The Best Trends Of Digital Marketing In 2021

Digital Marketing Trends

In this post, I am going to tell you about the best digital marketing trends In 2021, so let’s start.

Digital marketing is a versatile array of the latest technologies.

It keeps changing constantly and varies as soon as an effective advancement enters the market. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, SMM Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and plenty of other tactics gather to form an outstanding digital marketing strategy.

With the daily changing algorithms, digital marketing trends keep revising for betterment. Marketers and advertisers must stay updated with these for planning a successful policy to promote their business.

There are some ongoing best digital marketing trends from previous years, which are active and advantageous in 2021.

Here is a list of all the leading ones you can utilize for your business.

Digital Marketing Trends 2021
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Social Commerce
  • Direct Messaging
  • Voice Search
  • Micro-Influencers
  • Video Blogging

These are the trends you will keep seeing with the ongoing year. You can use them and help your business to survive the competition in the market.

1. Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing Trend

You may already know the popularity of artificial intelligence in the current era. As per the reports by Statista, the revenue from the AI software market is most likely to cross 126 billion by 2025.

The dominant technology has taken over almost every industry in the market.

The role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing trends is massive. It introduced considerable advancement through artificial intelligence marketing.

By using AI, marketers can learn about the search behavior of customers and plan a strategy according to it.

If advertisers realize the essential products their users will be looking for, they can grab traffic quickly. AI also analyzes the data from social media platforms and helps in the rapid growth of a brand.

It contributes in the areas of content creation, eCommerce transactions, product recommendations, email customization, and general communication.

2. Social Commerce

The struggle of getting social media followers directly on online stores is finally over. Among the best digital marketing trends, social commerce is slightly getting popular.

Purchasable posts on media platforms are the easiest way for users to buy products directly.

Such ads boost the interaction of followers and brand pages. It is an advanced version of social media marketing, and advertisers use it for promoting the best discount codes for their products.

According to the statistics by Smart Insights, 30% of social media users make a purchase directly from social media platforms.

While one in every four business owners is also selling through Facebook, this trend is an excellent way to make shopping easy for buyers and save time.

Using this strategy for your business will increase the number of returning purchasers on your page.

Make sure to use this plan for Pinterest marketing, as it is the first social media channel to allow social commerce.

3. Direct Messaging Digital Marketing Trend

Direct Messaging Digital Marketing Trend

The trend of chatbots is gaining popularity in the past few years. It is advancing every day with the latest technology bots chatting with customers 24×7 a day.

Also, the latest ones can engage in an audio conversation with users too.

Nonetheless, everyone does not find it handy and affordable. For this reason, conversational marketing is getting common and useful this year.

Among all the digital marketing trends for communication, direct messaging is the best one. Almost the social media platforms and brand advertisers are relying on it.

The basis of modern promotion depends majorly on a direct and personal conversation with the customers. Fortunately, direct messaging enables the option of a real-time and one-to-one conversation between customers and marketers.

One of the primary goals of the messaging strategy is to create a better connection between buyer and brand. It enhances better user engagement and builds brand loyalty too.

4. Voice Search is Latest Digital Marketing Trend

With the changing digital marketing trends of the current era, voice search is getting popular.

The rising demand for smart speakers in different corners of the world has boosted the rate of verbal shopping. According to Quora Creative, voice-based shopping is most likely to cross 40 billion dollars by 2022.

People are increasing their use of Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and Windows Cortana. 62% of the regular smart speaker users mostly make a purchase through their devices.

If you look through the voice commerce statistics from last year, you may know that 20% of voice-based orders accounted for grocery shopping, while 19% for entertainment, 17% for electronics, and 8% for apparel purchase.

Plenty of brands use voice search as an optimum device for promotion and advertisement. It helps in providing value-based content to maximum consumers quickly. For using voice search, it is necessary to maintain a conversational and engaging tone.

It will generate a more connected and better brand experience. Most importantly, the use of this digital marketing trend will help advertisers in using maximum long-tail keywords rather than short ones.

5. Micro-Influencers Important Digital Marketing Trend

The digital marketing trends from the previous years include a brilliant strategy of influencer marketing.

This methodology is no more a trend but a business stratagem used by iconic influencers. People are promoting brands on the basis of pricing rather than free samples.

It has made the procedure unaffordable for many business owners. In this case, you can look forward to less popular, low-level influencers.

These people will work for free samples and maybe affordable for your company. Rather than running behind your competitor’s influencers, you can work with micro-influencers as well.

Find individuals who are free of flowing sponsorship offers and popular enough to influence users.

Also, these types of influencers will always have a better engagement rate in comparison to the famous ones. It is because having lesser followers adds to their time of interacting with people.

Remember, it is easy to find micro-influencers focusing on a particular niche as per your business. It is because these people are presenters of specific niches most of the time.

6. Video Blogging

Video Blogging

Sticking with the latest digital marketing trends is impressive. The popular trend of video blogging or Vlogging is a type of visual advertisement.

Using video blogs for promoting your products is auspicious as per the growing popularity of videos on different social media channels.

YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are the best platforms for promoting your brand visually.

Also, Pinterest is stepping into this trend and helping people learn things through videos. This strategy creates a direct connection between your brand and the customer.

Aside from their usage in the shopping and marketing industry, vlogs are popular among all sectors. You can use them for engaging in a live chat with the public and for interacting with maximum users whenever possible.

As per the courtesy of Oberlo, visitors tend to spend 88% more time on websites involving videos. While 54% of consumers are interested in watching more videos from a brand they support, you must consider it for your business.

Conclusion –

Digital marketing trends keep changing every year. You cannot confine yourself to one strategy and plan a prosperous future for your business.

It is essential to learn about the latest trends if you want to enhance brand awareness continuously.

Individuals who belong to the chain of online promotions must stick to the latest digital marketing trends for staying ahead of their competitors.

Embracing new technologies is not crucial for generating traffic only. It connects your business with the overall world and makes you accessible in the industry.

Use these digital marketing trends and switch to new ones soon as the emerging technologies make their way to digital marketing!

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