your post and in the conclusion part too.

Now, this is the information age where we have plenty of blogs already. We have too much content for a topic but if you are looking to put some content then you must put your efforts into keyword research. You need a keyword that has a high search volume and less competition. This is the ideal way to write about a certain topic.

And to find such a keyword you must use a keyword research tool and as a beginner, you will have to rely on free keyword research tools. We have keyword research tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs that are premium and costly. But we also have certain free keyword research tools that you can use to get the best out of them.

Why Keyword Research is Necessary?

Now, you know what a keyword is but why it is necessary? Keyword Research is the process of finding your keywords but how important is this explained in the following points:

  1. Core Content
  2. Clarity Of Topic
  3. Onpage Seo
  4. Topic Ideas
  5. Competitors Analysis
  6. Long-tail Keywords

Let’s dive into detail.

1. Core Content

You have heard several times that CONTENT IS THE KING but to deliver great content you need to do a lot of research. While you are doing the keyword research you will come across a lot of online content that will help you improve your content.

It will give you an idea of what is already there and what you have to do new and different. Also, you get your sub-topics with the keyword research being done in an ideal way. Why not do thorough keyword research to build the core content?

2. Clarity of Topic

Now, we are not saying that you are not clear about your topic but once you do the keyword research you have a complete idea of what you are looking to do. So, you already have your topic but keyword research will give you sub-topics to work on and create the content.

You have much more clarity in your mind and keep an eye on what are you about to do. The more focused you are speedier your work will be. And, with great speed, you can work faster and smarter having a clear vision in your mind.

3. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is something that you do on every page of your website and when you are writing a post you have to optimize it for search engines. But how would you do the on-page SEO without knowing the keywords that you are looking to rank for?

So, once you do the keyword research you have an understanding of the keywords that you are looking to rank for. It’s an ideal practice to include your keyword in the Title, Tags, Description, and URL of your post. Also, you should maintain a keyword density of about 1.5 %.

4. Topic Ideas

While doing your research to find the perfect keyword you come across several related keywords that are being searched. No matter which keyword tool you use but you will see something that you haven’t seen earlier.

And, these are nothing but new ideas for some fresh content. You can use these keywords in your content but some of these keywords can be used separately as a new post. And, your task of finding topic ideas is simply solved while accomplishing another task of keyword research.

5. Competitors Analysis

When you are doing proper keyword research you do a lot of analysis of your competition. You find out the possible keywords that your competitors are using and get the benefit of those keywords. Analyzing the competition is very necessary no matter what you do because the world is very competitive now. And, you cannot do anything better without knowing what your competitors are doing. So, why not do it while doing your own keyword research for free.

6. Long-tail Keywords

Keyword research is the first step of achieving SEO and all you need is long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are lengthy keywords with long titles and catchy words. Now, you can guess a few keywords but long-tail keywords are pretty much hard to guess.

And, they need keyword research and to do the research you need keyword research tools. You can use free keyword research tools or paid ones but you need to do it. Because as a beginner you cannot compete with short keywords. Your focus has to be on long-tail keywords that are less competitive.

Best Free Tool For Keyword Research

  1. Google Search
  2. Google Keyword Planner
  3. Keyword Everywhere 
  4. Keyword Shitter
  5. Ubersuggest
  7. Google Trends
  8. Google Correlate
  9. Answer the Public

Now know about these Best Free Keyword Research Tools in detail.

1. Google Search

Google is the best keyword research tool that we have and it’s completely free. Now you must be thinking that Google is just a search engine then no it can do a lot of things. Google search is used by people to search for anything. Imagine if you have to search for anything what would you do?

As an individual, you will go to Google and start typing your query. Now pay attention when you type a word, Google automatically starts suggesting related topics that begin with your word. Can’t you utilize this tool to your advantage? Yes, you can utilize it. All you have to do is go to Google and type in your topic. You will see some automatic suggestions related to your topic.

Note down these phrases and you just got your keyword. These are the keyword that are getting the most searches on Google. Another way to use Google as a keyword research tool is to look at the related search items at the bottom of the page. If you haven’t seen this part then scroll down the Google Search Results Page and you will see some related keywords.

Pros :

Cons :

2. Google Keyword Planner

If you type a keyword there you will see some related keywords with the search volume and competition. It also shows you the CPC to run an ad on a particular keyword. You can see the competition as high low or medium and search volume.

A keyword with low or medium competition with high search volume is best to select. Also, it should have a decent CPC. You can also compare keywords with each other and see the competition among them. Google is a great tool to find keywords with high search volumes but Google has also made a dedicated free keyword research tool.

Have you heard of Google Ads? It’s a platform where you can run an ad online. if you are looking to get paid traffic to your website then you must consider Google Ads as one of the best ad networks. But we are talking about the Keyword planner.

Bundled with the Google Adwords account you also get a free keyword research tool known as keyword planner. If you are new to Google Ads then you will have to add your card details first to get access to Keyword Planner. Once you got your access then you can take full advantage of this one of the best keyword research tools to find the right keywords.

