Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners – Top 11

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Today in this post, I will show you the Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners, so without wasting time, let’s start.

Simply put, Affiliate Marketing is the process through which a publisher markets someone else’s product to earn money. The affiliate/publisher recommends a product on their medium (in most cases, it is a blog or a video); in return, they are paid by the brand selling that product. This is Affiliate marketing in the simplest sense.

Affiliate marketers market all types of products online, for example, sporting goods, online class help services, banking services, beauty products, and almost every other product on the horizon. There are two main parties in the affiliate marketing program, the merchant and the affiliate. The merchant is the brand selling the product; for example, Nike is a massive merchant/product creator.

The affiliate can be you or anyone interested in marketing Nike’s products on their publishing channel to earn a profit share from Nike. As mentioned earlier, you can sell a wide range of brands/types of services as an affiliate. There are brands in cryptocurrency, sporting, VPN services, traveling, fashion, banking, cosmetics, technology, and many more that can market.

The vital thing to make sure of as a newbie in the affiliate marketing world is to opt for beginners’ right and best affiliate programs. Here is a list of the leading brands offering some of the best affiliate marketing opportunities in different market areas. 

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners
  1. Web Hosting – AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Program
  2. Affiliate Marketing Network: CJ Affiliate 
  3. VPN: IPVanish 
  4. Travel: TravelPayout 
  5. Online Learning: Kajabi 
  6. WebHosting: WP Engine 
  7. Retail: Amazon Associates
  8. Finance and Investment: Capitalist Exploits 
  9. Bitcoins: Binance 
  10. Freelancing: Fiverr
  11. Beauty/Cosmetics: Madison Reed 

Let’s dive into detail.

1. Web Hosting – AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Program

AccuWeb Hosting is a leading name in the web hosting industry. They are offered a variety of hosting services to their global clients since 2003. You may already know that Web Hosting niche is very popular in affiliate marketing. That is because so many new websites are made every day. All these websites should be hosted somewhere. Thus, this much scope of earning comes with high commission rates. 

By joining AccuWeb Hosting’s Affiliate Program, you can earn a commission of up to $200 for each sale. Additionally, they also offer PPC commission for referring visitors to their website. This means you can earn both PPC and PPS commissions by promoting their best-selling hosting services. Additionally, They provide all the attractive marketing material and in-depth training videos to help you promote the affiliate links.

2. Affiliate Marketing Network: CJ Affiliate 

Many beginner affiliate marketers become part of an affiliate marketing network instead of pitching their service to a specific brand. This means that instead of approaching a specific brand as an affiliate, you can work under the umbrella of a certified affiliation service. These services are called Affiliate Marketing Networks. 

One of the leading affiliate-marketing networks functioning today is CJ Affiliate. CJ Affiliate is the go-to platform for millions of affiliates. They can find multiple vendors on this platform and can serve those vendors through CJ Affiliate.

The best attribute of CJ Affiliate is that it is a massive platform; therefore, it provides you with a wide range of options. It is for affiliating marketers what YouTube is for video content creators. It is a great platform to approach merchants. According to claims, the website has a record of a 400-day cookie lifetime. 

3. VPN – IPVanish

During your regular internet browsing, you might have noticed that some of the recurring ads that pop up are for VPN services. VPN is an extremely popular and necessary tool that is part of the internet experience for millions of people.

The statistics will back this statement, and they will show you that these VPN services are here to stay. VPN brands offer multiple affiliate programs. One of the best VPN brands out there is IPVanish. Why is that? It provides excellent payouts that are unmatched by other competitor brands. 

When opting for an affiliate marketing program, one has to look at two things above anything else – the payout and the quality of the service. With IPVanish, you will get some fantastic payouts, and it happens to be one of the best VPN brands. Some other leading VPN brands whose affiliate programs you should check out include ExpressVPNNordVPN, and StrongVPN

4. Travel: TravelPayout Affiliate Program For Beginners

TravelPayout is the name that stands out among the affiliate programs related to traveling. TravelPayout is an excellent platform that provides various services, including integrating other platforms like and Airbnb.

