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October 28, 2019
Adsense high CPC Keywords

Are you a Blogger and worried about your earnings from Google Adsense? This is because you are not using Adsense high CPC Keywords. Yes, if you start using Adsense high CPC Keywords you will start making $1000 with just one click, its hundred percent possible.

There are a lot of people like you who have a lot of traffic on their website but still make only a few bucks. And, there are also a lot of people who do smart work and make a lot of money with only a few clicks. This is the magic of Adsense high CPC Keywords.

Yes, it’s like every Automobile Company against Mercedes or Jaguar. They make money but only after selling a lot of cars and Mercedes sells only a few cars and makes more money than all the other manufacturers. So, now you decide if you want to be a Maruti or a Mercedes?

They all are doing the same thing that is manufacturing and selling cars but they have different sets of audiences. And, the exact same thing happens with the Adsense high CPC Keywords too. All we do is find a keyword that has less competition and high search volume and we tend to forget about the CPC.

So, what happens is, we get a lot of traffic but the CPC is so low that we barely make a dollar after a lot of clicks. So, here we are to help you find the best Adsense high CPC keywords that will generate a lot of money.

But, before we begin let’s have a clear understanding of what Adsense high CPC keywords are?

What Is A Keyword?

A keyword is the main part of your Title. It is the word on which your article is based on. For example, if you are writing about the best smartphones under 10000 then here “best smartphones” is your keyword.

What Is A Keyword?

Its a word or phrase on which your content is based upon and that is what appears in the title description tags and everywhere. The keyword must appear in the Title and Description of your article. Also, it should be the main URL of your content and should appear at least 10-12 times in the post. It should be there in the first 100 words of your post and in the conclusion part too.

Now, this is the information age where we have plenty of blogs already. We have too much content for a topic but if you are looking to put some content then you must put your efforts into keyword research. You need a keyword that has a high search volume and less competition. But, to make revenue you should also aim for Adsense high CPC Keywords.

What is CPC?

First things first, let us understand the meaning of CPC first. CPC stands for Cost Per Click and it is the cost of advertisements that advertisers run. Suppose you are advertising a product on Google then you will set your budget and target audience. Depending upon all your advertising plans, you will have to incur some cost on per click basis. Now, this is going to be your Cost Per Click for advertising.

What is CPC?

And, the same thing becomes the revenue for those on the whole portal your advertisements are being displayed. To be hones it is not the exact cost as advertisers spend as there are some costs involved too but you have a rough idea here. And, this CPC from a Blogger’s point of view is the revenue for getting a click. This whole revenue that comes from Google Adsense totally depends upon the CPC and number of times ad being displayed.

What are Adsense high CPC Keywords?

So, the Adsense high CPC Keywords are such keywords that are going to attract high CPC Ads and fetch you more revenue. There are people who make as high as $1000 with just a click. Now imagine, what could be their revenue on a monthly basis?

And, all you need is such keywords getting ranked on search results and you will start flooding your blog with a lot of money. And, similarly, if you are getting a very low CPC you are going to make only a few bucks.

But, if your content has some high CPC ads it will display a few ads and you will make a lot of money. And, the type of ad depends upon what type of content you have on your blog. So, if you aim to get ranked for Adsense high CPC keywords, you are going to get high revenue too. So, the real question is how to find Adsense high CPC Keywords?

Here are some high CPC Keywords

    1. Insurance $59 CPC
    2. Gas/Electricity $57 CPC
    3. Loans $50 CPC
    4. Mortgage $44 CPC
    5. Attorney $48 CPC
    6. Lawyer $43 CPC
    7. Donate $42 CPC
    8. Conference Call $42 CPC
    9. Degree $40 CPC
    10. Credit $38 CPC
    11. Treatment $37 CPC
    12. Software $35 CPC
    13. Classes $35 CPC
    14. Recovery $34 CPC
    15. Trading $33 CPC
    16. Rehab $33 CPC
    17. Hosting $31 CPC
    18. Transfer $29 CPC
    19. Cord Blood $27 CPC
    20. Claim $25 CPC

These are some Adsense high CPC keywords that you can use. But, take these keywords as niches only and do your own research for the right keywords. Make sure that you are targetting the long-tail keywords so that it becomes easy for you to compete. And, while inserting Adsense Ads on your blog make sure that you are using the Auto Ads option. It will give you high CPC Adsense Ads only.

How to Find Adsense High CPC Keywords?

How to Find Adsense High CPC Keywords?

Select Your Target Country

Now, it is very obvious that it is very difficult to find Adsense high CPC keywords in India or third world countries but you can find them. There was a time when you could not find a high CPC Keyword in India and other or third world countries but now they exist.

So, now you can find an Adsense high CPC Keyword in third world countries but competition is going to be very high. There are websites already ranked for high CPC keywords and runnings ads too. Big companies who run high CPC Ads like Banking and Insurance companies, Automobile Companies etc are already running ads for such keywords.

So, you can imagine how tough it is going to be for someone like you to rank for such keywords. But, it is not that difficult because if you are smart then why not aim for some other country that has a lot of high CPC Keywords and compete with low competition.

Yes, in third world countries, the competition is very high just because there are only fewer high CPC Keywords but if you look at the global market you will find a lot of Adsense high CPC Keywords.

If you look at countries like the US, UK, Saudi, etc. you will find a lot of keywords with high CPC. So, instead of competing here where there is huge competition choose such a location where you can easily compete with others. All you have to do is be smart and find such a keyword that has low competition and the CPC is not too high.

