A2 Hosting Review with Pros and Cons

January 30, 2020
A2 Hosting Review with Pros and Cons

This is the A2 Hosting Review post in which I am going to tell you its Unbiased review in detail with Pros and Cons, so let’s start.

Do you have a website? If yes then finding the perfect hosting is kind of a difficult question to answer but guess what here we are with A2 Hosting Review being one of the best hostings in 2021.

Building a website or blog is not that difficult but finding the perfect hosting company surely is. The problem is with the number of hosting companies out there in the market and everyone claims to be the best hosting provider.

And, if you are a new guy in the market you are definitely going to get confused or buy the wrong hosting.

In the end, you will end up buying another hosting plan as soon as you realize the problems with the hosting company. So, if you have a similar problem then here we are to assist you.

Whenever you feel like you got the best hosting provider there is another that comes out and stands the best.


the real question is which one is the best hosting company? Well, we are not answering that question here but letting you know everything about the A2 Hosting.

In a short time, I am going to tell you A2 Hosting Review with its features and Pros & Cons, so keep reading.

A2 Hosting is there for quite some time in the market. If you are looking for the best hosting company then you must have come across this company called A2 Hosting Almost every blogger nowadays recommends this hosting but is it really worth it?

So, let’s talk about some of the features of A2 Hosting. They always give you 20x faster speed than competitors.

A2 Hosting Features Review

A2 Hosting Features Review

1 – The best possible speed that you can get. Yes, the USP of this company is to give you the best possible speed. So, if you are stuck with low-speed web pages then switching to A2 may solve your problem.

2 – Uptime is something that you really consider when you have a lot of traffic on your website. And, A2 is there to keep you online always so that you don’t miss out on any visitor to your site.

3 – Then there is the best possible customer support. So, if you have any questions or query just ask them and they will solve them immediately.

There is 24×7 Support, Email Support, Live Chat so you can choose the way you want to interact with them. Then there are a lot of real reviews by the users of A2 which can help you a lot.

4 – One more thing that most people struggle with is the migration of their site and with A2 you don’t have to worry about it. They have made site migration very easy for you with just a few clicks.

5 – Then most important of all, there is a one-click installation of WordPress that you can get on your website.

6 – And, you can never forget the Anytime Money-back Guarantee so if you feel if anything is wrong then you can always ask for your money back.

7 – Security is again an important aspect that you look for in hosting. So, there is also a free SSL that you get with this hosting.

8 – You also get free back up support that will help you make your website even more secure. This can help you make some changes and get your site back again if anything goes wrong.

A2 Hosting Plans Review

A2 Shared Hosting

A2 hosting Shared Hosting

This is the basic hosting plan that every beginner looks for and its good to have it as it’s cheap and does the job. It could be the best hosting plan for those who are just starting out as you just have to pay a few bucks only.

As a beginner, you don’t have a lot of traffic so you will not feel any problem with the A2 shared hosting.

  • A2 Hosting Shared Hosting Plan starts with just $3.92 per month and you will get premium quality support and service.
  • You get easy site builders with the hosting plan to easily build your first site.
  • There is a free SSL Certificate to encrypt your site and make it more secure. And, not only it makes your site secure but also search engine friendly.
  • There is  Site Staging, anytime money-back guarantee, 24/7 customer support, and all the other features that they promise to give you.
  • And, most important of all, when you are looking for the best hosting plan for a cheap price then going with the shared hosting plan, is definitely worth considering.
  • This plan of A2 hosting is best for those who are just starting off or have a simple website and have a low budget. But, if you are getting a lot of traffic to your site then you should consider premium plans.

A2 Hosting Reseller Hosting Review

A2 Hosting Reseller Hosting

Now, coming to the premium plan there is the Reseller hosting which you should consider if you have a lot of traffic coming to your site.

This is best suited for those who are actually going to resell the hosting service and make money out of it.

  • The plan starts for just $9.80 which is not so costly considering the kind of service that you will be getting with it.
  • You can individually set up all the hosting accounts that you are going to resell.
  • And, you don’t have to worry about the billing of your sales as there is free billing with the plan.
  • World Class WHM panel is something that will make your life very easy in this competitive world.
  • And, with that, you also get a domain reseller account which can help you a lot to get some new customers and be on top of your niche.
  • One more thing that matters is the location of your servers which you can choose for each of your hosting accounts separately.
  • And, then all of the features of the shared hosting are also there in addition to these features.

A2 VPS Hosting Review

A2 VPS Hosting Review

And, if you are one with a lot of daily traffic coming to your site or having a  lot of websites then a VPS Hosting is definitely worth it for you.

Shared Hosting cannot handle traffic beyond a certain limit and if you cross that limit then Virtual Private Server or popularly known as VPS is the right option for you.

  • The plan is for just $5 per month and is a lot more powerful than the shared hosting.
  • Speed is really something that you have an emphasis on with the VPS Hosting. Yes, it’s really kind of a powerful option to consider.
  • As the name suggests it’s more isolated than the shared hosting. And, this helps you in multiple ways by making your site faster and SEO friendly.
  • You can design your perfect VPS on your own or you choose the management level that you want on your servers.
  • And, most important of all, something that really matters is the root level access that you don’t get with the shared hosting.
  • Nothing to take away from the rest of the plans but this is kind of an ideal scenario for everyone but if you are really into blogging or have a lot of traffic that VPS cannot handle that there is the next one.