Pros :


3. Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is one of the best keyword research tools that you will come across. It shows you the competition and search volume simultaneously so that you can know if a particular keyword is for you or not. But, what is new here?

There is something new too. It’s an add-on for your browser which can be added as an extension to chrome and firefox. Great isn’t it? And, then it’s free. So, if you are not willing to use Google Keyword Planner then this is the best free keyword research tool available.

It gives you search volume, competition, and CPC of the searched keyword. It also shows you a list of related keywords on the side. And, all this happens automatically once you activate the extension. Platforms that it supports are Google, eBay, Amazon, Youtube, etc.

So, once you install it on your browser, then you don’t have to manually keyword research but every time you search something it will automatically show you the research. Whenever you search for a product on Amazon, it will also show you the related keywords and relevant information.

Pros :

Cons :

4. Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter is also one of the best keyword research tools but how is it different from others. Yes, there are a lot of differences. Firstly, this is a different sort of tool that has totally different functionality. It is a tool where you can get auto-suggested phrases for every possible suggestion.

Once you type in a word and click on the Start button it starts creating auto searches for every term. It shows you almost every possible term that Google can suggest. The good thing is that you get a lot of related keywords and If you type a keyword and start shitting you will see thousands of keywords in the result until you stop it. But, another good thing is that you also have positive and negative filters. You can put a word and filter to positive then you will see words having that word only. And, negative does it the reverse.

Pros :

Cons :

5. Ubersuggest is Partially Free Keyword Research Tool

Ubersuggest is the best partially free keyword research tool that you will come across. This tool is created by the famous Digital Marketer Neil Patel and he made it partially free. It’s a perfect premium tool to find the best keywords. It shows you related keywords with search volumes and CPC plus it shows your difficulty level.

There are two types of difficulties is Paid Difficulty and SEO Difficulty too. This is what it shows you in the related keywords section. And, there is another section where you can see data related to already ranked pages on Google. You can see the visitors that these pages get and the shares that they have on social media.

It all helps you get a complete understanding of your topic and how are you going to rank it on search results. You can build your own strategy with something indifferent from others so that you rank above them.

Pros :

Cons :


Keywords tool is another free keyword research tool and you can do the normal stuff that you will do here. You get the related keywords that you search about and see the CPC and stuff. We do not recommend it too much because of its paid one. But why did we include it in this article then?

The problem with free keyword research tools is that you cannot rely on a particular tool. So, you need a lot of options so as to have confirmation from multiple sources. shows you a lot of relevant keywords that can be copied and used to get their search matrics.

Pros :

Cons :

Google trends show you the trends of a particular keyword. How often a particular keyword had traffic in the past can help you make a strategy for your keywords. You can see what was trending at which particular time. The best thing is that this is not a keyword research tool but it is very helpful for keyword research. Suppose if you have a particular keyword and Keyword Planner shows you a particular number of search volume.

Now if you search the same word on Google Trends you will see what was the season when that keyword was in trend. Some topics attract visitors in a particular season only. You get a lot of traffic for gift items during Christmas time. So, you should also consider the trends for your research.

Pros :

Cons :

8. Google Correlate

Google correlate is as it sounds. It’s very similar to Google trends where you can actually compare the data. You can compare data from different locations. And, if you want to have a comparison of data then you can use this tool.

But there have been a lot of researches that back this platform being completely useless. But it’s free and it does the job. So, for those who are looking to do some sort of market research, this can be useful somehow. at least you can combine it with other tools.

Pros :

Cons :

9. Answer The Public

Answer the Public is a platform that visually helps you get autocomplete suggested answers and keywords. You get a visual sort of picture where you can see all your keywords. It helps you with a few questions. You get the answer to how, are, can, will, which, and solve the problem to find keywords. It is a completely free keyword research tool and almost everything is there.

If you search anything you will find a lot of auto-complete suggestions that will give you an indication of your keywords. You don’t actually need a keyword research tool but a simple user of this platform.

Pros :

These are free keyword research tools that you can sue but all of these tools have some sort of pros and cons associated with them. But to tackle it the best way is to use a combination of all of these tools at the same time.

How Do I Research Keywords For Free?

If you are still wondering how to find keywords for free then here is the complete plan. Firstly, you can search for anything on Google and you will see suggested keywords. Make a list of these keywords and make a search on Keyword Shitter.

Then get the suggested keywords for every keyword from Keyword Shitter and find the search matrics from Keyword Everywhere or Ubersuggest. Then cross verify that data from other tools too. And, then check the Google Trends for your final ten keywords and pick five out of them. This can be an ideal strategy for keyword research without even spending a penny on any of the tools. You can utilize every tool available at your disposal.

Strategy To Use Free Keyword Research Tools

Here are strategies and orders for using these free keyword research tools to get the maximum benefit.

1. Use Google to find suggested keywords first that can be utilized to find other relevant keywords. Google search is completely free and easily accessible from anywhere.