Because if you target a very high CPC Adsense keyword you may get knocked out very easily. So, why not start with not that big and not even very small. You should find a keyword which can give you an average revenue of $5-15 and maybe that’s more than enough as a beginner.

Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Now, we are very sure that you are aware of the Google Keyword Planner. Its a completely free tool and you can use it very precisely to find the right keyword. Keyword Planner from Google is a free tool with Google Adwords giving assistance to advertisers.

But, even you can use it for free just by signing up for the Google Adwords. And a lot of people say that Google Keyword Planner does not work correctly just because they are not able to use it correctly.

Its a free tool but you can use it for your advantage in a proper way. You just have to be smart and you will find a lot of Adsense high CPC keywords without using any other keyword research tool. It’s very reliable and free to use backed by Google.

So, you can blindly put your faith here. Let’s assume that you have your target country as Dubai then while finding the relevant keywords on Keyword Planner you need to change your location to Dubai.

And, you will find a lot of keywords related to your topic but you need to look at the CPC of all those keywords. So, if you choose keywords with CPC more than $5 only then you should make a list of all such keywords.

And, then comes the important task of observing the competition. Now, look at the keywords with low competition only. Do, not go for even medium competition and target only keywords with low competition.

So, now you should at least 5 to 10 keywords with high CPC and very low competition. And, then you can choose one or two keywords which have a large search volume and put some content on such keywords. This is how you can easily find Adsense high CPC Keywords.

Search Your Keyword using VPN Extension

As we have mentioned above you can find your keywords with the simple process but meanwhile, you should also check a few more things. Ads you are targetting for Dubai you should also check out the competition and suggestive keywords for your topic in Dubai. And, to do that you need to have a VPN. You can use VPN Extension on your Chrome browser and start searching for your topic.

It will show you the searching behaviour of people in Dubai for your topic. And, you will see what type of content is already there about your topic that people see in Dubai. It is important because you need to know about your competition. As there is already some content out there so you have to do something exceptional and better than those. And, the best way is by looking at their content.

You should analyze the content of your competitors and then plan for your articles. It will help you to do something exceptional and worthy to your viewers so that you can get better ranking than your competitors. So, if you are paying attention to your competitors it is possible that you outperform them. And, with the help of a VPN Extension, you will be able to see it from a reader’s point of view.

Use Google Trends

Google Trends

So, you have your Adsense high CPC Keyword and also analyzed your competition. But, the real question is if it is still in demand or not. You are doing everything to get your content ranked. And, even if you get ranked on the first page of search results but still no traffic.

This is because nobody is interested in your topic. Yes, finding the relevant audience is even more important. And, to check if your content is still in demand or not Google Trends is the best option.

Google Trends is another free tool from Google and it shows you the trend in Google searches. So, if you want to know about what is trending then it is the tool that you need. And, you can also check the trend for your topic and for your location.

So, you just need to put your keyword here and you can see the graph for the whole trend./ So, if you are not seeing a positive graph then it is not worth your efforts.

So, before taking the final step you should check it once in the Google Trends. Because it will tell you the whole story for at least one or two years. And, all it is going to take is a few minutes only.

Use Ahref Tool

So, once you have put your content then you can take the help of this premium tool to make backlinks. But, you should also check it for the keywords research. If you are not trusting all the free tools then you should definitely check out the Ahref tool.

It’s a tool where you can get every help regarding SEO. You can not only find high search volume keywords but also Adsense high CPC Keywords. So, why not give it a try?

You can put in your keyword in the Keyword Explorer and you will get all the data about it. It will show you the competition, search volume and even the CPC backed by a lot of people in the industry.

Ahref Tool To Search Adsense High CPC Keywords

So, you don’t have to rely on a thousand platforms but just use one tool that will solve all your problems. And, after all, once you have your content published, there is one very important thing to do that a lot of people just tend to ignore.

Yes, a backlink is just support from another website that you get to have a better picture in the minds of search engines. So, the real question is how to get such backlinks? You can get backlinks by asking people to link you and Ahref will help you with that.

It will show you all the articles listed in the search results and their backlinks too. This way you will know about the sites that are linking to your competitors. And, you can also approach them to link you too.

So, instead of using a lot of tools you can simply use only one paid tool.


Yes, the one thing that is going to fetch you more revenue is a high CPC Keyword. And the best way to find an Adsense high CPC Keyword for free is by using a few tools combined together like the Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends or go with the Ahref. Whatever you do one thing that needs to keep in mind is that your keyword should have high CPC.

Firstly, you can find the relevant keywords on Google Keyword Planner and then look for the relevant competition in your target country. Yes, the target country is very important as you are targetting Adsense high CPC Keywords only. And, you can also use a VPN to check the competition in your target country.

And, after all, checking the trend is also very important. And, you can easily use Google Trends to check if your topic is even relevant or not. And, it will show you the trend for your keyword in your location that you set. So, before finalizing your topic you should have an idea of its trend in the Google Trends.

All in all, if you are looking to make a lot of money with Blogging then you should target Adsense high CPC Keywords only. Because those who are spending a lot of money on advertisements are bigger companies like Insurance and Banks. And, the CPC also matters for the country too. So, choose such a keyword that will pay you more.

Now, let us know your experience with the Adsense high CPC Keywords in the comments below.

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