What makes this service stand out? It offers up to 80% commission on its affiliate program. The average rate for flights is 1.6% and for hotel booking is 6%. The website also has a good cookie duration of about 30 days. Some of the other notable competitor brands include TripAdvisorExpedia, and Marriott

5. Online Learning: Kajabi 

Online Learning: Kajabi affiliate program

With a recurring commission rate of 30% and a cookie life of 30 days, Kajabi is the leading affiliate program among online learning platforms. Kajabi is a versatile platform that lets users create online courses, landing pages, and website designs.

The 30% commission rate is for a lifetime, making the service even more valuable for affiliates. Kajabi is a leading online learning platform, which also offers various bonuses to its users. Apart from Kajabi, you can check out the affiliate programs provided by Coursera and Teachable that are some of the other major online learning platforms. 

6. WebHosting: WP Engine Affiliate Program For Beginners

About 30% of the websites around the world are built on WordPressWP Engine offers effective web hosting services for WordPress users from across the globe. It is a leading web hosting platform, and affiliate partners do a large chunk of its marketing. This is the best affiliate program for beginners to make a good amount of money in a short amount of traffic.

People interested in building WordPress websites generally opt for WP Engine as their first option. WP Engine offers around $200 commission per signup and a 180 days cookie window. The competitor brands include KinstaFlywheel, and Bluehost

7. Retail: Amazon Associates 

Amazon needs no introduction. The richest person in the world is the CEO of Amazon. No matter what you are looking to buy online, the high chances are that you will purchase on Amazon as most people do. No wonder that we decided to opt for Amazon as our number retail brand for affiliates.

Amazon affiliate program offers a 1 to 10% commission to its affiliates depending on the product. The most glaring reason to opt for Amazon’s service is that you will not have to convince your audience to sell Amazon’s services. People trust Amazon, and by marketing its products, you will surely succeed. If for some reason, Amazon is not for you, then you can try the affiliate programs offered by eBay and Target. 

8. Finance and Investment: Capitalist Exploits 

Capitalist Exploit is a major brand that offers trade recommendations for investors. Therefore, its target audience consists of investors, generally rich people looking to make big investments. This is a niche market to target, but Capitalist Exploits has been successful in doing that.

They offer a 50% commission to their affiliates along with a 365 days cookie life. Other leading brands in the finance and investment category include Kabbage and Sage Financials. Capitalist Exploits is also the Best Affiliate Program For Beginners.

9. Bitcoins: Binance Affiliate Program For Beginners

Bitcoins: Binance affiliate program  For Beginners

Bitcoins are indeed not the rage they used to be a few years ago. However, one can hardly argue the potential of the cryptocurrency market since this technology is here to stay. One of the best bitcoin brands for affiliates has to be Binance.

Binance offers 20% commission (referral’s trade fees) and a 40% commission if holding 500+ BNB. Binance, Coinbase, and Ledger Waller are some of the other famous bitcoin affiliate programs you should check out. 

10. Freelancing: Fiverr Affiliate Program

If you have ever looked up freelancing opportunities on the internet, then you must have come across Fiverr. It is the world’s largest marketplace for small services. It would not be wrong to describe Fiverr as a giant among freelancing platforms functioning online. By its very nature of functioning, a freelance platform offers excellent opportunities for affiliates. The affiliates utilizing Fiverr can earn marvelous profit percentages. 

11. Beauty/Cosmetics: Madison Reed Affiliate Program For Beginners

Beauty/Cosmetic products enjoy a never-ending market for consumers. It is no surprise that these brands are some of the most well-marketed services online. Major beauty brands offer some outstanding affiliate programs. Madison Reed’s affiliate program somehow stands out among the most popular ones. 

If you check out some of the famous affiliates working on YouTube, Instagram, or any other platform, you will realize many of those affiliates are working for beauty brands. The most obvious explanation is that women spend a significant amount of time exploring these products. Madison Reed offers 20$ commission and 30 days cookie duration, along with a 2-10 % average affiliate payout range. 


These are some of the major industries and their major brands offering great opportunities for affiliates. You can also find multiple best affiliate programs for beginners and affiliate marketing options in industries like online course help services, sporting and clothing industries, etc.

Affiliate marketing is a great career for anyone looking to make his or her living through the internet. You will be self-employed, and your understanding of business and technology as a whole will grow substantially. Friends, this was the list of best affiliate programs for beginners. Now according to your convenience, select any of these affiliate programs and start your earning today.

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