A2 Hosting Dedicated Server Review

A2 Hosting Dedicated Server Review

Yes, a dedicated server is the best that you can get as a hosting service. This is not like buying a hosting plan but getting a complete server on your own.

Imagine a complete server owned by you where you can customize almost everything. And, it’s an all in one solution for all of your websites.

If you running an e-commerce store then this is something that you should definitely consider.

  • You can customize all of your server resources and get the maximum out of it.
  • This is not enough as you can also manage the hardware and network resources which gives you the complete control of your hosting in real sense.
  • You get Anytime Money Back Guarantee, 24/7 Customer support, 20x faster speed, root access, Cpanel, etc.
  • The cost of getting a dedicated server is about $100 per month which is kind of high. But, take it like that it’s not made for everyone. This is for true professionals who are having a huge number of visitors on their website.
  • So, get yourself a dedicated hosting plan considering it the best hosting plan that you can get from the best hosting company.

A2 Hosting Review in 2021

A2 Hosting Review in 2021

1. Ease of Use

Whenever you are using any hosting service you should always consider the best usability, user interface, performance, and certain aspects that make your life easy.

You are already stuck with a lot of things in your life and then there is this hosting too.


when it comes to A2 Hosting you get the best possible solutions. Not only in terms of the user interface but the overall approach to making it a customer-friendly platform is there.

A2 hosting Software, Features, Hardware

Anything you want to do just do a few clicks and you are on. And, if you feel any difficulty, there are certain FAQs that will give you instant assistance to your queries.

There is the one-click installation of any of your favorite CMS Software like WordPress, Joomla, or any other.

It is one of the best-rated services where customers are happy with the service. And the promises like Anytime Monet back Guarantee and stuff like 20x faster speed are genuine. Then things like free SSL add up to the value of overall hosting.

2. Customer Support

This is something where most of the hosting providers do not live up to their promises. But, this is not the case with A2 hosting as their customer support team is always there to assist you.

They claim a 24/7, 365 days customer support, and its cent percent genuine. There is no competition in terms of customer support.

A2 Hosting Customer Support

There are different modes of providing support facilities like the normal telephone call that everyone offers. But, one problem that we have personally encountered is that most of the hosting providers keep your call in waiting but not the A2.

So you will get instant feedback. And, then if you don’t want to make a call just drop them an email. But, something that makes them very unique is the facility of Live Chat support.

So, if you have any problem you can start chatting with the support team instead of calling them. This is very common nowadays as most people do not prefer to call but they do chat a lot. So, this is another great effort by them.

3. Money Back Guarantee

One more thing that makes them very unique is the money-back guarantee that they promise.

There are a lot of companies doing this but they have a certain time limit like the 30 days money back, 40 days money-back guarantee, or something like that.


you get an anytime money-back guarantee with the A2 hosting only.

This is great not because you get your money back but you can get it anytime. Yes, anytime you feel like A2 is not living up to the mark you can report it to them.

And, if your reported problem is genuine then you will get all your money.

This gives a peace of mind where you just feel more trusted. If a brand is ready to return your money it means they are confident about their product.

And, this mentality helps you focus more on your work rather than thinking about the hosting plan.

4. A2 Hosting – Value for Money?

A2 Hosting - Value for Money?

Now, the real question is if it is value for money or not. This is something here we compare the service we get and the money we pay. So, if you are paying a high amount but getting less value for it then it’s not good.

But, the value that you get may be different for everyone. So, to avoid this we are considering the maximum value with minimum price theory here.

managed wordpress hosting

And, A2 Hosting is living up to this too. Yes, you get the best possible services here for the money you pay.

You may feel like they are charging a bit higher than the competition but you get the most of it in terms of quality service. The best hosting service for your money.

This is what you consider the value for money product. If you are paying extra for the same product then its not the same product and it’s true. They do the same thing but in a different way which helps you the most.


  • It’s very fast and really very fast than what the competitors offer.
  • And unlike any other hosting provider you get a free SSL Certificate which makes your site secure.
  • Customer Support is just amazing which makes it a perfect option for you.
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee is very special here in the segment.
  • One more thing that makes them special is the backups that they keep on doing for your site.
  • It has 99.9% uptime which keeps your site available all the time.
  • A2 Hosting is best optimized for WordPress so you don’t have to worry about it.


  • One thing that you might take as a problem with the A2 is its cost. We are not denying that the cost is a bit higher than its competitors but never forget the quality of service you get with it.
  • Another problem that you have with the A2 hosting at least we have is the lack of awareness about it. And, this is because of the poor marketing by them. Yes, they have a good product but they are not marketing it the way they should be doing it.

Then if you are not considering A2 as your solution here are some alternatives to it like:


Let’s talk about the A2 Hosting and our opinion on this if it’s worth your money or not. Yes, everything is good but the final question that matters is if it’s worth it or not?

So, let’s just understand that A2 Hosting is now the absolute favourite in the market and everybody is just excited about it.

But why so?

This is because of the quality of service that they get from the A2 hosting. This company is killing almost every other hosting provider with the best possible hosting services and that too for a reasonable price.

You get very fast hosting to be it shared hosting or a VPS, they do not compromise on the quality of service. Speed is the most important aspect of their service and we all a faster loading website.

Then they are giving their best possible customer support in terms of 24/7, 365 days support. Also, the money-back guarantee adds up to all this. So, why not go for the A2 Hosting.

So this was Unbiased A2 Hosting Review. Let us know your thoughts about the A2 Hosting in 2021.

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