2. Now go to Keyword shitter and search every keyword that you got from Google search. For example, you have five keywords from Google then search those five keywords individually on Keyword Shitter.

3. Keyword Shitter will give you thousands of keywords but choose only ten keywords for every keyword. So, by now you must have at least 50 keywords with this tool.

4. Alternatively, you can also use or Answer the Public. It totally depends on your choice. Or you can go to all these tools and compare the results and choose the best one.

5. No matter which tool you use but make a list of around 50 keywords and then go to Keyword Everywhere and get the search metrics for these keywords. And, depending on profitability and difficulty choose 10 keywords for your topic.

6. You can also do the same thing with Ubersuggest or Keyword Planner and compare the results.

7. Now, take five to ten keywords from these keywords and consider them as your main keywords to rank on search engines.

8. Then before finalizing the keywords you should also check Google Trends and Answer the Public and Google Correlate too.

How Do I Find My Competitors Keywords For Free

Now it’s difficult to find your competitor’s keyword for free but it’s not impossible too. If you have a paid tool like Ahref you can find the keywords that your competitors are using very easily. But, even if you don’t have a paid tool at your disposal you can still find your competitor’s keywords for free. So, imagine if you are your competitor who already has his blog listed on the first page of Google.

What would you do now? You won’t do anything, right? and, you shouldn’t be doing anything but you must have done something to be there, and that is the perfect keyword research. And, now if you do proper keyword research you are going to find the keywords that your competitor is already using. But the real question is why your competitor is ranking and, not you. It is because your competitor might have more backlinks than you.

What is Backlink?

This is what your readers do but if someone or some blog mentions you with a link then Google takes it as a referral from someone bigger than your audience. It depends upon the reputation of that website which is referring you. And, a part of that reputation is transferred to you too. It helps your credibility and reverses too if the referring website has a negative image.

Now, if you are wondering what is backlink then it is just a link. Yes, if any website links to your website it means you got a backlink. It acts as a referral but in the eyes of search engines, it does more than that. Link Building is a big task for the SEO thing.

Actually, On-page SEO is a must for any blog but that is at your disposal right. But in the eyes of search engines referrals, links and social shares are quite important. If people are sharing your content that means they are liking it and if more and more people like your content that means your content is good.

Backlinks Are of Many Types But Two Are The Main Ones:

1. Do-Follow backlink
Every backlink is a do-follow link until it is specifically a no-follow link. Yes, if there is nothing mentioned then the link is a do-follow link.

2. No-Follow Backlink
A link which is specifically said that it no follows the link then it is a no-follow link.

So, any website that refers to you from its main body has to be a do-follow link. But sometimes, websites just want to mention you but they don’t want you to get the link juice. So, what they do is give a no-follow link. Now, a no-follow link can give you some traffic but it will not directly improve your ranking. While indirectly, it can help you boost your ranking because your traffic is increasing, right?

How Do I Find Good Keywords?

Good Keyword is quite necessary in order to rank on search results but they are quite difficult to find too at the same time. But, it doesn’t mean that you cannot find good keywords. Yes, if you follow a few simple steps, you will know that the right keywords for your blog.

As we mentioned above first things first you can find these keywords from Google itself. Google suggests things that are getting searched by people. So, indirectly google is actually giving you keywords but are they good keywords? There is only one way to confirm it by finding the real keywords.

You can go to Ubersuggest and search your keyword and then see your results and compare them. If you follow these free keyword research tools you will surely find good keywords for free. Keyword Shitter is the platform that can show you thousands of keywords but how many of them are good? It will depend upon profitability and the competition they have.

And, to find that you can use Ubersuggest a free keyword research tool. So, these two free keyword research tools will help you find good keywords for free.


This is what Keyword Research is and these were some of the free keyword research tools at your disposal. It does not matter which tool you use but the goal is to find your ultimate keywords. You can use any of these keywords or all of these free keyword research tools combined as we suggested. It is totally up to you and it also depends upon your condition and requirement.

Almost everyone has an idea of possible keywords. So, the primary focus has to be on keywords, and then you should consider link building very seriously. You and your competitor both are using the same keywords but the difference is only of backlinks. So, you can put a lot of emphasis on link building too.

Some of these free keyword research tools may not be that useful and some are like a perfect substitute for each other. For example, you can get similar results from Keywordtool Keyword Shitter. Also, if you simply install Keywords Everywhere on your browser you will automatically see a lot of keywords floating on your screen. And, the best one to use is Ubersuggest. You cannot avoid a premium-grade free tool available at your disposal.

The ideal way that we would suggest is installing the Keyword Everywhere on your browser. And, it will tell you search matrics for your every search and also show you some related keywords with their matrics. What else do you need? And, this is happening with just one installation. Then head over to Ubersuggest and find all your answers regarding those questions that you have for any keyword that you see.

Before you write your next article go ahead and do your keyword research using these free keyword research tools. Find a few keywords that will help you rank on the first page of Google and drive crazy traffic.

Which of these free keyword research tools have you used in the past?

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